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3 Jan. 1974
An undercover cop is murdered with Mike Stone's gun and a hotshot young inspector seems determined to pin the rap on Stone.
17 Jan. 1974
Chapel of the Damned
A wealthy woman, whose daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom, has more faith in a female psychic than Stone and Keller.
24 Jan. 1974
A woman who has dedicated her life to a prominent family fails to see her neglected son has fallen in with a psycho - and may have helped him kill a woman.
31 Jan. 1974
Stone and Keller suspect there is more to a string of college campus shootings than meets the eye.
7 Feb. 1974
A String of Puppets
Det. Keller goes undercover as an ex-con musician to bust a crooked parole officer and his ring of parolees.
14 Feb. 1974
Two firemen are killed in a warehouse fire, one of them Stone's friend, and he and Keller are drawn into an arson investigation.
21 Feb. 1974
The Hard Breed
Two "Gunsmoke" writers teamed on this modern-day Western set at a rodeo in San Francisco's Cow Palace. A bronc rider dies in what appears to be an accident. A rodeo clown looks around the scene after the police leave and discovers the rider's rope -- which was cut almost halfway through before it broke, leaving the bronc free to throw him. The police come back to investigate the scene, and before long the chief suspect is also murdered in another "accident."
28 Feb. 1974
An old college friend of Steve's is now a father - and part of a vigilante group fed up with the rampant crime in their neighborhood. Their latest crackdown, however, leaves a police informer dead.
14 Mar. 1974
Death and the Favored Few
Stone and Keller investigate the murder of a society publisher whose method was to coerce subscriptions from wealthy clients by blackmailing them. The investigation leads the detective to a wealthy woman and her daughter, who were among the ones being blackmailed and who still have secrets to hide.
12 Sep. 1974
One Last Shot
Alcoholic Off. Joe Landers accidentally gets his partner killed and clumsily tries to cover it up as Stone and Keller work their way to the truth.
19 Sep. 1974
The Most Deadly Species
A traveling hit-woman seduces Inspector Keller, gaining valuable intelligence for her San Francisco assignments. A mob hired her to help win a gang war, which Keller is investigating. Keller's superior Lt. Mike Stone hears wedding bells, but death knells are more likely as she's living in a bay-side apartment next to the younger, love-struck Keller.
26 Sep. 1974
Target: Red
Stone and Keller have less than 48 hours to prevent a politically motivated assassination by a mentally unstable, but very accurate, marksman.
3 Oct. 1974
Mask of Death
John Davidson's best acting performance (in the eyes of nearly everyone associated with the show) comes when he plays a nightclub entertainer who dresses up as a famous female torch singer. Unfortunately he is schizophrenic, and becomes her and him -- at the same time. Even worse, "she" is a psychotic killer. Watch for a chilling scene where "he" talks to "her" in a mirror.
10 Oct. 1974
I Ain't Marchin' Anymore
Keller goes undercover as a draft dodger to investigate an AWOL Marine's murder.
17 Oct. 1974
One Chance to Live
A lonely maiden woman in her mid 40s is stalked and targeted by a psychotic drifter. Meanwhile she has a long term affair with a Canadian political leader. Stone and Keller need to solve several mysteries.
24 Oct. 1974
Jacob's Boy
Jacob Willis, a trusted employee of a local businessman, pays money to a skid-row drifter who was blackmailing him. After Jacob leaves him the drifter is accidentally killed in a scuffle with two other hobos. One of them tells the police that Jacob killed the man. After talking to Jacob, Stone has doubts that he could be a killer, but then he finds out what the drifter knew about Jacob: that he escaped from an Alabama prison 25 years ago. Jacob believes he killed a guard during the escape, and thinks he must run away or face imprisonment. His employer's young son ...
31 Oct. 1974
Flags of Terror
Domestic terrorists take several people hostage, including Keller. Stone has to deal with not only the terrorists but a right-wing journalist and a vengeful father whose daughter was killed.
7 Nov. 1974
Cry Help!
An abusive step father is murdered. The boy's mother attempts to blame a neighborhood kid. The abused boy knows the truth but is afraid that he he will incriminate someone close to him no matter what he tells the police.
14 Nov. 1974
For Good or Evil
Young Paul is torn between Lt Stones efforts to take him off the streets and go to college and his brother, part of a street gang. One day he witnesses the head of the gang committing a murder on an rivaling street gang boss. His brother convinces him in joining the gang and to kill Mike Stone, who has started to investigate on the murder case in the scene.
21 Nov. 1974
Bird of Prey
Keller goes undercover as a USAF officer to investigate a woman's murder that might involve a USAF Colonel.
5 Dec. 1974
License to Kill
Mike's old partner returns to town looking for the hit man that killed his son.
12 Dec. 1974
The Twenty-Five Caliber Plague
Drama follows a 25-caliber gun over a week-end and the various lives with which it comes into contact.
19 Dec. 1974
Mister Nobody
An old man who's feeling down because he had to sell his shop and has nothing to do, sees a young man, the grandson of his friend get into a fight with someone with the young man killing the other man with his gun. The young man runs away, leaving the gun behind. The old man picks it up and when some people show up after hearing the shots, they assume that the old man killed him. Mike is called in and he knows the man and Mike doesn't believe he killed him but arrests him. The young man was delivering something for a bookie and the one with the gun was trying to steal...

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