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Great special

Author: Hotoil
22 January 2001

This was one of the Muppet fairy tale specials produced for television in the early 70's, and from what I've seen & heard, the best. Although the only other one I remember seeing is "Muppet Musicians of Bremen", which I must say I didn't find to be all that great (as a child or adult) but boasted some nice and innovative puppetry.

"Frog Prince" however, is quite remarkable. Like the other Muppet fairy tales, Kermit the Frog hosts this but actually plays a big role in it as well. Other now-staple Muppet characters, Robin the frog & the giant Sweetums, make their debut here. The puppetry is again fantastic, and the Muppet performers do such a great job, you'd hardly know most of the characters here are made up of only foam, fleece and fur.

Overall, this is a great special you should definitely share with your children. Without a doubt the best rendition of the Frog Prince I've ever seen.

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A good special from Jim Henson.

Author: dootuss from PA
7 February 2002

This was a fantastic special. Jim Henson, and his puppeteering crew did a great job on this humorous take on the fairy tale classic. It also introduces us to Robin Kermit's nephew, and Sweetums (who scared me, and I had nightmares about that muppet for years! No seriosly it's true!) a large full costumed muppet. All in all this was a great special that shouldn't be missed.

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A clever, fantastic movie for everyone

Author: marvalice1 from Kensington, CA
28 August 2002

This movie provides the cleverness of Jim Henson's muppets and a pleasing twist to the classic tale of the Frog Prince. Aunt Taminella puts a spell on Princess Melora so that she can only speak backwards. Even the songs she sings have backwards lyrics.

This movie made such an impression on my youngest child when she watched it at around age 4, and what seemed forever after, that when she turned 19 (the age of Princess Melora when she sang her birthday song), she could still sing this song - and pretty much every other song in the movie.

I rate this movie to be the most well-done of the muppet movies, though probably not the most watched or most advertised. If you can get your hands on a copy from the video store, watch it with your kids. Or just alone!

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Memorable frog prince

Author: pcurties from Australia
26 November 2007

I loved this film as a child. Even today I remember the song that Sweetums sang when they wanted him to go to sleep "Sweetums lay your lovely head...".

I believe it was a well made and funny (also for parents) telling of The Frog Prince.

Kermit the Frog has a nephew named Robin who plays a Prince who has been turned into (of all things!) a frog. He sings a great song called "Sir Robin, the brave". The songs in this movie are excellent and 30+ years after seeing this film, I still recall most of them.

The frog prince has to help a princess (Princess Melora) who has been enchanted and can only speak in spoonerisms (ie the first letters of her words are mixed up)". A crucial instruction she has for breaking the spell is that someone must "Bake the hall in the candle of her brain" which translates as "Break the ball in the handle of her cane".

A great film suitable for children over 5 and their parents (and for those of us who remember!).

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Great movie

Author: edward hardy ( from BC, Canada
20 December 2003

I remember this movie well from when I was little--I saw it many times. I can still remember the king screwing up the joke the grand vizier told, and the "sweetums lay your ugly head" song is still memorable. I haven't seen the film in probably 15 years now. Does anyone know where one could get a copy of this classic?

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Author: frantztastic from United States
8 September 2003

I highly reccomend this movie. It is not trash it rules. This movie takes out the trash... films like A Man Apart.. Fast and Furious... Gone with the Wind. This film beats them all. Nothing can compare to Sir Robin the brave. No one scene will ever meet the true beauty of Sweetums chasing Kermit and Robbin around singing. Not even the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan will compare to the song Sir Robin the brave. This movie should be in the> Film Hall of Fame.

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wonderful film

Author: kristinak100 from San Francisco, CA
26 August 2002

This was the first video I ever owned as a child, and it truly is as wonderful and entertaining to watch today as it was back then. I have introduced my nieces and nephews to it, as well as their friends. I also have had some grown friends watch it, and they can enjoy it too, because Jim Henson's talent lies in the fact that his films are enjoyable for the whole family. The songs contained in The Frog Prince are adorable, but beware - the kids will be singing them for hours!

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This is an excellent special for children

Author: CatKnap from New York, New York
17 August 1999

Although the Frog Prince was filmed in 1972, it does not feel dated. One of the strengths of Jim Henson's work is the ability to create shows that appealed to both children and adults. The piece is an excellent example. The muppet work, songs and story, all work to create a humorous telling of the Frog Prince.

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