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5 Jan. 1973
The Big Party
Behind on their bills, Fred and Lamont look to raise money by throwing a house party and charging admission.
12 Jan. 1973
A Visit from Lena Horne
Fast-thinking Fred fools Lena Horne into visiting the Sanford home after he spins her a sob story about little lame Lamont who looks upon Lena as a second mother.
19 Jan. 1973
Lamont Goes African
Lamont looks to reinvent himself by adopting an African name and lifestyle.
26 Jan. 1973
Watts Side Story
Lamont just met a girl named Maria, but she's Julio's Puerto Rican sister, and the possibility of an interracial romance ruffles the feathers of both Fred and Mrs. Fuentes.
3 Feb. 1973
The Infernal Triangle
Fred announces his engagement to Judy, a woman young enough to have been his daughter-in-law.
9 Feb. 1973
Pops 'n' Pals
Jealous of Lamont's friendship with Julio, Fred tries to be a buddy to his son.
16 Feb. 1973
Home Sweet Home for the Aged
Before setting off to sail the world aboard a tramp steamer, Lamont must convince Fred to move into a retirement home.
23 Feb. 1973
Pot Luck
Lamont takes advantage of an ignorant seller and buys an antique commode for $20, greedily anticipating reselling it for a tremendous profit.
9 Mar. 1973
The Kid
A lonely latchkey kid stows away on Lamont's truck and spends a day with the Sanfords.
16 Mar. 1973
Rated X
Fred tags along to a movie casting call that Lamont and Rollo hope will make them respected black actors, not suspecting this film is blue.
14 Sep. 1973
Lamont as Othello
Fred is uneasy with Lamont's rehearsing Othello with a white actress in their home, so Marilyn invites Fred and Lamont to come to her home in Beverly Hills.
21 Sep. 1973
Libra Rising All Over Lamont
As an astrologer tells Lamont that as a Libra he must avoid strife and arguing, hypochondriac Fred is home suffering from gas after eating eight-day-old collard greens.
28 Sep. 1973
Fred, the Reluctant Fingerman
Fred, fearing retaliation after witnessing a robbery at Julio's, is unwilling to get involved by describing the burglars to the police.
5 Oct. 1973
Presenting the Three Degrees
The Three Degrees, the Philadelphia-based singing trio, are the Sanfords' house-guests. The ladies perform "I Didn't Know" for Fred.
12 Oct. 1973
This Little TV Went to Market
Grady claims the television Fred got for a steal from Guy's Groovy Grabbag was indeed stolen--from him.
19 Oct. 1973
Lamont, Is That You?
Fred fears Lamont and Rollo are homosexuals after Bubba reports seeing them go into the Gay Blade Bar.
26 Oct. 1973
Fuentes, Fuentes, Sanford & Chico
Feeling betrayed when Lamont starts a sideline business with Julio, Fred moves out and into a downtown flophouse.
2 Nov. 1973
Fred's Uncle Leotis dies and leaves him $1,500, but the catch to collecting it is Fred and Lamont must fly to St. Louis and oversee the funeral arrangements. But steady Freddy isn't sure he's ready to take his first flight in an airplane.
9 Nov. 1973
The Engagement
Fred and Donna are to be married on Sunday, but Lamont plots to put them asunder before the Lord joins them together by inviting to the wedding his Aunt Esther and the rest of Fred's irascible in-laws.
16 Nov. 1973
The Blind Mellow Jelly Collection
Lamont becomes annoyed that Fred is constantly playing old blues records featuring a band named Blind Mellow Jelly. Then, he finds out the records are rare and could be worth several hundred dollars.
23 Nov. 1973
A House Is Not a Pool Room
Lamont suffers buyer's remorse after the pool table he gave Fred for his birthday brings the boys over for billiards every day while Fred's work and girlfriend Donna go neglected.
30 Nov. 1973
Grady, the Star Boarder
Fred seizes a financial opportunity when Grady gripes about his neighbors' fighting: invite Grady to come live in serenity for $60 a month with him and Lamont.
14 Dec. 1973
Wine, Women and Aunt Esther
Depressed about death and growing old, Fred and his drinking buddies determine to think young and go for the gusto by throwing a wild party, inviting topless waitress Fast Fanny and four of her fast friends to spice it up.

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