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8 Jan. 1973
Tarnished Idol
Gills arrests a washed up fighter (Lou Antonio) who's still connected enough to get bailed out in hours. The bitter drunk decides to fire bomb Gills for revenge.
15 Jan. 1973
Webster teams with veteran African-American cop RC Taylor who's biased against the urban community. Everyone heads out to help at a camp for troubled youth where Mark claims to have seen a crime but Taylor doesn't believe him.
29 Jan. 1973
Snow Job
Country, a small time hood with a cocaine addiction, learns that police HQ is storing a large amount of drugs. He becomes involved to steal the cache before it's destroyed. Webster is taken hostage trying to help Country beat his problem.
5 Feb. 1973
Point of Impact
Terry (Georg Stanford Brown) investigates an old friend's apparently purposeless attack on a cop.
12 Feb. 1973
Three Hours to Kill
A police Captain is taken to the hospital and needs surgery. A woman who blames him for locking up her boyfriend urges his brother to help her take over the operating room and demand her boyfriend's release and for money. Ryker handles it and Jill is in the operating room with trying to keep the Captain alive because they've bee told to stop operating.
19 Feb. 1973
The Wheel of Death
Widower father Frank Essex (Mike Farrell) targets a local criminal organization to pay for his son's hospital stay. On the run from both sides of the law, he doesn't know that he's the only donor who can save the boy's life.
26 Feb. 1973
Life Robbery
Ryker helps out old friend Haskell when a death in his jurisdiction occurs during a burglary. Webster and Gillis don't enjoy the transfer to the richer district but discover a connection between crimes and gas station owner Fred Cox.
5 Mar. 1973
A Farewell Tree from Marly
The only eyewitness to the death of Old Charlie, brought on by a taunting joyrider who harassed him, is young Marly Devon, who teaches at a daycare center. Jill remembers Marly from a previous assignment, and that she functioned at a seven-year-old cognitive level. Thanks to experimental therapy (including a special diet and megadoses of vitamins) and longtime counseling, Marly is now of almost normal functioning. But will she make a credible witness, especially when side-effects of her treatments begin to show?
19 Mar. 1973
Easy Money
Danko, Gillis, and Webster's assignment is to uncover an extortion ring. Their focus zeros in on JJ who looks to operate out of his pool hall with muscle Crater and Dude. It also involves Cal, brother of a nurse Susan they know.
10 Sep. 1973
While off duty, Officer's Webster and Gillis are taken hostage by two men headed to Mexico in search of an unorthodox medical treatment for one of the men. After they escape the men, the officer's must trek through the desert to survive.
17 Sep. 1973
Margin for Error
When Danko misses a criminal hiding in a locker at a burglary, a veteran officer pays the price. His partner plans to make Danko pay for the mistake by partnering with him. The other rookies go above and beyond to find the perpetrator.
24 Sep. 1973
Deadly Cage
Recovery sidelines Webster from regular duty and puts him in a police/prison guard exchange program. Believing that the post will teach him little, he instead opts to pose as a prisoner who was held back from transfer at the last minute.
1 Oct. 1973
Frozen Smoke
Willie draws "juvenile detail" and struggles to deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of the detail. He takes it hard when a teenager dies after being beaten by other teen boys, and when he is not sure if his efforts to try to resuscitate a 6 year old girl who was trapped in an old refrigerator were in time to save her or not. But at the end of the day Willie helps to bring a new life into the world and he is able to put things back into focus.
8 Oct. 1973
Get Ryker
Ryker's life is in danger when Joe Mannley is released from prison and wants payback on the policeman. He wounds Ryker which puts him in Jill's care but Joe is prepared to end her life also to get to Ryker.
15 Oct. 1973
Cry Wolf
Gillis and Webster feel personally responsible when Mrs. Darrin is injured after they delayed a call because her history of false alarms. They determinely track down the suspects. Other incidents involve a key swallower and a speeding womanizer.
22 Oct. 1973
A Matter of Justice
While Mike and Jill are out celebrating their wedding anniversary a gunman comes into the restaurant they are dining in and starts shooting. Jill is seriously injured and loses her baby. Mike apprehends the gunman, but they soon learn that he has a brain tumor and that they may not be able to prosecute him because of it. Officers Webster and Gillis investigate the possibility that the shooting was planned and wasn't because the shooter had a brain tumor.
29 Oct. 1973
Blood Brother
Terry Webster's cousin Jimmy returns from Vietnam and has trouble finding a job and to adjusting to life back home in general. Despite the support and help from Terry, Jimmy is finding the temptation to join a couple of war buddies in their robbery operation hard to resist.
5 Nov. 1973
Code 261
Lt. Ryker, Officer's Terry Webster, Willie Gillis, and Mike Danko as well as Jill Danko try to help a young nurse get through the emotional trauma that she must endure after she is raped.
12 Nov. 1973
Prayers Unanswered, Prayers Unheard
After the Priest of the Catholic church in his neighborhood is murdered, the Monsignor requests that Lt. Ryker heads up the investigation. After another murder and another attack on nun, Ryker and the rookies are stumped for a motive. Then they receive the autopsy reports on the victims that gives them the break they need.
19 Nov. 1973
Down Home Boy
Lt. Ryker assigns officer's Webster and Gillis to watch over a telethon that has a major country and western singer headlining. Grudgingly they accept their humdrum assignment, but they soon learn that someone is trying to kill the country and western star.
2 Dec. 1973
Lots of Trees and a Running Stream
While Mike Danko is away for police training Jill's ex-boyfriend shows up and claims that he is dying. Jill is unaware that his claims are fabricated in hopes of getting her back, and that he is involved in criminal activities.
10 Dec. 1973
Another Beginning for Ben Fuller
A retired police officer gets in the way of the Rookies investigation of an aggravated assault.
17 Dec. 1973
Sound of Silence
Officers Gillis and Webster desperately try to track down a girl who is diabetic in order to get her insulin before it is too late.

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