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Ultraman Rules

Author: morris7800 from United States
26 March 2006

Those swirling colors that opened the show and the weird music always got me excited as a kid. Ultraman was simply awesome, and although I have not seen the show in over thirty years I can hear him yelling "Hyata" and see the red dotted laser lines emanating from his crossed arms. That ever slowing flashing heart. Discovering as I did just now that one man was responsible for bringing us this and Speed Racer makes me happy Peter Fernandez was around when I was a kid. Ultraman and Speed were both well written for children, suitably violent for a violent world and instrumental in teaching me that evil and wrong are to be put down, even at the risk of personal sacrifice. "Hyata!"

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Ultraman Kicks......

Author: wsand034 from United States
24 June 2005

This was a show that I can remember rushing to get home from school to watch! Who would Ultraman face today? How would Hyata save the day without being seen using the beta capsule? Would Ultraman destroy his opponent before running out of energy? Who would get to fly the jet plane and who would stay at the station? And what kind of mess would those two science patrol clowns get into? Then after the show, I remember going outside with my friends and playing Ultraman. This show occurred during a time when kids could be kids and not worry about someone saying a show is too violent. This show was purely about imagination, loyalty, and caring for others by defending against evil. Cool stuff!

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Accept no substitute .....

Author: Blueghost from The San Francisco Bay Area
12 December 2002

Of all the Japanese monster movies/TV shows, Ultraman has a special place in my heart. Produced by the same man who brought us Gojira (Godzilla) Eiji Tsuburaya brings to the small screen a more refined giant-sized, judo/jujitsu-throwing, eco-friendly, solar-powered, silver, flying hero.

Who could ask for anything more? :-)

Ultraman helps our gallant friends of the equally valiant Science Patrol, who seek out and confront strange new monsters on the city streets of Japan's urban hubs. When the Science Patrol finds they're in over their heads (ever episode, to be exact ;-)), Hyata calls upon his two-hundred foot symbiot. A fight usually ensues in downtown Tokyo, committing city hall to a perpetual state of Urban Renewal plans.

Seriously. Ultraman is the show they don't make anymore for kids, but should. Despite all the violence of Ultraman mixing it up with monsters on miniature sets, the show teaches some fundamental values and etiquette for young minds.

If you're a parent of a young child, do him/her a favor and go out and get either the VHS or DVD of Ultraman Volume 1.

To the best of my recollection the show was shot at TOHO studios (where Tsuburaya shot nearly all his Godzilla films), and stared Akiji Kobayashi, Susumu Kurobe and Hiroko Sakurai. The acting is typically Japanese (think high energy here), but entertaining all the same. And the actress who plays Fuji is easy on the eyes :-)

Ultraman is da BOMB! Accept no substitutes!

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Ultraman great live action 70's import.

Author: shaneyfex from USA
18 December 2003

I was lucky enough to live in an area on the United States that had a station that aired Ultraman and Johnny Sokko & His Flying Robot in the 70's. I was a big Speed Racer fan(now on the SPEED Channel), but was more into the live action tv shows like Jason of Star Command, Ark II, Space Academy, Land of the Lost, Six Million Dollar Man, etc. I've seen many different Ultraman series but this is my favorite and the one I saw in the 70's. The silver praying mantis looking face, the crossing of the arms to shoot an electric charge, it was just great entertainment. Iota was a great character to turn into Ultraman with a great team to fight monsters. TBS aired Ultra 7 for a while, I guess Ted Turner owns the rights, it's similar to this Ultraman series but the production and voice over quality isn't nearly as good. Don't miss it!!!

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In a class by itself

Author: ( from Chicago, IL
21 July 2002

Frankly, I'm surprised to be the first one to talk about Ultraman. This metro Japan action show never talked down to its young audience, and I'm sure a key reason is that Peter Fernandez -- the genius behind the English-ization of Speed Racer -- also was responsible for Ultraman. Always suspenseful and damaging, it's unfortunate Ultraman hasn't found a new audience. They need only put it on the air!

Oh -- who was Ultraman? Basically, this military fellow was able to become the metallic superhero when necessary in order to fight an enormous monster and crush several buildings.

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A Sci Fi Superhero Classic

Author: Rodd_Munchright from United States
18 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Created by Eiji Tsuburaya in the 60's, and brought over to the states in the 70's Ultraman is a show that's like a PG rated prehistoric version of The X Files with Godzilla monsters, A giant super hero who saves the day every episode, and all the craziness cranked to 11.

To be more precise in the then not too distant future of the early 90's an international police group called The Science Patrol investigates strange phenomena like aliens, and cryptids.

One night two lights one red, the other blue arrive on Earth the red light accidentally crashes into the jet of Science Patrolman Shin Hayata killing him.

The red light reveals that he is Ultraman an alien from the Land of Light, in Nebula M78, beyond the 40th Galaxy and the blue light is an evil space monster called Bemular.

Feeling regretful for Hayata's death, and unable to survive Earth's atmosphere for more than three minutes at a time Ultraman fuses his life with Hayata's, and together along with Hyata's fellow Science Patrol members defeat Bemular, and then go on to face more aliens, and monsters with Hayata becoming whenever all hope seems lost.

Ultraman is classic 60's and 70's era sci fi goodness.

Every episode is like a 30 minute Godzilla movie with paranormal stuff like Aliens, and The Loch Ness monster being the explanation for the monster.

It's hard to pick just one monster or episode I like because the show has a lot of good ones one way or another.

From the first episode which sets up the show and gives us a cool monsters with Bemular to the very second with Ultraman's most iconic enemies the Baltan aliens.

Ithe favorites of mine are the episode with Jirass because it captures the show in a nutshell with the Science Patrol, and Ultraman fighting the Loch Ness monster who turns out to be Godzilla with a frill As well, as the episode with Red King that's like a 30 minute version of The Lost World with Godzilla monsters.

And the episode with Jamilla the mutant astronaut monster which I watched because I like monster movies about mutant astronauts, and I liked the tragic elements of the story.

The characters are all cool tough favorites would be both Hayata himself, and Ito the comic relief science expert.

Plus there's just something fun about watching guys in rubber alien, and monster suits beat each other up for three minutes every episode.

And Ultraman himself has some cool powers like his signature Specium Beam, and his shredding Ultra Slicer.

All in all Ultraman is good show if you like Godzilla movies, weird stuff shows like The X Files, The Outer Limits, and Superheroes.

I highly recommend it.

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Man in silver-and-red wetsuit fights monsters in miniature cities!

Author: fenian2153 from Washington, D.C.
29 June 2009

"The energy that UltraMan gets from the Sun diminishes rapidly in Earths' atmosphere. The Warning Light begins to blink! Should it stop completely, it means UltraMan will NEVER RISE AGAIN!!!"

In every episode, the above passage let you know that UltraMan was gonna kick some major-league booty! It was cheesy as hell, but a lot of fun. This was your standard guy-in- a-rubber suit Japanese sci-fi thriller, but somehow it developed a very loyal fan base both here in the U.S. and its' native Japan.

In the not-too-distant future, our hero Hayata (tall, perfect hair, firm jaw) is a stalwart member of The Science Patrol. Their mission is to investigate strange happenings that baffle the local authorities. During one fateful mission, Hayata is tragically (and inadvertently) killed by the arrival of an interstellar visitor, the mysterious UltraMan! UltraMan is so distraught by this accident, that he fuses his life and Hayata's. They will live symbiotically. Whenever danger threatens, Hayata has only to activate the Beta Capsule and he becomes the 200 foot tall champion of humanity, the mighty UltraMan!

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The Best 1972 Has to offer in Sci Fi

Author: karen-loethen from United States
27 February 2017

When I was a kid we watched this series and it was so exciting...and how I used to crush on Hayata, the character who turns into Ultraman. I was recently delighted to discover Ultraman available on some cable channel. The beauty of wires on space craft, the artistry of spinning space junk, the dynamic firecracker explosions, wicked lazer beam special effects, and cheesy Tokyo models being destroyed by various monsters, and the dramatic facial expressions of anger all come together to make this series the absolute pinnacle of Saturday afternoon binging. ...we're currently watching the episode about the alien Mephiles-Sejin attempting to take over the planet. Hayata is being held in suspended animation and Fuji has been turned into a giant Mega-Fugi destroying Tokyo with girly punches. Mephiles-Sejin is furious that the child Satoru is unwilling to give the planet to the alien. Ultraman finds a way to fly to the giant leading monster. After finding it impossible to convince the monster to leave the planet with negotiations, they begin a flight battle the includes the best of light beams. After nearly being annihilated, Ultraman manages to wrestle the bad guy into submission. Yes, another day of Planet Earth being saved by ULTRAMAN. HA HA HA HA!!!

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You've Read My Mind

Author: wegrateful from United States
15 April 2007

I ran home from school as so many others did to enjoy Ultraman and Space Giants. Reading all the other comments made me realize that even if we never met or come from different walks of life and environments, we share similarities far greater than any in-differences! Long live the spirit of Ultraman-kind! Speed Racer was also another favorite of mine. It increases my belief in our humanness that somehow will always thrive and what is truly good and decent exists in us all when we choose to nurture that which inspires us to spread our most heart-felt and sincere emotions. Not being afraid of sounding odd or out of touch or corny. Like Mary Tyler Moore said....As the human race.."were going to make it after-all".

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pure an simple

Author: kdzuray from non haters world
27 July 2006

In my house we have no cable TV for a great reason. We do have a DVD player for a greater reason.

I like simple TV like the adventures of Superman faster than a speeding locomotive USA 1951,or Starman the creature made of THE strongest steel Japan 1965 an now ULTRAMAN 1966 My 3 y/o son can sing the theme song better than my 5 y/o daughter ,and my 5 y/o daughter only view'd 2 episodes 8 an 10. We watched them together a few times, my son has not view'd any. he's to young so why or how could he sing the Ultraman theme song since its not on the tube for him?

thru the minds of kids imagination follow art of life.

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