Who Saw Her Die? (1972) Poster

Plot Keywords

killer girl
france parent
insane rage
kill sicko
sadistic murderer
serial murder killing spree
rampage pervert
sex killer sex maniac
terror evil man
1970s psychopathic killer
mysterious villain bad guy
child molester villain
homicidal maniac maniac
human monster child killer
slasher four word title
apostrophe in title question mark in title
reluctant villain airport
purse face slap
incident pigeon
sedition crossed eyes
infanticide cowardice
homicide spiritualism
broken glass mother child relationship
novelist schoolgirl
man in woman's clothes architect
stabbed with scissors abandoned child
cleaver meat vendor
menstruation hosiery
first person perspective conspiracy
told in flashback fight
suspect theatre troupe
orphan suffocation
sabotage hearse
news reporter movie camera
thrown through a window broken neck
virgin mary statue organ music
reference to god keys
chase impalement
black panties motorboat
abandoned warehouse shootout
tour bus sword
walking cane harbor
fog stabbed in the stomach
stabbed to death child abuse
newspaper magnifying glass
flashlight crime scene
movie theatre character repeating someone else's dialogue
fencing nude photograph
bathtub reflection in mirror
bird cage professor
crutches office
boyfriend girlfriend relationship kiss
ping pong birdshot
vatican reconciliation
adultery duplicity
gunfire unknown killer
pistol cremation
river loss of virginity
tears boat
coffin funeral
wealth poverty
synergy watching tv
dormitory spoiled child
cross boarding school
basketball tricycle
sculpture fishing rod
school competition
childhood tragic event
religion religious hypocrisy
bourgeoisie seduction
poetry children's song
child murderer child murder investigation
butcher shop extramarital affair
child molestation child in peril
parent child relationship child abandonment
missing child german
restaurant hopscotch
old man necklace
eavesdropping post traumatic stress
hands over one's eyes hiding
missionary hotel
bar negligée
bludgeoned to death painting
wrapped in towel bare chested male
mysticism confession
twenty something uncle niece relationship
film projector statuette
accordion orange juice
lost girl cigarette smoking
sunglasses sidewalk cafe
guitar player topless female nudity
guilt corrupt official
church catholic church
catholic priest pinball machine
telephone call canal
shared bed mother daughter relationship
outcast guilty conscience
reverse footage nurse
mental illness paranoia
insanity hymn
migration flock of birds
father daughter relationship venice italy
airplane italian renaissance
falling to death slow motion scene
nonlinear timeline cabin
teacher expressionism
delusion photograph
old woman demonstration
covered in snow head bashed in
snowball toboggan
leather obsession ex husband ex wife relationship
mother superior dead child
snowing ski resort
praying catholic
person on fire falling from height
looking at self in mirror subjective camera
priest water
violence veil
trap transvestite
transvestism street
strangulation stabbing
snow skirt
shooting sex
sexuality sexual perversion
sexual obsession sexual desire
sexual attraction serial child killer
sensuality sadism
room question in title
psycho psychopath
psycho killer perversion
pedophilia pedophile
passion panic
obsession nudity
nipples mystery killer
mysterious man murder by strangling
male nudity lust
love leg spreading
lace knife
knife murder killing
joy jealousy
jacket italian horror
gun gloves
glasses frustration
friend friendship
forest fondling
female nudity female frontal nudity
fear disappointment
desire death
death by strangulation dead girl
cruelty children
child kidnapping child drowning
caress brutality
brunette bridge
breasts blood
blonde black gloves
bisexual bisexuality
bedroom beating
bare breasts attraction
giallo serial killer
murder child murder
death of child independent film

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