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The Film At Least Lives Up to Its Title
Michael_Elliott14 January 2018
Bummer (1973)

* (out of 4)

Three female friends (Diane Lee Hart, Carol Speed, Connie Strickland) decide to hook up with a local rock group and before long the sex, drugs and rock 'n roll turns to something much darker and deadlier.

BUMMER was produced by the notorious David F. Friedman and I'm going to guess it was meant as a way for him to do a more mainstream picture. If you're familiar with the various exploitation films that he was behind then you're really going to be disappointed by this movie on a number of levels. For starters, it's downright boring. Secondly, well, there's just nothing interesting that happens here.

I'm going to guess that the film was meant to be a view into the life of rock stars and their groupies but the film is a complete disaster if that was the case. It certainly doesn't help that all of the characters are rather boring and you just don't care what happens to any of them. The film never seems to know what it wants to do and it certainly doesn't know what story it wants to tell as the film is just constantly dragged out with scenes that add up to nothing. Just take a look at the scene with the pimp. What was the point of it?

There are a couple decent things here. If you want some nudity then there are some beautiful naked ladies for you to enjoy. Fans of William Girdler's ABBY will be happy to see Speed here and one wishes her character had a bit more to do. Dennis Burkley plays the psycho band member and he's the most interesting thing in the picture. Just take a look at the scene where he forces two of the groupies to shower together!

When it's all said and done, BUMMER really lives up to its title and it a major disappointment.
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Watch, enjoy, and then take a shower immediately after viewing.
Kingkitsch5 December 2014
"Bummer!" (1973) is one shag-carpeted, Mylar wallpapered, bong-water scented piece of a time long gone. Although this is a really terrible movie in every sense of the word, it's worth viewing for those curious about what the Seventies really looked like. Since it was filmed on a meager budget, the locations and clothing had to be the real deal....and they look it.

Let's dispense with the paper thin plot: An abysmal rock band called "The Group" is driving the honeys wild on the Sunset Strip with their happening sound. The performances from the Group are trippy for all the wrong reasons, most obviously because they're not really performing. The "band" just gyrates and pretends to play their instruments, all the rock-funk is piped in on the soundtrack. This music is enough to make the viewer contemplate suicide, but stops now and then for laughable dialog to be heard between the Group and their various girlfriends. Snappy Carol Speed provides the 'street' cred here (she would soon be the movies' first demon-possessed African American woman in a rip- off of the "Exorcist" called "Abby" 1974) while Connie Strickland gives you LA rich bitch groupie tramp who's up for anything, man. Diane Lee Hart is the doomed "nice" girl from Ohio. The Group doesn't matter, whoever these guys were is lost to history with the exception of actor Dennis Burkley, a bassist named Butts, who's the butt of every fat rocker joke that the others throw at him. He's psychopathic, has mommy issues, and swills Gilbey's Gin throughout the entire flick. Heavy. You can still spot Burkley in commercials these days, usually playing a nice biker sort who has fresh breath. A real career arc.

Anyway, stupendously bad music is played incessantly. Groupies are treated like "pigs!" and "bitches!!!". They don't care because that's where the action is, baby. Dope is smoked in filthy apartments, and love is made out in the woods during a two year long montage of the softer side of rock where the crotch thrusters treat their women right. Bummer! things happen, Butts makes an ass of himself, nice girls from Ohio get murdered, ketchup is spilled, people die, you are happy it's all over, man. The camera watching all this rockin' hassle finally lifts off the ground and spirals out into outer space showing the planet the Bummer! happened on. It's not Earth.

I appreciate this time capsule more every passing year. The ugly face of LA in 1973 has been saved. Check out the Kuddlie Kitty strip club and the sad girls who work a teeny-tiny stage by the cash register. Many unpleasant body parts are shaken to a juke box loaded with tunes by the Group. This movie features the "Pastry Chick" who has breasts the size,shape, and sell-by date of submarine sandwich rolls (featuring aureolas the size of pancakes) while a sad cellulite victim shakes her money maker which is a personal topiary that needs a gardener stat. The rich girl hangs out in her eyeball gouging bedroom with horrendous blood- colored 70s psychedelic patterned wallpaper and velour accessories. She wears a cavalcade of super clunky shoes in various colors. Her mother's hair is the size of Pluto. The Group's apartment is dirty, full of bad Danish modern furniture, and has shag carpet the color of dirt. It also features a surprising see-through shower curtain with supergraphics! It just doesn't get any better. You can just turn off the sound and watch the glamorous interiors as well as the super-long pimp nails on "Le Monde", the man who tries to woo our girls into a life doing the Frug on that 20 x 20 inch stage by the cash register.

Highly recommended, and yes, that's a pun.
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A lame brained trip through a mostly dull rock tunnel!
Bill35728 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is probably the worst rock movie I've ever seen! First of all, the music was bad and I don't mean in a good way. Bummer would have benefited greatly from having some good tunes on the soundtrack.

The story meandered for about an hour as we watch a rock band called The Group (real original,huh?) play around with a handful of frisky groupies with the exception of the bass player who can't get laid on account of his being fat and emotionally disturbed!

In fact, the only thing worth watching in this movie is the meltdown of Butts the bass player, played by the excellent character actor Dennis Burkley who in addition to being in the worst rock movie ever made was also in The Doors, one of the best. In this he's the spitting image of Brian Wilson when he finally got out of bed after three years!

The final thirty minutes were entertaining as Butts finally flipped his lid and strangled the lead singer's girlfriend in the woods, leading to a conclusion that would in real life would have sold them a million records and made the group legendary!
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juliano6613 April 2008
Good Lord was this bad! I came across an '85 VHS copy in the box for a buck so it has some collectors value -but the title says it all--billed as "the ultimate rock and roll trip" -which we can assume must naturally end in a "Bummer"--this piece of dreck wasn't lacking in sound or picture quality like a lot of these 70's soft porn one-shots--but nothing else is even worth mentioning--not even for camp value. The blond was hot in the strip club scene but I honestly can't say I made it much farther..just too, god awful BAD! I guess you gotta be really, really drunk or worse to make it through something like this. Makes you wonder what the winners we're like who actually stayed all the way through this thing at the Drive-in or on Times Square went it was released. And the music--yikes! Too terrible to describe. All in all, the most you can say is that "Bummer" is a movie that truly, truly lives up to it's title.
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The title is accurate
preppy-34 June 2005
Very dated (to say the least) movie about groupies. Movie focuses on a rock band called--most imaginatively--The Group. It involves three women--black Janyce, blond Barbara and red head Dolly--getting involved sexually with various members. However everybody ignores fat, ugly, alcoholic Butts (Dennis Burkley) who slowly begins to go insane....

Boy was this BAD! Not good-bad just bad! Women are treated horribly in this film--in one particularly ugly sequence Barbara and Dolly are forced to strip and shower with each other while being verbally humiliated! Seriously...could anyone be turned on by something that sick? Also there is a long and totally pointless sequence in a strip club. Why is it in here? To pad the running time and shove more nudity in our face. Hilariously this film tries to show us that groupies are real, ordinary people deserving respect while shoving their nude bodies in our face! There's even an uproariously bad romantic monologue showing the three couples frolicking in the woods while a lousy song plays in the background.

All the songs by The Group are lousy too--very bad 70s music. The acting across the board is terrible--only Carol Speed shows any ability at all. I was mostly bored by this and couldn't wait for it to get over. I do have to admit I didn't see the tragic ending coming--that provided a jolt but it was too little too late.

A bad 70s film. Skip it.
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To losers its a way of life - Bummer!
The multi talented Dave Friedman produced this "groupie" based trash classic.

It has the look of "The Blast off Girls" but it altogether nastier and more brutal, with a line in the trailer "You dont have to Rape a Groupie, You just have to Ask" (this was turned to Assault for ad's) you can get the picture of what your going to get.

I'm not going to get into detail, but if you love Friedman then get this movie and if your just dipping your toes it the water this is a good place to start
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