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Still of Liza Minnelli in Cabaret (1972)Still of Joel Grey in Cabaret (1972)Still of Joel Grey and Liza Minnelli in Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Original Polish one sheet app 23' x 33'Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Review Style, 1 sheetGrande Movie Poster, 47Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)Cabaret (1972)
1-48 of 54 photos


A female girlie club entertainer in Weimar Republic era Berlin romances two men while the Nazi Party rises to power around them.

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