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9 Jan. 1975
False Witness
Officer Jimmy Vega's personal vendetta against a local drug dealer threatens to ruin both his and Inspector Keller's careers.
16 Jan. 1975
Letters from the Grave
The remains of an inmate at the Alcatraz Federal Prison was discovered between a wall during some repairs. It was thought that the inmate Lou Kovic escaped 20 years earlier, but Mike and Steve believe he was murdered.
23 Jan. 1975
After Steve gets hit by a car, Mike is demoted to patrolman for disobeying orders and threatening a mob boss.
30 Jan. 1975
Ten Dollar Murder
A string of taxi caps are robbed and and the brains behind the robberies is an 18 year old high school senior. His mother and deceased father were both robbery detectives.
6 Feb. 1975
The Programming of Charlie Blake
A supposedly reformed sex offender is being brainwashed by his psychiatrist into believing he has committed murder.
13 Feb. 1975
River of Fear
A 12-year-old girl knows her stepfather murdered her mother. But her attempts to unmask him only impede the police's investigation.
20 Feb. 1975
A young patient from a psychiatric home tells the police that an elderly patient at the facility was murdered. After the young man is found dead himself, Steve decides to feign mental illness to gain admittance to the place, fearing that someone may be killing patients.
27 Feb. 1975
After a mob enforcer, still wearing his brass knuckles, falls to death from a high-rise hotel window, the police seal off the hotel and hunt for two other mobsters and the down-and-out boxer who was their planned target.
13 Mar. 1975
Stone has to work with a rather independent undercover cop after Keller gets shot in the leg during a bust.
11 Sep. 1975
Poisoned Snow
A narcotics cop driven over the edge laces a batch of cocaine with cyanide and sets it loose on the streets.
18 Sep. 1975
The Glass Dart Board
A sniper is randomly shooting people in a high-rise building and threatens to continue doing it until he is paid a million dollars. Stone and Keller try to identify and stop the assailant, but Stone believes the methods of the acting captain in charge of the investigation are wrong for the situation.
25 Sep. 1975
No Place to Hide
The wife of a prison inmate is shot and killed in a laundromat in what looks like a professional hit. Stone and Keller determine that it was the work of a prison gang that is using outside enforcers to force inmates' wives to help them smuggle drugs into the prison. Another wife of a prisoner is now targeted to be made to do what the murdered woman would not.
2 Oct. 1975
Men Will Die
After Jeannie's friend Nancy kills one of her rapists, Jeannie is furious at the way the justice system works. She becomes involved with an aggressive rape crisis group headed by crusading attorney Catherine Wyatt. Rapist Jack Marlin becomes a target of their efforts.
9 Oct. 1975
School of Fear
After one of his fellow teachers is killed on the schoolyard during a fight between two students, a veteran former teacher kidnaps four troublesome students and holds them in an abandoned private school, where he chains them while he forces them to read history lessons.
16 Oct. 1975
Deadly Silence
Stone is hit by a getaway van after a robbery, but manages to shoot one of the robbers. When the man dies, his wife and accomplice vows revenge against Stone.
23 Oct. 1975
Murder by Proxy
An old neighborhood has suddenly seen a huge upsurge in violent crime committed against its homeowners, including murder. Keller and Stone find that it may be tied to the fact that all the people in the neighborhood had been approached by a real estate agent making substantially high offers to buy their properties, and that the agent is working for a major corporation.
30 Oct. 1975
Trail of Terror
James Woods plays the perfect homely US Navy sailor in dress blues with a bad temper, along with his Navy buddies they are looking for a jeweler that closed his store a few days before they hit town. There course leads to murder, anchors aweigh.
6 Nov. 1975
Web of Lies
Three band members have the perfect racket, a diamond heist. But one guy sees the driver and then makes that known on public TV.
13 Nov. 1975
Dead Air
The murder of a pregnant girl leads Stone and Keller to arrogant radio host Terry Vine, who has a large female fanbase. The dead girl claimed to be pregnant with Vine's baby, giving him a motive for murder, and after her blackmailing roommate also turns up dead, Keller is convinced Vine is the killer.
20 Nov. 1975
Merchants of Death
When a gang member is killed, it signals a turf war between two rival street gangs. Meanwhile, two youths locate a missing crate of guns and decide to sell them to the gang members.
4 Dec. 1975
The Cat's Paw
Stone is assigned to partner on a cat burglary case with an inspector he has become romantically involved with and even proposed to. But when a woman is apparently murdered by the burglar, Stone's relationship with his new partner is strained as he believes the burglar is the killer, and she does not believe the murder fits the burglar's pattern.
11 Dec. 1975
Spooks for Sale
Surveillance is the game here. But a break-in ends up with the night watchman dead of a heart attack. Tom Selleck although not in the opening credits, he plays a major role. During the lunch scene they are eating at Sinbad's Resturant at Pier 2 in San Francisco, which is still there even today. I had my wedding reception there in 1984, great place.
18 Dec. 1975
Most Likely to Succeed
A student at a prestigious boys' school, under pressure by his father to get into Harvard, kills a professor when he will not change the failing grade he was going to give him in one class.

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