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Letters: spelling, Muppets, X-Men and bad posters

We answer more of your letters, with topics this time ranging from bad posters to Muppets to our inability to spell.

We've delved deep into our bulging post bag to look at some more of our readers' correspondence. As usual, here's a broad cross-section of your thoughts, suggestions and other stuff, ranging from classic Italian giallo movies, Muppets questions, and lots more.

If you want to send us a letter, a painting, or even a postcard while you're on holiday, our address is at the bottom of the page. We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, here's the latest selection of geek missives...

You Can't Speel!

Most people groan and roll their eyes when people talk about grammar and spelling but as I have to put up with the general mass bad grammar etc. that is Facebook and the internet en mass I expect better from pages such as yours.
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Fango Musick Exclusive: Talking Music & Horror with Andy Deane of Bella Morte

Andy's first interview since the announcement of his first book, The Sticks!

What happens when you get two assholes -both with a reputation for running off at the mouth --together and tell them to talk? The result is a four-thousand word interview, such as the one below. Although I take the heavy-weight belt for being an asshole, Andy Deane -author and lead singer of Bella Morte --can out class me on talking any day. Even when you’re putting him in the trunk he talks, and talks, and talks. It’s a good thing this was an interview, otherwise I’d have to stick a dirty sock in his mouth again.

Andy, amongst the merits I listed above, is a hell of an interesting cat. He is the founder of Bella Morte, the author of The Sticks -a new supernatural thriller about hairy, bestial… Andy, did you write it about me?
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