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David F. Friedman's Zorro-version is the coolest (and sleaziest)!

Author: Jens Kofoed-Pihl ( from Copenhagen, Denmark
18 June 1999

Forget that new blockbuster version and get the "true" story of our horny hero. People familiar with Exploitation Monarch David F. Friedman's work (Blood Feast, Starlet, Wizard Of Gore etc.) will be amazed over the high production values and acting in this entertaining tale. Of course it's sleazy as hell, some scenes are close to porn, but the spoofy jokes are a riot. Trashmovie icon Bob ("House On Bare Mountain", "Love Camp 7"etc.) Creese is hilarious as Sgt. Felipio Latio (get it?) and John ("Starlet" etc.) Alderman ain't bad as Estaban. Producer Friedman even makes a cameo as a sadistic soldier. The twist of this version of the classic tale is that Don Diego is gay by day and hero/superlover by night!!

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Good Comedy, Bad Porno

Author: James from Los Angeles
31 July 2005

The Zorro legend has been one of the oldest stories portrayed on film. Starting with Douglas Fairbanks in 1920, over 50 adaptations of the legend have been filmed. The Erotic Adventures of Zorro, penned by exploitation legend David Friedman, combines comedy with soft-core porn to create an amusing but ultimately weary parody of Zorro films.

This being a porno film, you would expect a few things from it, namely a paper-thing plot peppered with lots of sex. However, The Erotic Adventures of Zorro defies this stereotype by inserting more comedy in it than sex, at least in the first half. Jude Farresse is hilarious as Luis Bonosario, slurring his lines with so much effort and glee that he steals every scene he's in. Gags such as a bingo game in the church where Zorro is hiding and Esteban's fighting "cock" only add to the hilarity. However, as much comedy as this movie has, it is also riddled with sex, lots of sex, and that's where this film shows it weaknesses.

The porn elements of The Erotic Adventures of Zorro are wear this film lacks. The first half of the film has very little in the way of sex, letting the comedic elements take over. However, the second half is littered with them. Its as if the producers were trying to make it up to all those who went into this movie to see a porno flick. This really drags the movie down The Erotic Adventures of Zorro is an uproarious comedy trapped into the conventions of a porn movie. Had those involved concentrated on the comedic moments of this film rather than the exploitative ones, it could of become a cult classic.

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Surprisingly funny softcore spoof from David Friedman

Author: TheMarquisDeSuave from Worcester, MA
25 July 2008

I generally really enjoy David Friedman's sexploitation films. For me, none of the other major exploitation producers of the day were as consistently campy and enjoyable. This, his softcore spoof of Zorro, is a surprisingly funny parody of the legend. Many of the lines are absolutely horrible jokes which would make Mel Brooks groan, but they're often laugh out loud hilarious in spite of themselves. The crass and immature humor appealed to the young boy within me - consider this an adults-only film for those who aren't too mature. Its far from my favorite Friedman film (that'd be either "Space-Thing" or "The Acid Eaters"), but its generally a very entertaining film.

Oddly enough, while this succeeds as a comedy, its pretty dire as a porno. The women are attractive, but the sequences themselves often go on for too long and are simply not erotic, even by the standards of the day. I didn't expect this to be great erotica going in, but man the sex scenes are boring. They really drag the final product down. I also suspect the producers didn't have their hearts in the sequences, as they're pretty sparse for the first half and really overloaded in the second one. Still, many of the females look terrific naked. "The Erotic Adventures of Zorro" is recommended if you're into this kind of thing. (6/10)

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Feel my sword, senorita.

Author: lastliberal from United States
30 April 2007

I am a Zorro freak. Like some people love zombies, I can't get enough Zorro. I watch every Zorro movie or serial I can see. I read every Zorro book I can find. Yes, I even watched this piece of trash and I am not ashamed.

I won't talk about the stars, as there were none. They obviously rounded up people off the street and asked them if they wanted to be in a movie. Yes, the acting was that bad.

Another distraction was the costumes. They all looked as if they got them from the dry cleaners the day of filming. I have never seen peasants so clean! It was a real distraction.

The movie makers surely went to the Roger Corman school of movie-making. I see that an adult version was released 20 years later. Obviously they shot both at the same time and just cut to release this one for hotels.

Of course, I will look for the 1996 version. Like I said I am a Zorro freak.

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