What Have You Done to Solange? (1972) Poster

Plot Keywords

teacher suspect
killing killer
knife suspicion
police boat
affair female teacher
college murder
question mark in title five word title
object in vagina sex in bed
copulation coitus
older man young girl relationship stabbed in vagina
female tied up bondage
misogynist erotic 70s
illegal abortion forced abortion
unwanted pregnancy lingerie
lust unfaithfulness
extramarital affair female removes her dress
female removes her clothes upskirt
mini dress panties pulled down
girl in panties white panties
panties nude modeling
woman in bathtub nipples visible through clothing
female pubic hair female full frontal nudity
no panties scantily clad female
cleavage search
sadism sacrifice
detective kiss
abortion naked dead woman
psychological trauma london england
shower police investigation
long hair tree
stairs curtain
death of loved one peeping
camera danger
rage brutality
deeply disturbed person mini skirt
adolescent knife murder
bridge unknown killer
scare leg spreading
tied up stranger
subjective camera pervert
cult blonde
secret stripping
evil man window screen
desire adolescence
interview cut
hole female frontal nudity
memory female stockinged feet
degradation photo shoot
widow psycho thriller
gymnasium fight
botched abortion desk
message beaten to death
dead girl black gloves
sexual perversion abuse
bedroom peeping tom
boyfriend girlfriend relationship bare butt
peep hole multiple homicide
bisexual girl homicide
writing kicking off one's shoes
inspector psychotic
carnival stalker
bisexual coffin
friend sensuality
embarrassment strange person
love camera shot of feet
pubic hair kidnapping
anger dead body
lesbian multiple stabbing
escape attempt corruption
harbor nude bathing
brawl police officer
multiple murder sinister
picture mass murder
school uniform mistaken identity
drugs sexual desire
kissing infidelity
mysterious stranger mischief
locked up bathing
obsession tape
thong bare breasts
fighting unknown female corpse
broken glass dark secret
stalking searching
slasher wrath
evil screaming
dead woman carried crowd
wind mind game
confusion nude woman murdered
sex dancing
old man dress
accident escape
trauma seduction
psychologist clue
bathtub nightmare
caress hostage
foot closeup voyeurism
razor blade paranoia
fondling nipples
frustration murder witness
homicidal maniac witness
bloodbath dance
stalking victim attraction
water mercilessness
photograph friendship
underwear scream
photography beating
suspense affection
jealousy nudity
telephone call panic
perversion mysterious man
legs female rear nudity
car driving topless female nudity
gore bound and gagged
question in title punctuation in title
female victim voyeur
violence trap
torture tied to a chair
teenage girl strangulation
stabbed to death sexual obsession
sexual fantasy sexual attraction
serial killer sadist
psycho killer policeman
loss of loved one italian horror
insanity hearing noises
desperation dead woman
dark past dark killer
cult film cruelty
corpse college student
blood bitterness
schoolgirl giallo
sex with a schoolgirl female nudity
teenager splatter
based on novel character name in title
surprise ending

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