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7 Jan. 1974
Trial by Doubt
While on a night patrol Officer Gillis's partner is shot and killed. Then after notifying his estranged wife, she grabs his gun and shoots herself. The series of traumatic events leave him with plenty of doubt about his future as a cop.
14 Jan. 1974
The Authentic Death of Billy Stomper
Officer Terry Webster falls in love with a girl who witnessed a murder committed by a drug dealer. After she is tracked down and killed for what she knows, Terry uses himself as bait to catch the killer.
28 Jan. 1974
The Late Mr. Brent
Officer Danko shoots and kills a man who may have been innocent of any wrong doing. Jill Danko becomes concerned over her husbands concern for the widow of the man he shot and tensions arise within their marriage.
4 Feb. 1974
The Teacher
Officer's Webster, Gillis and Danko investigate a robbery ring that is run by an ex-con known as "The Teacher" who is using thrill seeking teenagers to commit the crimes.
11 Feb. 1974
Officer Danko's partner is the third officer shot and killed while responding to a seemingly routine call. A mentally ill young man comes forward even though he himself questions if he is a credible eyewitness.
18 Feb. 1974
Something Less Than a Man
A man who joined the force the same time that Lt. Ryker did but quit because he couldn't handle the violence is framed for murder. Ryker and the rookies try to help him after years of drinking have turned him into something less than a man.
25 Feb. 1974
Rolling Thunder
When the precinct adopts a Police Cadet Program, Webster and Gillis are partnered with a young man who's sister's boyfriend is a fugitive. When another cadet learns of their criminal activity he is taken hostage along with Officer Webster.
4 Mar. 1974
Time Lock
Officer Webster and three female bank employees are held hostage in a bank vault by a highly intelligent man who is using them as bargaining chips to get his partner in crime released from jail.
18 Mar. 1974
Death Watch
Officers Danko and Webster must find an escaped convict infected with spiral meningitis before he spreads the disease to the general population. But they must also find his ex-wife because he is bent on killing her.
9 Sep. 1974
An Ugly Way to Die
After Officer Gillis departs from the precinct, Webster reluctantly accepts rookie Chris Owens as his new partner. Fresh from the academy, Officer Owens is eager to help Webster catch an arsonist who's purposely killing firemen.
23 Sep. 1974
Key Witness
A couple having an affair witness a murder, but the married man in the relationship wants to keep quite about it and not go to the police for fear of losing his family. What they don't realize is that the killers are now after them.
30 Sep. 1974
Legacy of Death
The rookies are concerned about a fellow officer who is purposely trying to get killed in the line of duty in order to receive the financial benefits his family needs to pay for medical bills.
7 Oct. 1974
Death at 6 A.M.
Officer Danko looks after Sgt. Ryker's pet goldfish "Rex" while he is on vacation. On day 2 of this assignment he mistakes the goldfish for dead and flushes it at 6 AM.
21 Oct. 1974
Walk a Tightrope
Two law students are out to exact a bitter revenge against Officer Terry Webster for the death of a girlfriend who was shot and killed at a demonstration by an unknown gunman.
28 Oct. 1974
A brother and a sister are out for revenge for their father's death. Killing two judges who sentenced him. The Rookies try to prevent a 3rd judge's death.
4 Nov. 1974
Johnny Lost His Gun
A drug bust goes down, but Terry chases one of dealers, who gets away. An old friend of Mike's from Vietnam shows up, but seems cagey. Chris and Terry come to believe, after a bit of investigation, it appears that Mike's friend is a drug pusher. Mike goes to have a talk with Johnny, but the drug pushers take both Mike and Johnny hostage. Not all is at it seems, however.
11 Nov. 1974
Prelude to Vengeance
When Terry delivers the baby of a young woman who seems to be an accomplice in a robbery where the store owner is shot, it's a prelude to revenge as the baby's father becomes jealous of Terry's friendship and sets out to claim what he thinks is his. But something goes wrong with his next heist, and the girl is in danger. Terry's car has a bomb underneath.
18 Nov. 1974
Mike Danko is teamed with Pete McCall who is returning to the force after being severely wounded ten years previously. Unknown to anyone Pete is planning vengeance on Tivoli and Ducas, the two responsible for his injuries.
25 Nov. 1974
The Old Neighborhood
Lt. Ryker goes out on patrol with Officer Danko and discovers that a protection racket is being run in his old neighborhood and that most people are too scared to come forward and talk about it.
2 Dec. 1974
A Test of Courage
It's a test of courage for Terry's friend Johnny Dane when he's shot on both legs during a gun battle with two thieves who rob sporting goods stores of guns. Johnny's challenge, what if he loses a leg?
9 Dec. 1974
The Assassin
Chris meets a girl named Jobina, a photographer. They spend the day together and they agree to meet later. When he goes to meet her, he sees someone kill her. He goes after the man and suffers an injury. When he wakes up in the hospital, he doesn't remember the day. But slowly his memory comes back and he remembers her. He then goes to her place and while there she turns up alive. It seems she had to leave town and she asked a friend to tell him, she gave her, her jacket so that Chris would go to her. Apparently the killer thought she was Jobina. That's when they ...
16 Dec. 1974
Blue Christmas
On Christmas Eve the Danko's invite Lt. Ryker over for dinner and ask him to dress up as Santa Claus to cheer up their niece who's parents are separated. Officer's Webster and Owens maintain the Christmas spirit while out on patrol.
30 Dec. 1974
Take Over
After a syndicate boss is arrested, his thugs takeover the precinct with the help of an ex-police officer. They aim to free their boss and his ailing brother, but they soon find out that Ryker and Webster aren't about to let that happen.

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