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Season 1

12 Sep. 1972
Operation Bingo
In a hospital, one of it's best doctors plans to resign cause he needs to help his father. So Jerry Noland, another doctor and three nurses decide to hold a bingo night so that they could raise enough money to help the doctor's father so that he wouldn't have to resign. And they try to keep the whole thing from Dr. Campanelli, the hospital's by the book Chief of Staff.
24 Oct. 1972
Good Luck, Leftkowitz
Harold Leftkowitz, an orderly who joins the hospital, has a reputation of being a jinx, because wherever he goes something happens. And it goes on when he arrives. And everybody is worried if they can survive.
14 Nov. 1972
RX: Love
Nolan tries to get Campanelli to lighten up. And he thinks he needs a woman so Annie and Mildred try to set him with girls they know but they don't interest him. But it's Ellen's Aunt who catches his interest and he's happy. Till she tells him that she has to go to Europe.

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