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Why does this film continually escape the Top Ten Worst Of All Time?

Author: Dr Wily ( from Owensboro, KY
18 October 2000

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Also, why are there so few people trashing this flick? Is it that hard to find? I found it at a store once in 1989, saw it once, and never saw it anywhere again. This film is just plain AWFUL! Spoilers here, as I must reveal the entire plot and all the silly scenes to convey how terrible to piece of trash is!

The plot, as it were, revolves around a scientist working on some project on his own, away from his wife. One night, she drops by, and they make love, which apparently leads the scientist to a startling discovery! The rock he is working on gives him flash backs of making love to his wife, and, miraculously, his mind is opened to the power of the stone. Ground up and given to lab rats, it increases the size of their testicles. So, naturally, he expects he can do other sexual things with it.

He grinds up more of it and injects into a homosexual man who volunteers for the experiment. Soon, he leaves his lover and shacks up with a mannequin. Yes, a mannequin; apparently this chemical makes him that desperate. Well, now, of course, the rock starts manifesting itself left and right. It begins to glow and emit smoke, which intices the apartment complex's maid to immediately make love with the scientist, after first becoming aroused by her vacuum cleaner. (I told you it was awful, people...)

Over time, the stone starts to affect this one woman the scientist knows and she is drawn in by the stone for a s**g. When her friend founds out what she's done, she goes to confront the scientist, since she is apparently friends with the scientist's wife, and wants to have words with him over his infidelity. On the way there, the aforementioned wife, after watering the house plants in the nude, calls her hubby. He seems too wrapped up in the stone or having sex, whichever. This arouses her curiousity, and she goes off to see her husband.

Meanwhile, the man who received the test injection earlier is also off to see the scientist who drugged him. He's having all sort of physical side effects and hallucinations, and wants the scientist to undo it all. And, who should he run into in a hallucinogenic haze but the scientist's wife! His new found heterosexuality emerges again, and he chases her down and rapes her in the apartment complex's laundry room. Strangely enough, no one hears what's going on. Coming out of his haze, the man, realizing what he's done, picks up his victim off of the floor, opens a washing machine, conveniently places her buttocks on the agitator, inserts coins, and, in the movie's second silliest moment, leaves her to slosh back and forth on the agitator, now in motion...

While the man heads for the scientist's apartment, we discover the wife's angry friend has already arrived to confront the randy man. The stone beckons again, and, in a sexual fit, rapes her to death. Somehow, he's able to apparently split her open down the middle through the sheer act of sexual intercourse. With her blood on his... hands, the experiment arrives to have his say over the doctor's bad practices. After he jaws on his own problems, he discovers the doctor's when he finds the bloody corpse. Fed up with it all, he goes to end the experiments by confronting the stone, which he somehow now knows to be the source of all the evil.

Immediately realizing the apparent danger, if it was ever there, the scientist tries to stop him, just in time for his raped wife, who has recovered and extricated herself from the washing machine's agitator, to come by and discover the rape victim. Both husband and wife are witness now to the power of the stone as it possesses the experiment man. The stone is apparently the essence of Alpha, as he speaks in a disembodied voice, "I am Alpha. Men man judge me good or evil, but, I am beyond good and evil. I can take on any form!" And, to demonstrate this, he sends a jet fire of the doctor's way. The man is consumed, in so far as the special effects allow, consisting of a wall of fire ignited just in front of the doorway where he's standing, and it TRIES to cover the actor as he jumps aside to fake his disintegration.

And, in a signature silly ending, Alpha reiterates how it can take on any form, as it had said earlier. Cut to more silly voice overs from Alpha as we walking down the street, the only other woman to survive other than the maid, the friend who had had sex earlier with the doctor, prompting his wife's friend to confront him and be raped to death. Ah, the irony, as we have to INFER Alpha has now taken over her form...

In case you can't tell, this film goes absolutely nowhere except when it wants to display full frontal female nudity.

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Very bad... very amusing!

Author: valis666 from United States
4 April 2000

Fans of Euro-trash horror and general B/Cult movie fanatics will find much to like here. The plot is awful, the acting even worse, and there's plenty of senseless gore and nudity in a wonderfully cheesy 1972 post-hippy environment. And the ending! Oh my! It's like they ran out of film and just decided to stop there! Highly recommended to trash cinema fans, but not to anyone looking for a "good" horror movie.

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Sublimely, uniquely awful.

Author: EyeAskance from fabulous Las Vega$!
22 June 2007

The basic narrative involving a young professor's heedless experiments in modernized alchemy might have had sufficing steampower for a decent-enough horror picture. Regrettably, those involved surmised that it was a concept best utilized as the pith of a softy sex film. So much for worthy prospects...

It seems our beaker-tweaker leading man has merged ancient mysticism with modern-day science to create "The Alpha Stone", a source of awesome power capable of prolonging and revitalizing life...and libido. Said stone also turns a gay man straight(and compels him to screw a department-store mannequin that looks like Edie Sedgwick). Beautiful women are, of course, powerless to the entrancing might of the stone, diving bare-assed into bed with nary the slightest opposition.

Weird, weird, weird sci-fi/horror/sexploitation minimalism, well worth a peek by trash mongers. Get yourself "Alpha Stoned" today!


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Primal trash

Author: Kastore from Chicago, IL
6 May 2007

Hard to explain this one. A young college professor dabbles in alchemy and creates an "Alpha Stone", which looks like a piece of glowing yellow Kryptonite. He then uses its power to lure woman after woman to his apartment, while his first guinea pig turns from a supposed homosexual to a rampantly straight brother. A lot of the early scenes involve the young man working in his laboratory, interspersed with him arguing with his superiors at the college over his beliefs. Highlights include the aforementioned guinea pig making love to a mannequin, and a woman massaging herself with a vacuum cleaner. Some nudity, but maybe not enough to keep the average viewer awake through this poor effort. Very bizarre.

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That was alpha bad

Author: jaynobody from Canada
12 January 2014

This movie is really bad. The acting is horrible. The music seems unrelated to the film. The plot is non existent. No budget. There's reason so few people have voted on it. Click on the main actor or director's name and this is the only thing either of them ever did. At least most of the females in it had some skin flicks to their credit. At one point Able is talking to the dean (who looks more like a guy who owns a porn store than a dean) and the audio fades and you can tell one of the boom mics isn't working, but hey why reshoot just because one person sounds like they are in a deep tunnel? During the video boom of the mid 80's a lot of unwatchable crap from the 70's that never saw the light of day was thrown on VHS with the hope some new cover art on the box would lure people to rent it. That's the only reason this was made in 1972 and released in the mid 80's. Do not bother unless you like this sort of crap. It really is a contender for worst of all time. You almost have to try to make a movie this bad. 3/10 that is being nice.

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Mannequin in love.

Author: HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland
23 September 2010

Abe Adams,a mad scientist/college professor creates a magical powder from a philosophers stone called the Alpha Stone that carries the power of turning anyone who comes into contact with it into a sex crazed lunatic."Curse of the Alpha Stone" is a trashy and sleazy horror flick with very little horror whatsoever.The plot often delves into insane Cronenbergian territory and there is plenty of sex and graphic nudity.I am obsessed with mannequins,so I particularly enjoyed love-making session with a female mannequin.Psychotronic exploitation movies from Something Weird Video are always fun to watch and "The Curse of the Alpha Stone" is no exception.6 out of 10.You can't control the power of the stone!

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Makes "Plan 9 From Outer Space" look like "The Seventh Seal"

Author: TheMarquisDeSuave from Worcester, MA
19 May 2007

There's plenty of bad movies out there. However, this is one of those specially bad movies where absolutely nothing works but is wonderfully entertaining because of this. One must wonder if the filmmakers made this one with serious intentions. I mean the concept itself is so derived of any potential thrills (an university professor discovers an ancient stone that turns him into a sex machine). The film attempts to combine this anti-horror story with plenty of softcore sex. Amazingly, the ladies in this film are quite attractive but the project is so inept there's absolutely no erotic value. The film fails as both horror and erotica.

However, as psychotronic cinema, its very enjoyable. The film is just as insane as the concept, something many exploitation filmmakers couldn't accomplish. In particular, the last half hour is so over-the-top and lacking of explanation it becomes fascinatingly surreal. This is one boneheaded flick, completely derived of logic. The beginning is full of pseudo-scientific babble about alchemy thats probably complete crap. Its pretty homophobic but its so wrongheaded it remains inoffensive. Filled with plenty of memorably awful moments, this flick is devoid of any redeeming social value but offers gold for serious cult film fans. Kudos to Something Weird for having the good taste to unleash this on the public (that'd be sweet if they released it to DVD). (5/10)

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