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Alternate Versions

The original UK cinema version suffered BBFC cuts to the rape scene. All later video releases were uncut.
One version appears to have some extra music and sound effects, the other has these deleted. Both versions are available on home video.
A scene was cut from the end of the final movie. A body is dragged from the river and is shown to the three survivors. The body is never shown to camera and you are left to guess the identity of the dead man. The body under the shroud was played by Christopher Dickey, James Dickey's son.
The TBS "Dinner and a Movie" version not only omits Ned Beatty's rape, but also removes portions of scenes involving the hillbillies, so that emphasis seems more focused on the men versus the elements instead of the locals.
The scene in which Ned Beatty is raped, has been entirely cut for German video and TV versions in order to show the movie at prime time (which requires a rating of "12" or lower). Therefore, some of the following dialogue and subtle references seem to be incoherent. The German DVD version ("Beim Sterben ist jeder der Erste") is fully uncensored. (Warner Home Video; released on January 26, 2000.) Since 2005 the movie is shown on TV uncut!
Norwegian and Brazilian cinema version was cut in the rape scene.

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