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Season 5

12 Sep. 1975
Earthquake II
An earthquake shakes up the Sanfords, and the threat of an even bigger quake sparks Fred to sell the house and seek shelter in Las Vegas.
19 Sep. 1975
Divorce, Sanford Style
Following a fight with Woodrow, Aunt Esther moves in with Fred and Lamont. Fred works overtime engineering a reconciliation so she'll return home.
26 Sep. 1975
Bank on This
Fred and Lamont are applying for a loan to finance their purchase of Julio's former property when a pair of robbers burst into the bank.
3 Oct. 1975
The Sanford Arms
With the bank ready to foreclose, Fred and Lamont desperately seek to find tenants for the Sanford Arms.
10 Oct. 1975
Steinberg and Son
The series spoofs itself when the characters in the new television show "Steinberg and Son" turn out to be Borscht Belt parallels to those in the life of Fred G. Sanford.
17 Oct. 1975
Brother, Can You Spare an Act?
When Fred's white brother-in-law Rodney lands a job emceeing a local vaudeville revival, Fred, Lamont and Smiley Rogers help out by providing the song and dance.
31 Oct. 1975
Della, Della, Della
When two competing politicians each seek to use Fred's junkyard for a campaign headquarters, Della Reese appeals to Fred to stand by her man.
7 Nov. 1975
Donna Pops the Question
After receiving a proposal from another man, Donna gives Fred one final chance to marry her.
14 Nov. 1975
My Fair Esther
Fred becomes a latter-day Henry Higgins when he undertakes the task of transforming ugly duckling Esther into a swan so she can win the Mrs. Watts Businessman's Contest and net Fred half the prize money.
21 Nov. 1975
Sanford and Rising Son
Fred and Ah Chew team up and turn the Sanford home into a Japanese restaurant.
5 Dec. 1975
The Olympics
Jealous of Donna's athletic new boyfriend, Fred begins training so he can challenge him in the Senior Olympics.
12 Dec. 1975
Ebenezer Sanford
Tightfisted Fred gets a ghostly wake-up call in this spoof of "A Christmas Carol."
2 Jan. 1976
The Oddfather
Fred is wounded while witnessing a mob hit and is hospitalized under police protection until he can identify Mr. Big.
9 Jan. 1976
Can You Chop This?
Fred plans to get rich quick by selling Whopper Chopper food processors, using Lamont's acting school tuition money to make his initial investment.
16 Jan. 1976
Greatest Show in Watts
While babysitting an elephant, Fred holds a circus in the junkyard, allowing the cast to display their talents, especially Aunt Esther as the Bronze Goddess.
23 Jan. 1976
Fred Sanford Has a Baby
A very pregnant woman rents Lamont's room for the week he's away on a fishing trip.
30 Jan. 1976
The TV Addict
Fred's lifestyle of too much TV and too little exercise has Lamont concerned for his father's health, so Fred undergoes hypnotism to break his addiction to television.
6 Feb. 1976
Lamont in Love
When Lamont falls in love with a mysterious woman, Fred and Esther play amateur sleuths to learn more about her.
13 Feb. 1976
The Escorts
When Fred's friend Elroy can't find a date, Fred's inspired to launch his latest get rich quick scheme: an escort service for seniors.
20 Feb. 1976
The Engagement Man Always Rings Twice
Lamont musters the courage to pop the question to Janet.
27 Feb. 1976
The Director
Starstruck Fred assumes the director's chair when the champ George Foreman comes to star in a play for Lamont's theater workshop.
5 Mar. 1976
A Pain in the Neck
Fred's friends have got his back, as he discovers when he suffers from a backache on the day he is to receive the Watts Businessman's award and his friends rush to his aid with all kinds of quack cures.
12 Mar. 1976
Sergeant Gork
Fred regales young Roger with tall tales of his World war II exploits that draw more from the late movie than the history books.
19 Mar. 1976
The Camping Trip
Lamont brings Fred along on a camping trip to have some solitude and quality time together. Fred is no friend of nature and does nothing but complain...when the truck won't start they are stranded and begin to reminisce about old times.

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