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6 Jan. 1976
Der Tag
Hawkeye and B.J. place a toe tag on a passed-out Frank as part of a drunken practical joke. But the joke backfires on them when he is accidentally shipped out to the front lines.
13 Jan. 1976
Hawkeye Pierce, going solo, has an accident with a Jeep, and is rescued by a South Korean family. To prevent himself from succumbing to a concussion, Hawkeye begins talking endlessly to the family, who can't understand a word he's saying.
20 Jan. 1976
Some 38th Parallels
Hawkeye has impotency problems, Frank auctions off the 4077th's garbage, and Radar becomes distraught after a patient he has taken special interest in dies.
27 Jan. 1976
The Novocaine Mutiny
Hawkeye is court martialed for mutiny under Frank Burns' command.
3 Feb. 1976
Smilin' Jack
A chopper pilot with diabetes dead set on bringing in the most wounded from the front to be the 'Chopper Pilot of the Year' continues flying against the docs' orders.
10 Feb. 1976
The More I See You
A nurse that Hawkeye used to live with and never got over arrives at the 4077th. And Hawkeye's heartbreak is only intensified when he learns that she is now married.
17 Feb. 1976
The Chinese Army joins the war, killing any hopes the 4077th has about a speedy resolution and homecoming.
24 Feb. 1976
The Interview
War Correspondent Clete Roberts interviews the members of the 4077.
21 Sep. 1976
Bug Out
When a rumor for a camp relocation turns out to be real, Hawkeye, Margaret and Radar volunteer to stay behind for a patient who cannot be moved.
28 Sep. 1976
Margaret's Engagement
Margaret's sudden engagement comes as a surprise to everyone, but Frank predictably takes it the hardest.
5 Oct. 1976
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Hawkeye is temporarily blinded while trying to fix the nurses' furnace, and Frank finds a sure-fire way to win bets on baseball games.
12 Oct. 1976
Lt. Radar O'Reilly
To settle a poker debt, an officer forges promotion papers for Radar to become a Lieutenant
19 Oct. 1976
The Nurses
The nurses go behind Margaret's back so that a fellow nurse confined to her tent can spend the night with her soldier husband who is paying her a surprise visit.
26 Oct. 1976
The Abduction of Margaret Houlihan
Margaret takes off in the middle of the night to help deliver a Korean baby. Nobody knows of her whereabouts, and Colonel Flagg is brought in to help investigate her disappearance.
9 Nov. 1976
Dear Sigmund
Psychiatrist Sidney Freedman composes a letter to Sigmund Freud during a visit to the 4077, while the rest of the camp endures the hijinks of a mystery prankster.
16 Nov. 1976
Mulcahy's War
Father Mulcahy, troubled by his lack of experience at the front, insists on accompanying Radar for an errand there.
23 Nov. 1976
The Korean Surgeon
Instead of turning him in as a prisoner of war, Hawkeye and B.J. pull some strings to get a wounded North Korean surgeon a spot on the staff.
30 Nov. 1976
Hawkeye Get Your Gun
Hawkeye and Potter provide assistance at a Korean clinic, and run into an enemy attack on the way home. Meanwhile, Klinger begins posing as a Gypsy to help get his discharge papers.
7 Dec. 1976
The Colonel's Horse
Everybody pitches in to save Colonel Potter's horse, who becomes sick while Potter is away in Tokyo. And Margaret asks Hawkeye, not Frank, to operate on her appendix.
14 Dec. 1976
To save the life of an elderly local who rejects an operation because he believes bad spirits surround the 4077th, Colonel Potter permits a Korean exorcism.
21 Dec. 1976
Hawk's Nightmare
Hawkeye starts sleepwalking and having horrific nightmares. He begins to think that he may be starting to lose his "war against the war."

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