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5 Jan. 1974
Henry in Love
Family man Henry falls in love with 20-year-old ex-cheerleader Nancy Sue Parker, who is half his age. Nancy visits Henry at the camp and comes on to Hawkeye while Henry is in surgery.
12 Jan. 1974
For Want of a Boot
After months of waiting, Hawkeye finds that it may take more than a requisition form to get a new pair of boots.
19 Jan. 1974
Operation Noselift
Private Danny Baker has a big problem, and it's attached to his face. After he is caught trying to AWOL, Hawkeye calls in his friend Major Stanley "Stosh" Robbins, a plastic surgeon to help the private. When Frank and Margaret catch wind of the unauthorized operation, it is up to Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar to prevent the majors from getting in the way.
26 Jan. 1974
The Chosen People
A Korean family claims that the 4077th is set up on their farm and wants the unit to move; a Korean girl names Radar as the father of her child.
2 Feb. 1974
As You Were
The team delivers a baby, handles casualties and operates on Frank Burns' hernia during a power outage while Radar tries to divert friendly mortar fire falling too close to the camp.
9 Feb. 1974
When enemy action cuts the supply lines to the 4077th in the middle of a freezing Korean winter, the unit struggles with a shortage of supplies and heating fuel.
16 Feb. 1974
A decorated GI confides to Hawkeye that he was beaten by his own unit for being gay but Frank Burns is outraged when he finds out from another source and tries to have the soldier dishonorably discharged.
23 Feb. 1974
Mail Call
Margaret talks marriage to Frank while Hawkeye tries to trick him into a phony stock investment , Klinger tries to convince Col. Blake that a 'death in the family' letter came for him (Klinger) in the mail bag, and a drunk Trapper tries to go AWOL to be with his family.
2 Mar. 1974
A Smattering of Intelligence
When the cryptic Col. Flagg starts snooping around the 4077, he draws in the interest of another intelligence agent named Pratt, a friend of Trapper's. When chaos reigns as Flagg and Pratt try to outsmart and one up each other, Hawkeye and Trapper decide it is time to teach them both a lesson.
10 Sep. 1974
The General Flipped at Dawn
A visiting general, appearing to be more eccentric than the usual army brass and a stickler for regulations, tries to move the camp closer to the front and court martial Hawkeye before they discover that he's completely loony.
17 Sep. 1974
Rainbow Bridge
Hawkeye and Trapper are planning to leave for Tokyo when an unusual offer comes in to swap P.O.W. patients between the Chinese and the 4077th. After much debate, Henry agrees to send Hawkeye, Trapper, Frank, Radar, and Klinger into enemy territory.
24 Sep. 1974
Officer of the Day
Assigned by Frank Burns as Officer of the Day in Henry's absence, Hawkeye must deal with the daily 4077th chaos and try to thwart sneaky Col. Flagg's plans for his Korean prisoner.
1 Oct. 1974
Iron Guts Kelly
General Robert "Iron Guts" Kelly arrives for an inspection and dies in Margaret's tent, prompting his aide Colonel Wortman to do damage control and make it look as if Kelly died in combat.
8 Oct. 1974
Drama, pathos and humor combine when heavy casualties result in a long session in the O.R.
15 Oct. 1974
Several wild events happen during a nice spring day in Korea. First, a marine who Hawkeye performs surgery on feels beholden to him. Next, Radar falls for a nurse who's main interest is poetry. Then Klinger receives a letter from his girl Laverne who agrees to marry him. Finally, a young soldier in a catatonic state and with no tags wanders into post-op with a strange fixation for a kitten.
22 Oct. 1974
Trapper John's ulcer flares up and could provide grounds for a medical discharge from the Army.
29 Oct. 1974
Life with Father
Henry suspects his wife is having an affair, Hawkeye searches for presidents' faces to try to win a pony and Father Mulcahy officiates at a Jewish Bris with the help of a rabbi on a faraway aircraft carrier.
12 Nov. 1974
Alcoholics Unanimous
When Henry goes to Tokyo for a conference Frank outlaws alcoholic beverages and dismantles the still but discovers that it's not so easy to dry out the 4077th.
19 Nov. 1974
There Is Nothing Like a Nurse
After a run-in with Major Houlihan, Henry is not altogether unhappy when the nurses are evacuated due to a possible enemy attack but soon finds out with rest of the camp just how much the nurses mean to the unit.
26 Nov. 1974
Adam's Ribs
After literally being fed up with mess hall food, Hawkeye goes on a desperate quest to order barbecue spare ribs from his favorite restaurant, Adam's Ribs, at Dearborn Station in Chicago.
3 Dec. 1974
A Full Rich Day
Hawkeye records a letter to his Dad, detailing the exploits of a mad Turkish soldier, the loss of a Luxembourg Lieutenant's corpse, and a lieutenant's strong-arm tactics to obtain medical care for a comrade.
10 Dec. 1974
Mad Dogs and Servicemen
Against Frank's objections, Hawkeye and Trapper treat a young, shell-shocked GI with hysterical paralysis while Henry searches for a possibly rabid dog that bit Radar.
31 Dec. 1974
Private Charles Lamb
When the 4077th is invited to share an Easter meal with a Greek unit, tender-hearted Radar comes up with a creative way to save the main course...a lamb!

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