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Season 1

12 Sep. 1972
The Fling
Harry is accused of having an affair when he drives a client to the airport and they become stranded at a motel.
19 Sep. 1972
Alice's Dress
Alice wants to wear a revealing dress to Harry's awards ceremony, until he gives her a taste of her own medicine.
26 Sep. 1972
The Hippie
Chet idolizes his new hippie friend, until he learns his new friend is not all he seems.
3 Oct. 1972
The Beach Vacation
When Harry and Irma plan their vacation at a beach house, they get more than they bargained for.
10 Oct. 1972
Help Wanted
Harry attempts to be an equal opportunity employer but faces the problem of many small businessmen when he has only one opening and a dozen minority groups clamoring for preference.
17 Oct. 1972
Love Story
Alice falls for a young beggar that asked Harry for money. Worse yet, when the young man asks her to marry him she says yes, which horrifies Harry. However, when he meets the young man's wealthy parents he see's dollar signs in his little girl's future.
24 Oct. 1972
The Victim
While out bowling with Ralph, Harry gets mugged and knocked unconscious leaving a big lump on his head. At first Chet and Alice are all for the mugger getting sent to jail. However, when they find out that the young man came from a poor family they demand that Harry drop the charges.
31 Oct. 1972
Chet's Job
Fed up with Chet's mooching, Harry decides to put his foot down and decides to charge him not only rent, but also for his food. This finally forces Chet to finally go to work. However, the only job he can find is in a head shop. He even comes up with an invention to sell at the shop; a light-bulb that looks like a candle, which Harry thinks is a stupid idea. However, when the candle becomes a huge success he sees that his oldest son could finally be getting the message that money isn't exactly the root of all evil.
7 Nov. 1972
Chet's Fiancee
Chet announces that he finally has met "the one" and announces that he intends to spend the rest of his life with her. However, Harry and Irma are shocked when they find out that spending the rest of his life with the girl doesn't necessarily mean getting married when he tells him that he will be living with her and that he still won't go to work, but will live off the system.
14 Nov. 1972
The Mouse
Jamie brings home a mouse that he intends to not only keep as a pet, but to train so he can charge admission when it performs. However, this doesn't sit well with Irma and Alice who are both deathly afraid of it. Harry, behind Irma's back, tells Jamie he can keep it as long as it stays in the garage. Unfortunately, when the mouse turns up missing, Jamie blames Harry and decides to run away from home.
21 Nov. 1972
Duty Calls
Once again Harry tries to get a job for Chet. Unfortunately, his efforts fail when Chet calls for a recall of several perfectly good pots made at Harry's plant. However, Harry's anger at his son turns to concern as Chet gets his draft notice. Chet then shocks his father by announcing that he will avoid the draft by escaping to Canada. Now Harry must try to not only try to delay Chet's induction, but try to keep him out of prison for draft evasion.
28 Nov. 1972
Expectant Papa
Irma informs Harry that she may be pregnant with their fourth child. While he is both excited and terrified about the prospect that he is about to become a father again in his mid 40's, everyone else seems to be against the idea. Ralph is afraid that the baby might turn out to become a radical and Harry's accountant thinks that the baby might lead to financial ruin. However, he is most horrified by Chet and Alice's reaction as they don't want to see a new baby arrive in an already overcrowded world.
5 Dec. 1972
The New Car
Harry buys a "lemon" from a used car lot and returns to humiliate the car dealership by posing as a satisfied customer during a live TV telecast.
12 Dec. 1972
The New House
Harry decides between a costly renovation or moving into a more expensive house.
19 Dec. 1972
The Prowler
After a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood, Ralph calls a meeting on how to deal with the problem and it immediately turns into a recruitment rally for his vigilante group. Unfortunately, another burglary takes place during the meeting and Harry becomes a suspect not only due to the fact that he left the meeting early, but that he was seen the next morning rummaging through one of the neighbor's windows while looking for Julius. Now he must clear his name before Ralph and his vigilantes put him in front of a firing squad.
26 Dec. 1972
Mama's Identity
Harry Boyle's wife, Irma, liberates herself from domestic shackles and becomes a working woman.
2 Jan. 1973
The Patient
Harry enters an expensive hospital for routine tests and finds himself the subject of a gall bladder transplant which is scheduled for worldwide telecast.
9 Jan. 1973
The Swimming Pool
A backyard battle erupts between Harry and Ralph when they share expenses for a swimming pool.
16 Jan. 1973
Sweet Sixteen
Daughter Alice's 16th birthday forces harry to float a bank loan to cover party costs.
23 Jan. 1973
The Commune
Harry tangles with the guru leader of a hippie commune when Alice announces she is joining the commune.
30 Jan. 1973
Music Tycoon
Chet informs Harry and Irma that he is going to meet with some of his former college classmates to discuss their future. At first they think that Chet is going back to college to finally earn his degree. However, they are shocked when he tells them that the guys he met with are all dropping out of college to form a rock band and the he is going to be their manager and after the group has a major hit with their first single, Chet goes on a spending spree. However, he soon finds out that success in the music business can be fleeting.
6 Feb. 1973
Accidents Will Happen
Harry is deluged with legal aid after he slips in a restaurant in front of 100 lawyers attending a conference.
13 Feb. 1973
Papa in New York
Harry's overnight business trip to New York becomes a disaster when he is persuaded to take his family and neighbor Ralph.
20 Feb. 1973
The Neighbors
When a newlywed couple have their first fight, the Boyles are caught in the middle trying to get their neighbors reconciled and end up having their own marital misunderstanding.

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