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When a black couple move in next to him, Eddie decides he and his wife have to move. He changes his mind when he sees the woman though, but trouble is still afoot.
13 Apr. 1972
New Neighbours
The house next door to Eddie and Joan has been sold and the couple that moves in comes as a massive shock to Eddie.
20 Apr. 1972
Limbo Dancing
Joan tries some of Barbie's exotic food on Eddie. After joining the works social club, Bill challenges Eddie to see who's best at Limbo dancing.
27 Apr. 1972
The Petition
Bill gets angry at Eddie when he keeps ogling Barbie when she's sunbathing in the garden. Eddie thinks Bill is stirring things up so he decides to move. Bill though doesn't want any black people moving in.
4 May 1972
Factory Dispute
After an argument over a new machine at work gets out of hand, Bill and Eddie both withdraw their labour and go on strike. As a result, Barbie and Joan both also go on strike until the guys go back to work.
11 May 1972
The Seven Year Itch
Eddie has a union meeting at the pub with Jacko and Arthur. Barbie and Joan think that their husbands have a roving eye, so phone two girlfriends to try and tempt them into cheating.
18 May 1972
Refused a Drink
Eddie gets all excited about meeting Harold Wilson but the arguments start when Bill puts up a poster of Edward Health in his window. To prove a bet that blacks can get served anywhere, Eddie dresses up in an Afro wig and blacks himself up.
25 May 1972
Sex Appeal
Barbie suggests to Joan that she doesn't wear a bra like her, to try and keep Eddie interested. Eddie though, doesn't even notice. When he later thinks he sees Joan and Bill embracing, Eddie gets really drunk and tries to start a fight.
11 Sep. 1972
The Housewarming Party
Eddie refuses to go to Bill and Barbie's house warming party thinking he isn't wanted. When the music gets too loud for him, he calls the police to break it up.
18 Sep. 1972
Getting annoyed after Bill gets a football ticket and he doesn't, Bill and Eddie get into an argument about voodoo. When Eddie makes a voodoo doll of Bill, Bill scares Eddie when he pretends it's worked.
25 Sep. 1972
Clarky Leaves
After Eddie has a drunken night at the foreman's leaving party, he refuses to go for the job as it's against his principles. When his boss offers it to him with extra money and the key to the executive toilet, he soon changes his mind.
2 Oct. 1972
The Bedroom Suite
Joan convinces Eddie to buy a new bedroom suite in the sale. Unfortunately Bill wants the same suite, so they both decide to camp outside the shop overnight.
9 Oct. 1972
The T.U.C. Conference '72
Eddie thinks his trip to the T.U.C. Conference will get him away from everything, only he gets a shock when Bill says that he's going as well and Barbie has arranged that he shares his room.
16 Oct. 1972
Religious Fervour
After being disturbed by the local Revivalist Band and having a big argument with the boys about Religion, Eddie gets converted and joins the band. Joan hatches a plan though to revert him to normal.

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