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2 Jan. 1975
The Lie
Ben secretly borrows John Boy's car and gets both into trouble.
9 Jan. 1975
The Matchmakers
Cora Beth joins the series and marries Ike.
16 Jan. 1975
The Beguiled
John-Boy encounters a sassy, spoiled, selfish gal whose selfish ways cause problems for John Boy and even for Jim Bob's friend.
23 Jan. 1975
The Caretakers
Grandpa and Grandma feel left out and move to house-sit for for a neighbor. John has to hire someone to help at mill who turns out to be no good. Things get better and work out for all.
30 Jan. 1975
The Shivaree
A cousin who is named after Olivia visits. She is preparing for her wedding. Wedding plans go wrong when the friends plan a shivaree. The husband-to-be does not like it. He is an uptight guy.
6 Feb. 1975
The Choice
John wants to expand the mill and call it Walton and Sons, but Jason wants to study music. He tries to get a scholarship. John-Boy is told he should write a novel.
13 Feb. 1975
The Statue
Grandpa wins a statue at a raffle. The statue resembles his old girlfriend. Grandma does not like having the statue around. They end up getting rid of the statue.
20 Feb. 1975
The Song
Jason writes a song to sing with Bobby Bigalow's band. His brother Ben convinces him to have a gal sing with him. Ben likes this gal. The gal seems to like Jason. In the end, it works out.
27 Feb. 1975
The Woman
John-Boy falls for a poet who is visiting his college. He almost leaves with her to New York. Meanwhile, John and Olivia celebrate their anniversary by renewing their vows.
6 Mar. 1975
The Venture
John takes on a loan to improve the business and he gets a big order. Grandpa gets sick and cannot help at the mill. John gets sick and cannot do it. The neighbors pull together to help build the new improved mill.
11 Sep. 1975
The Sermon
The reverend and teacher get married. Olivia is asked to be the substitute teacher and John Boy is asked to preach the sermon.
18 Sep. 1975
The Genius
John-Boy's dean asks him to take care of a 16-year-old genius college student for a weekend. The genius is gifted in all academic areas, but woefully lacking in social graces. He ends up helping in a play and is able to join in family fun.
25 Sep. 1975
The Fighter
A prize fighter (Cleavon Little) arrives searching for work, living and training in the Waltons' barn. Some are put off by his fighting, but he wants to build a church in the community. Loses fight but community helps to build the church.
2 Oct. 1975
The Prophecy
John's 25th high school reunion is being planned; he thinks he is not successful, but at the reunion, everyone thinks he is the winner. John-Boy fears he will never make a living as a writer. Jim-Bob makes a profound comment.
9 Oct. 1975
The Boondoggle
A traveling reporter visits the mountain to write story about Judge Baldwin. What he finds upsets the Baldwin sisters and disturbs the community. The report digs for more information and finds the truth which is much better.
16 Oct. 1975
The Breakdown
Jason spends too much time playing with a band. His school work, music lessons, and health begin to suffer. Comes to understanding with band. John-Boy gets a part-time job in a library; the librarian wants him to choose it as a profession.
23 Oct. 1975
The Wing-Walker
Jim-Bob falls in love with a wing-walker. John-Boy writes an article about her. She takes a lot of risks. Maude Gormley gives her goat, Myrtle, to the Waltons. They give her a rocking chair.
30 Oct. 1975
The Competition
Mary Ellen and Erin both fall for a forestry student. He is there to study the trees on Walton's Mountain. Erin and the forestry student date.
6 Nov. 1975
The Emergence
Marsha, John-Boy's old girlfriend, returns to sell her family home at the urging of her fiance. Wedding plans end when the fiance realizes the home is in debt. Olivia helps a disadvantaged student get glasses.
13 Nov. 1975
The Loss
Cousin Olivia, who married on the mountain in The Shivaree episode, returns to Walton's Mountain following her husband's sudden death. Family cat has kittens and dies giving birth. Elizabeth and Cousin Olivia both have to heal.
20 Nov. 1975
The Abdication
King Edward VIII abdicates the throne and the Waltons follow the story. Meanwhile, a movie production team is in town and John-Boy reconnects with a friend who's part of the production crew. John-Boy is offered a job.
4 Dec. 1975
The Estrangement
The family helps Vera Walton and her husband, Wade, navigate a rough patch in their marriage. She cannot get used to the city and he is too used to it. He has fallen into the criminal element.
11 Dec. 1975
The Nurse
Mary Ellen is eager to begin nursing school, but is unhappy to learn that she lacks the education in algebra and chemistry needed to enter.
18 Dec. 1975
The Intruders
Ben is upset at how he is treated at the mill. He gets a job at another lumber company, not realizing they are competing for the same jobs. Grandpa uses his smarts to get one over the competing lumber company. Ben returns to the mill.

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