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17 Jan. 1975
The Stand-In
The Sanfords welcome Fred's buddies Bow Legs and Al, who are bringing their song, dance and comedy act to an LA nightclub. When Al hurts his back, Fred and Lamont step up and step out in this revue episode highlighted by Billy Eckstine singing "Jelly Jelly."
24 Jan. 1975
Strange Bedfellows
Praise for Lamont's impassioned call into a radio political program sparks him to run for the state assembly. Will it be Mr. Sanford goes to Sacramento?
31 Jan. 1975
The Masquerade Party
In this spoof of "Let's Make a Deal," Fred, Grady and Bubba appear as contestants on "Wheel and Deal," hoping to win a new car as a birthday present for Lamont.
7 Feb. 1975
Golden Boy
Fred hopes to get rich quick by becoming co-owner of a boxer dubbed Junior Joe Louis. It then becomes Fred and Grady's job to get Junior into fighting shape before Friday's bout.
14 Feb. 1975
My Brother-In-Law's Keeper
Fred is bothered and bewildered by his baby sister's marriage to a white man.
21 Feb. 1975
The Headache
Lamont's headache drives him to the psychologist's couch, where it is suggested the pain in Lamont's head is caused by the pain in the neck he lives with.
28 Feb. 1975
The Stung
Tired of Lamont telling him he's a loser at cards, Fred and his professional gambler friend play a prank on Lamont and his poker pals. But will Fred be left holding the dead man's hand?
7 Mar. 1975
The Older Woman
Fred and Grady don disguises to discover the cougar who has her claws in Lamont's heart.
14 Mar. 1975
The Over-the-Hill Gag
Lamont misunderstands the doctor and believes Fred has only six months to live and lavished love and kindness upon him. Fred's content to ride the gravy train, though it may land him in the soup.
25 Apr. 1975
The Family Man
The story of Grady and his eyebrow-raising gift to his daughter and son-in-law just before their cocktail party for stuffy university professors.
12 Sep. 1975
Earthquake II
An earthquake shakes up the Sanfords, and the threat of an even bigger quake sparks Fred to sell the house and seek shelter in Las Vegas.
19 Sep. 1975
Divorce, Sanford Style
Following a fight with Woodrow, Aunt Esther moves in with Fred and Lamont. Fred works overtime engineering a reconciliation so she'll return home.
26 Sep. 1975
Bank on This
Fred and Lamont are applying for a loan to finance their purchase of Julio's former property when a pair of robbers burst into the bank.
3 Oct. 1975
The Sanford Arms
With the bank ready to foreclose, Fred and Lamont desperately seek to find tenants for the Sanford Arms.
10 Oct. 1975
Steinberg and Son
The series spoofs itself when the characters in the new television show "Steinberg and Son" turn out to be Borscht Belt parallels to those in the life of Fred G. Sanford.
17 Oct. 1975
Brother, Can You Spare an Act?
When Fred's white brother-in-law Rodney lands a job emceeing a local vaudeville revival, Fred, Lamont and Smiley Rogers help out by providing the song and dance.
31 Oct. 1975
Della, Della, Della
When two competing politicians each seek to use Fred's junkyard for a campaign headquarters, Della Reese appeals to Fred to stand by her man.
7 Nov. 1975
Donna Pops the Question
After receiving a proposal from another man, Donna gives Fred one final chance to marry her.
14 Nov. 1975
My Fair Esther
Fred becomes a latter-day Henry Higgins when he undertakes the task of transforming ugly duckling Esther into a swan so she can win the Mrs. Watts Businessman's Contest and net Fred half the prize money.
21 Nov. 1975
Sanford and Rising Son
Fred and Ah Chew team up and turn the Sanford home into a Japanese restaurant.
5 Dec. 1975
The Olympics
Jealous of Donna's athletic new boyfriend, Fred begins training so he can challenge him in the Senior Olympics.
12 Dec. 1975
Ebenezer Sanford
Tightfisted Fred gets a ghostly wake-up call in this spoof of "A Christmas Carol."

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