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6 Nov. 1982
Little Girl Found
After their response to a comic book advertisement for a free bike leads to a lot of work and no wheels, the Cosby kids begin to realize they may have been scammed!
31 Mar. 1985
Harvest Moon
When the Cosby kids help out at their friend Roy's farm, they become involved in the discovery of a dangerous chemical spill!
21 Apr. 1985
Millionaire Madness
When Rudy finds a treasure map, just how far will the Cosby kids go to find the hidden loot?
28 Apr. 1985
Call of the Wild
Fat Albert and the Cosby kids take a trip to the country to visit Weird Harold's uncle.
Baby on the Way
Will the guys be able to convince the school's star football player, Mickey, that reading is more important than winning?
Bicycle Rules... Safety First
Fat Albert and the Cosby kids are excited about the upcoming father and son baseball game. Marcus, a friend of the kids, is upset that his dad won't be able to make the game. When Marcus's dad shows up at the game drunk, Fat Albert suggests Marcus and his sister Michelle go to a support meeting to help them deal with their situation.
Double Cross
Fat Albert's friend Melinda joins the 'Double Cross' Organization and begins to avoid Fat Albert and the Cosby kids. Fat Albert approaches their leader George and discovers that this group does not accept minority groups. However, when George gets into trouble and Fat Albert rescues him, the truth behind the organization is exposed.
Easy Pickins
Steve and Claudia seem to always have money from selling things they no longer need. The bargains seem too good to be true! Fat Albert and the Cosby kids soon find out that they have been shoplifting and selling the goods. Everyone learns that when you steal you hurt others as well as yourself.
Good Ol' Dudes
The Cosby kids want to enter Rudy's new bike in a big race...until Rudy's neighbor Bobby runs it over that is!
Habla Espanol
Roisita, a new classmate at the kid's school, speaks both Spanish and English. When Roisita sees a distressed lady speaking Spanish, Roisita translates for her and realizes that the lady's house is on fire! Fat Albert and Roisita help her and in the process the kids learn the importance of other languages.
Help Police Your Neighborhood
Following a burglary at Dumb Donald's house, the kids attend a Neighborhood Watch meeting.
Mom and Pop Split Up
In order to raise money for the school library, the Cosby kids chip in at the school's rummage sale.
Pain Pain Go Away
Usually when you are not feeling well you go to the doctors. However, the Cosby Kid's friend Darrell is having a hard time admitting he is unwell. Fat Albert is very concerned when they discover that Darrell has Hodgkin's Disease! The kids learn that it is best to seek help for any persisting illness.
Parking Dog
Doreen and Cosgrove are overjoyed when their parents buy them a dog. However, they both neglect their responsibility and leave their dog Freddy tied up in the kitchen. Freddy escapes through an open window and they all find him in the middle of a busy freeway. The kids realize the importance of responsibility.
The New Father
Buffy, a friend of Fat Albert and the Cosby kids has become very close to her mom since her father's death. However, Buffy's mom enters into a relationship with a man named Ken, and they decide to get married. On the day of the wedding, Buffy runs away. When Ken rescues her she realizes that her mother has enough love for them both.
The Rainbow
Kim, a friend of the Cosby kids, is a boy who comes from interracial parents. Elissa is having trouble understanding why Kim's parents both have different skin tones. When Elissa goes to the old factory to avoid Kim, she ends up in a dangerous elevator shaft and is saved by two unexpected people.
Two by Two
Fat Albert's cousin, Justin, introduces the Cosby kids to his friend, Harlow.
Water We Waiting
Fat Albert and the Cosby kids go on a swimming trip to Cedar Lake. Even after being explained the safety rules, Rudy decides to play a prank on Russell while he is in the lake. Fat Albert and lifeguard Jeanine rescue both boys from the water and Rudy learns humility and the importance of obeying 'safety' rules.

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