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Season 2

10 Sep. 1973
While off duty, Officer's Webster and Gillis are taken hostage by two men headed to Mexico in search of an unorthodox medical treatment for one of the men. After they escape the men, the officer's must trek through the desert to survive.
17 Sep. 1973
Margin for Error
When Danko misses a criminal hiding in a locker at a burglary, a veteran officer pays the price. His partner plans to make Danko pay for the mistake by partnering with him. The other rookies go above and beyond to find the perpetrator.
24 Sep. 1973
Deadly Cage
Recovery sidelines Webster from regular duty and puts him in a police/prison guard exchange program. Believing that the post will teach him little, he instead opts to pose as a prisoner who was held back from transfer at the last minute.
1 Oct. 1973
Frozen Smoke
Willie draws "juvenile detail" and struggles to deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of the detail. He takes it hard when a teenager dies after being beaten by other teen boys, and when he is not sure if his efforts to try to resuscitate a 6 year old girl who was trapped in an old refrigerator were in time to save her or not. But at the end of the day Willie helps to bring a new life into the world and he is able to put things back into focus.
8 Oct. 1973
Get Ryker
Ryker's life is in danger when Joe Mannley is released from prison and wants payback on the policeman. He wounds Ryker which puts him in Jill's care but Joe is prepared to end her life also to get to Ryker.
15 Oct. 1973
Cry Wolf
Gillis and Webster feel personally responsible when Mrs. Darrin is injured after they delayed a call because her history of false alarms. They determinely track down the suspects. Other incidents involve a key swallower and a speeding womanizer.
22 Oct. 1973
A Matter of Justice
While Mike and Jill are out celebrating their wedding anniversary a gunman comes into the restaurant they are dining in and starts shooting. Jill is seriously injured and loses her baby. Mike apprehends the gunman, but they soon learn that he has a brain tumor and that they may not be able to prosecute him because of it. Officers Webster and Gillis investigate the possibility that the shooting was planned and wasn't because the shooter had a brain tumor.
29 Oct. 1973
Blood Brother
Terry Webster's cousin Jimmy returns from Vietnam and has trouble finding a job and to adjusting to life back home in general. Despite the support and help from Terry, Jimmy is finding the temptation to join a couple of war buddies in their robbery operation hard to resist.
5 Nov. 1973
Code 261
Lt. Ryker, Officer's Terry Webster, Willie Gillis, and Mike Danko as well as Jill Danko try to help a young nurse get through the emotional trauma that she must endure after she is raped.
12 Nov. 1973
Prayers Unanswered, Prayers Unheard
After the Priest of the Catholic church in his neighborhood is murdered, the Monsignor requests that Lt. Ryker heads up the investigation. After another murder and another attack on nun, Ryker and the rookies are stumped for a motive. Then they receive the autopsy reports on the victims that gives them the break they need.
19 Nov. 1973
Down Home Boy
Lt. Ryker assigns officer's Webster and Gillis to watch over a telethon that has a major country and western singer headlining. Grudgingly they accept their humdrum assignment, but they soon learn that someone is trying to kill the country and western star.
2 Dec. 1973
Lots of Trees and a Running Stream
While Mike Danko is away for police training Jill's ex-boyfriend shows up and claims that he is dying. Jill is unaware that his claims are fabricated in hopes of getting her back, and that he is involved in criminal activities.
10 Dec. 1973
Another Beginning for Ben Fuller
A retired police officer gets in the way of the Rookies investigation of an aggravated assault.
17 Dec. 1973
Sound of Silence
Officers Gillis and Webster desperately try to track down a girl who is diabetic in order to get her insulin before it is too late.
7 Jan. 1974
Trial by Doubt
While on a night patrol Officer Gillis's partner is shot and killed. Then after notifying his estranged wife, she grabs his gun and shoots herself. The series of traumatic events leave him with plenty of doubt about his future as a cop.
14 Jan. 1974
The Authentic Death of Billy Stomper
Officer Terry Webster falls in love with a girl who witnessed a murder committed by a drug dealer. After she is tracked down and killed for what she knows, Terry uses himself as bait to catch the killer.
28 Jan. 1974
The Late Mr. Brent
Officer Danko shoots and kills a man who may have been innocent of any wrong doing. Jill Danko becomes concerned over her husbands concern for the widow of the man he shot and tensions arise within their marriage.
4 Feb. 1974
The Teacher
Officer's Webster, Gillis and Danko investigate a robbery ring that is run by an ex-con known as "The Teacher" who is using thrill seeking teenagers to commit the crimes.
11 Feb. 1974
Officer Danko's partner is the third officer shot and killed while responding to a seemingly routine call. A mentally ill young man comes forward even though he himself questions if he is a credible eyewitness.
18 Feb. 1974
Something Less Than a Man
A man who joined the force the same time that Lt. Ryker did but quit because he couldn't handle the violence is framed for murder. Ryker and the rookies try to help him after years of drinking have turned him into something less than a man.
25 Feb. 1974
Rolling Thunder
When the precinct adopts a Police Cadet Program, Webster and Gillis are partnered with a young man who's sister's boyfriend is a fugitive. When another cadet learns of their criminal activity he is taken hostage along with Officer Webster.
4 Mar. 1974
Time Lock
Officer Webster and three female bank employees are held hostage in a bank vault by a highly intelligent man who is using them as bargaining chips to get his partner in crime released from jail.
18 Mar. 1974
Death Watch
Officers Danko and Webster must find an escaped convict infected with spiral meningitis before he spreads the disease to the general population. But they must also find his ex-wife because he is bent on killing her.

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