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5 Jan. 1978
The Rumor
Members of Flossie Brimmer's family visit the mountain. The community does not welcome them due to their German accent. Elizabeth starts a rumor about them. (April 1940)
12 Jan. 1978
Spring Fever
Ben and Jim-Bob get on each other's nerves. They end up dating each other's girlfriends. Meanwhile, Mamie Baldwin sees a rose bush dying and thinks it means she will die. Grandpa finds a way to help her feel young again.
26 Jan. 1978
The Festival
Jason practices his music for a town festival. He finds Josh, Verdie's son, plays the horn. They practice together. The festival organizers do not want Josh. Elizabeth and Aimee Godsey compete for the same boy. (Spring 1940)
2 Feb. 1978
The Anniversary
John and Olivia celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Mary Ellen and Curtis begin to feel the stain of separation due to the war.
9 Feb. 1978
The Family Tree
Jason helps Verdie research her family tree. They find people who knew her family. Elizabeth starts writing to a soldier at Camp Lee, pretending she is 18 years old by sending Erin's picture as her own.
16 Feb. 1978
The Ordeal
Elizabeth falls while standing on top of a wood pile. Fractures her leg. Doctors doubt her ability to walk ever again.
16 Mar. 1978
The Return
John-Boy returns to Walton's Mountain to write about the failing economy and lack of jobs. He talks Mr Guthrie into opening the old mine. As the menfolk are in the mine, it collapses. John makes a decision about working at a defense plant.
23 Mar. 1978
The Revelation
John-Boy proposes to Daisy and she says yes. Daisy reconnects with her mother and learns some surprising news. Elizabeth and her friend George open a lemonade stand. Grandpa finds a way to increase sales.
30 Mar. 1978
Grandma Comes Home
Grandma returns from the hospital but the family does not let her do anything. (Ellen Corby recovered enough from her stoke to return to the series.) An overweight boy is interested in Elizabeth. (This is Will Geer's last episode.)
21 Sep. 1978
The Empty Nest
Grandpa Zeb (Will Greer) has died and everyone is mourning. Neighbor Flossie Brimmer has also died. Mary Ellen and Erin move to Charlottesville into an apartment to be on their own. John tries to get a large lumber contract.
28 Sep. 1978
The Calling
A cousin of the Baldwin sisters visits. She is preparing to be a nun. Jim-Bob falls for her. Ben hires someone to help at the mill. Turns out he is an alcoholic and causes more problems than he helps.
12 Oct. 1978
The Moonshiner
Boone Walton returns. He was convicted of moon-shining. Jason promises to keep watch on him. Also, Daisy Garner returns to the mountain. She and John-Boy never married.
19 Oct. 1978
The Obsession
Mary Ellen starts taking pills to stay awake, and then to sleep. Yancy is seeing Cissy Tucker. She issues an ultimatum.
26 Oct. 1978
The Changeling
Elizabeth is turning 13 years old - not quite a child, not quite a woman. Strange things begin to happen due to her being unsettled. Jason has a job giving love advice on the radio.
2 Nov. 1978
The Portrait
Erin meets a painter who wants to paint her portrait. He is troubled by events he was in Paris.
9 Nov. 1978
The Captive
Corabeth Godsey feels trapped by her unchanging life on Walton's Mountain. She begins to drink.
16 Nov. 1978
The Illusion
Verdie Foster's daughter Esther returns to the mountain. Graduated with honors from college, she cannot find a job. Erin helps her get a job at Pickets Plant. Ike Godsey puts up a board of the local boys in the war.
23 Nov. 1978
The Beau
A former boyfriend of Grandma's comes to visit. He understands her struggles with a stroke. Elizabeth is upset that someone seems to take Grandpa's place.
7 Dec. 1978
Day of Infamy
Mary Ellen packs to go to Hawaii to join Curtis at Pearl Harbor. However, news spreads of the Japanese attack, and the United States is involved in WWII. Mary Ellen receives bad news about Curtis.
14 Dec. 1978
The Yearning
A new minister joins the community at Walton's Mountain. Elizabeth helps him settle in, and begins to fall for him. Erin helps the Balwin sisters with their memoirs.
28 Dec. 1978
The Boosters
Ben starts an autocourt venture with Corabeth. Then they find out the government stops all new constructions. Ben comes up with a clever plan to use old cabins. Meanwhile, Yancy takes a mail course to become a barber.

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