Cabaret (1972) Poster


Plot Keywords

singer baron
cabaret nazi
master of ceremonies dancer
love 1930s
jewish stage
homosexual political unrest
performer entertainer
gift boarding house
closeted homosexual homoflexible
heteroflexible bisexual man
bisexual interest sacrifice
class brown shirt
hitler youth year 1931
mistake gay interest
reference to lya de putti lederhosen
reference to ufa reference to max reinhardt
based on stage musical based on stage play gay man has sex with a woman
camera estate
death maid
blood siren
pet dog sheet music
spotlight pianist
beating bicycling
nylons chorine
dressing room cross dressing
musician boarder
chorus line drag queen
music band audience
reference to kay francis reference to clara bow
train reference to emil jannings
reference to erich von stroheim gramophone
listening to the radio english lesson
horse and cart phonograph record
bride pregnancy
candle fascism
fireplace rowboat
wealth nationalism
based on stage musical borderline personality disorder
world war two self destructiveness
reference to adolf hitler pre world war two
jew dance
politics german politics
dancing urination
song american expatriate
great depression apathy
opposites attract nightclub
nazism love triangle
culture clash cross cultural relations
dog gay
blockbuster tony award source
wedding vamp
tutor transvestism
translation synagogue
singing scream
restaurant premarital sex
picnic killing a pet
marriage proposal library
language teaching houseguest
gorilla suit famous score
extramarital affair drag
killing a dog dinner party
closeted jew british expatriate
berlin germany assault
anti semitism abortion
beer garden railway station
telephone in club germany
burlesque bisexual
decadence based on play
based on book independent film

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