Frenzy (1972) Poster


Plot Keywords

serial killer suspect
police necktie
chief inspector secretary
scotland yard revenge
restaurant pub
marriage jail
hotel bartender
rape river thames
woman sticking out tongue bride and groom
husband wife relationship wedding
arrest camera shot of feet
black pantyhose suntan pantyhose
female stockinged legs pantyhose
reference to john reginald christie tie pin
dead nude female body body floating in water
female frontal nudity woman gasping for air
dead woman with protruding tongue man murders woman
woman strangled to death wife is bad cook
dead woman with eyes open dead woman on bed
dead woman in a chair erotic 70s
pen knife long take
mistaken identity escapee
jail cell court
wrongful arrest fruit market
gourmet cook on the lam
suspicion pubic hair
police investigation anger
suspense nudity
sociopath covent garden london
dead body vagina
bare breasts buttocks
lecturer flophouse
sister hostel
broken wineglass breaking a wineglass
man kills a woman strangled with a tie
reference to oscar wilde reference to mae west
reference to joseph stilwell reference to jesus christ
reference to jack the ripper reference to cupid
dandruff fired from the job
wife is a bad cook detective's wife is bad cook
reference to wordsworth one word title
lunch grape
bunch of grapes rape and murder
margarita deviance
flashback false accusation
controversy pleasure principle
auto theft truck stop
trial tower bridge london
spit take speech
scream premarital sex
police inspector military veteran
homelessness friendship
frame up falling down stairs
drugged drink divorce
death of girlfriend dating service
broken finger betrayal
whistling sexual perversion
sadism naked dead woman
black humor politician
female nudity truck
tire iron rigor mortis
psychopath potato
hospital food market
cuisine director cameo
murder nude woman murdered
prison prison escape
corpse london england
tongue fugitive
strangulation hostel for men
based on novel

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