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What to Buy this Week: DVD and Blu-ray releases for June 13th

It’s another jam-packed week of DVD and Blu-ray releases, here’s the rundown of what’s available to buy from today, June 20th 2011.

Pick Of The Week:

Savage Streets (DVD)

Brenda’s got a switchblade and she knows how to use it… See Linda Blair (The Exorcist) take bloody revenge on a gang of low down dirty street punks in Savage Streets, a brutal journey into rape, violence, switchblades and bear traps. When Brenda (Blair) and her all-girl gang of tough talking chicks, The Satins, refuse to party with a car full of local drug pushers called The Scars, the girls think nothing of it, but they didn’t reckon on the bruised ego of Jake and his feral pack of no good thugs. Targeting Brenda’s deaf sister, they invade the school and savage her, leaving her on the critical list. Now Brenda must scour the streets in
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