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13 Sep. 1972
The Murrow Disappearance
Lockwood goes undercover to investigate the disappearance of a State Department official. Posing as a U.N official he discovers a blackmail ring that preys on officials with gambling addictions in order to gain classified government papers.
20 Sep. 1972
One of Our Probes Is Missing
Nick Bianco searches for a missing Probe agent who was investigating a counterfeit ring that has been printing flawless one hundred dollar bills. He must find the source of the counterfeit bills before it undermines the economy.
27 Sep. 1972
Short Circuit
Backup Probe C.R. Grover, with the help of daughter Lelia Mowen, must stop mad scientist and Probe Control designer Dr. Carl Mowen, and prevent Probe Control from being destroyed.
4 Oct. 1972
A U.S. mission to the moon has brought back a moon rock consisting of what's believed to be raw diamonds. World Securities had been entrusted with the moon rock but it has been lost. Lockwood is dispatched to get it back. But the mission won't be easy. Among other things, Lockwood will need to charter a 747.
11 Oct. 1972
Live Men Tell Tales
Probe agent Peter Kubica drowns scuba diving in Dubrovnik. Bianco has the body exhumed which isn't Kubica. Bianco follows the trail to Kubica's mistress in Paris.
26 Oct. 1972
Operation Iceman
The Iceman assassin murders a Probe agent, then threatens a gangster turned ambassador. Bianco forms a team with three other Probe agents to stop the Iceman.
1 Nov. 1972
The Bullet
Lockwood is sent to recover an East German defector who has invented a bullet with a poison jacket. In the process Lockwood is shot and must find the antidote.
8 Nov. 1972
In Search of Midas
C.R. Grover teams with gossip columnist Kate Dawes to verify a rich recluse is still alive who hasn't been seen for eighteen months.
15 Nov. 1972
The Adonis File
The executive secretary to a talk show host is kidnapped. Lockwood is called in to act as intermediary to the kidnappers.
22 Nov. 1972
Flight to Nowhere
A friend of Lockwood who runs an air cargo business disappears on a flight in the desert near Reno, Nevada.
20 Dec. 1972
The Gold Machine
Lockwood investigates the location of a lost gold mine for Eurasian Jade & Metal. Along the way he finds deceit, fraud, and a foreign power that wants the mine for its uranium deposits rather than its gold.

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