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Character error 

In the scene where the rapids get really rough, you can clearly hear Burt's character yell, "Turn left, turn left!" Then it shows them steering the raft right.


When the men fall into the river, nobody is clinging to their paddle as instructed to. After the three survivors find the intact canoe, they still have three paddles. And the canoe is suddenly only half-filled with water.
In the first rapids sequence the Drew's hat disappears and reappears between shots.
Lewis' position in the canoe on the river while he's lying between Ed and Bobby (Lewis has a fractured femur). One long shot only shows the two paddlers while closer shots show Lewis' head in plain view, both while Lewis was on his back and propped up behind Bobby.
During the drive to the river near the start of the film, the reflections of the trees etc. can be seen in the windscreen - but this should have been blocked by the canoes on the roof (and indeed they are in the long shots of the same journey)
After the men make it down the river and are taken care of by the locals, Ed and Bobby are given green plaid shirts with white crests on the pockets. Later these crests disappear.
When Ed climbs to the top of the cliff to hunt the shooter, you can clearly hear the rapids below. However, when Ed is awakened the next morning, the rapids are silent.
When Lewis spears the fish with an arrow, the barb originally goes through fish's head; when he pulls it out, the arrow is through midsection.
When Lewis lays on the rocks after breaking his leg, the flesh and bone sticking out of his leg change between shots.
After Lewis and Drew hire the Griner brothers to drive their cars down to Aintry, the weather shifts from overcast to bright and sunny only a few seconds after they leave the Griner's garage, and several more times between overcast and sunny while in the same section paddling on the river.
In the final rafting scene when Ed, Bobby and Lewis are coming down together in one canoe in the last set of rapids, Lewis is lying prone in the middle of the raft, but in some scenes you can see he's not there.
The rope used to down the body from the cliff is thicker than that Ed wore before over one shoulder and across the chest.

Crew or equipment visible 

During the Aintree dinner scene, when the lady is telling the story of the huge cucumber, lights and other equipment can be seen in the reflection of the lady's eyeglasses.
When Ed is coming down the cliff the morning right after the mountain man is shot with an arrow you can see a crew member's hands and arms feeding the rope down the cliff.
While they're dredging the river for the canoe/bodies, you can see the mic pack visible under Aintry Sheriff Bullard's shirt.

Factual errors 

The police cars have amber colored emergency rotating lights on the roofs. Lights are proper style for the era. But they should be blue (popular in southern states) or red.
The boy's banjo is an open-back model used in old-time music, and we see him playing without picks in the style known as claw-hammer, or drop-thumb. However, the famous "Dueling Banjos" tune we hear during the scene is clearly played on a resonator banjo using finger-picks, in the more modern three-finger bluegrass style.

Revealing mistakes 

Obvious tinting/filtering of the whole cliff climbing scene to make the scene appear to occur at night.
When the men bury the first body, the "dead" man's chest briefly rises and falls like he's breathing. Later, when Ed pushes the second body into the river, the "dead" man's fingers can be seen adjusting their grip on the rock, and his arms move slightly too.
A hair can be seen at the bottom of the screen when the canoes capsize and Ed tumbles down the rapids.
When Ed climbs down the rope from the cliff, sometimes there is clearly no tension on the rope, even though he and the body of the hunter are hanging from it.
If you look carefully at the canoe, a second before it "splits" in half, you will note that it was already nearly sawn in half.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Revealing mistakes 

As Drew is about to be placed in his final resting place, you can see Drew move his mouth as if to get some air before being submerged into the river.

Revealing mistakes 

When Drew's dead body is weighed with rocks and sunk to the bottom of the river, you can see the actor squeeze his eyelids shut as he disappears under the water.

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