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4 Jan. 1977
The Most Unforgettable Characters
Radar becomes an aspiring writer after ordering a flier from a comic book, and Hawkeye and B.J. give Frank a surprise birthday present that only he will appreciate.
11 Jan. 1977
38 Across
A fouled radio call for help on a crossword puzzle leads to a senior officer coming to the 4077th to help with a supposed serious medical problem.
18 Jan. 1977
Ping Pong
The 4077th hosts a traditional Korean wedding, much to Frank's objections. And Colonel Potter runs into an old friend who has put his troops in jeopardy so that he could receive a promotion.
25 Jan. 1977
End Run
A former star college football player suffers a severe leg injury in combat and must deal with the consequences, and Major Burns goes behind Colonel Potter's back to set up a boxing match between Klinger and Zale.
1 Feb. 1977
Hanky Panky
B.J. falls off the fidelity wagon while trying to provide consolation to a nurse whose marriage has just ended. But will he confess his infidelity to his wife?
8 Feb. 1977
The 4077th has an outbreak of hepatitis and Hawkeye needs to inoculate the reluctant staff while dealing with back pain.
15 Feb. 1977
The General's Practitioner
General Korshak wants Hawkeye to be his personal practitioner, despite his constant snottiness. And Radar helps take care of a soldier's half-Korean baby after he is shipped back home.
22 Feb. 1977
Movie Tonight
Colonel Potter hopes a Western will be the cure for the 4077th's morale problem. But during the show, the staff of the camp is forced to make its own entertainment during the frequent film breakages.
1 Mar. 1977
Hawkeye and BJ try to stop a chopper pilot from selling souvenirs derived from war materials derived from locals facing danger getting them, and Klinger becomes a pole-sitter in his latest attempt to get a Section Eight.
8 Mar. 1977
Post Op
The 4077th is deluged with patients and their individual medical histories. Then they run out of blood and everyone is donating at 48-hour intervals.
15 Mar. 1977
Margaret's Marriage
Pressured by Frank, Margaret decides to marry Colonel Donald Penobscott at the 4077th. When Donald arrives in camp, he is treated to a bachelor party and a practical joke while the nurses give Margaret a bridal shower.
20 Sep. 1977
Fade Out, Fade In
Frank Burns cracks up over Margaret's marriage while on R&R in Tokyo, and Major Charles Emerson Winchester III is sent to the 4077th as a replacement by a vindictive superior officer.
27 Sep. 1977
Fallen Idol
Radar has always looked up to Hawkeye and admired him as his hero. But after suffering a Jeep accident en route to R&R at Hawkeye's behest. Radar questions his own hero worship. Particularly when he and his hero have a falling out.
4 Oct. 1977
Last Laugh
A practical joking friend gets BJ into serious trouble when he is arrested for a run-in he supposedly had with a general in Seoul.
11 Oct. 1977
War of Nerves
Sidney Freedman feels depressed over Tom, a young soldier, who blames Sidney for his injuries because Sidney sent him back into combat. The 4077th members light a bonfire to release their stress.
18 Oct. 1977
The Winchester Tapes
Hawkeye tries to travel to Seoul in order to visit Nurse Gilmore for the weekend. Charles tapes an angry message to his influential parents back home in Boston, asking for their help in getting him reassigned stateside.
25 Oct. 1977
The Light That Failed
A delivery error keeps the 4077th from receiving a vital shipment of supplies, Winchester has a selfish reaction to an error that nearly kills a patient, and everyone is forced to guess at the murderer's identity in a mystery novel.
1 Nov. 1977
In Love and War
Despite Colonel Potter's warning, Hawkeye falls in love with a Korean villager. Meanwhile, Margaret learns that her husband Donald may have made a pass at a new nurse assigned to the 4077th.
8 Nov. 1977
Change Day
Winchester plots to cheat the natives when the Army changes the military scrip while Klinger tries to attempt to apply to West Point in order to drop out later.
15 Nov. 1977
Radar wants to get a tattoo, which Hawkeye and B.J. try to discourage. Major Houlihan wants to transfer one of her nurses out because she is too emotional for the job.
22 Nov. 1977
The M*A*S*H Olympics
When Col. Potter decides the 4077th personnel are out of shape, he orders them to exercise. To motivate them, he comes up with the idea for a series of competitions like the Olympics, with the prize being a 3-day pass.
29 Nov. 1977
The Grim Reaper
Colonel Bloodworth threatens to press court-martial charges against Hawkeye, who shoved him in the bar. But then he becomes a patient and witnesses Hawkeye's skills. Klinger bonds with a patient from his hometown.
6 Dec. 1977
Comrades in Arms: Part 1
Hawkeye and Margaret become romantically involved while they are trapped behind enemy lines.
13 Dec. 1977
Comrades in Arms: Part 2
B.J. disobeys orders and goes out to find Hawkeye and Margaret, who are still missing in action. Meanwhile, their romantic relationship quickly goes up in flames, and they become even more hostile toward each other.
20 Dec. 1977
The Merchant of Korea
B.J. and Hawkeye are fed up with doing favors for Winchester because they owe him money. So they challenge him to a poker game to win it back.

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