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4 Jan. 1975
John's high school classmate is assigned as Squad 51's new trainee, and Dixie escorts John to him. The firemen rescue a man trapped in his kitchen by a hydrogen sulfide explosion. An accident near Rampart brings three victims into the ER; with limited capacity the paramedics jump in to help and the trainee's inexperience shows. A child has an injured nose at an amusement park go-kart track; later at the same park a man having a heart attack is trapped on the Sky Ride, later a man thought to be intoxicated was actually bitten by a cobra; Roy is later sprayed in the ...
11 Jan. 1975
Smoke Eater
A veteran captain is in temporary command of Station 51 and has little regard for his younger subordinates' practices, especially the role of paramedics.
18 Jan. 1975
Johnny is assigned to conduct a tour of Rampart with several very inquisitive fifth-graders. A Vietnam War veteran thought to be suffering from PTSD is holding his wife at knifepoint; after the paramedics subdue him the ER doctors determine he has a brain tumor. A woman gets stuck in a dog door. A famous novelist attempts suicide because he feels the new generation doesn't know him; he's surprised when John's tour encounters the author. Dixie tells Johnny she used to watch a movie based on one of the books. A cargo plane crashes in a residential area, hitting a school...
25 Jan. 1975
After the paramedics rescue a magician trapped in his trunk, he gives Roy and John a magic orb. Dr. Brackett's father is treated at the hospital for phlebitis. Later the paramedics assist a man injured when his home fireplace explodes on him, the firemen help when an auto accident causes a power transformer to land in a man's bed, and rescue a woman trapped when her car collides with a fuel truck and sparks a fire.
1 Feb. 1975
It's How You Play the Game
John makes a bet with Squad 36 that the loser of their baseball game at the firemen's picnic pays for the entire picnic, which angers the firehouse until Chet becomes their pitcher after their regular pitcher breaks his arm. In rescuing a drunk man from a car accident, the man punches John in the nose; who then threw a witty remark to Dixie, whom herself reveals, she threw one at an unruly man. When two more people come into the ER with the same symptoms, the cause is traced to lead poisoning from moonshine; later the man making the illegal brew sets fire to the place...
8 Feb. 1975
The Mouse
The firemen rescue an elderly man from his burning house. Chet is determined to exterminate an uninvited guest in the station. A man is continually going into cardiac arrest and the doctors try to find a reason. An elderly woman is brought in with breathing problems, and Dixie comforts her worried husband. Roy and John help break up a barfight, then join several fire companies in putting out a blaze caused by a jet fighter crashing into an apartment house; John is injured in an explosion and one of the Pasadena firemen goes in to save him.
15 Feb. 1975
Two young men dump off a female OD victim at the ER, then run away; further examination showed she was injected with milk. John and Roy gets upset at all the non-emergency calls they get, then see a man faking a back injury for a free ride to the hospital. The paramedics help an ex-Los Angeles Rams player who kicked his TV screen when his old team blew a close game and received an electrical shock. The ER is being visited by administrators, during which time Dixie is swamped with so many issues, including a woman who complains about waiting two hours with a cigarette ...
1 Mar. 1975
The staff of the local Los Angeles Country Animal Control department office assist Fire Station 51 and Rampart Hospital on some animal related emergencies.
13 Sep. 1975
The Stewardess
John falls for a stewardess and shows his stuff when a passenger has a heart attack; later, he tries to date her. The firefighters respond to a motorcycle accident and a chemical fire.
20 Sep. 1975
The Old Engine Cram
During a drill using sulfur trioxide, a fireman is injured and Roy is exposed to the toxic fumes. Dixie shows an ad to John and Roy about someone wanting to buy an old fire engine just like theirs, later they help a man who injures his back doing stunts on his motorcycle. Dr. Morton treats a boy with a sore throat while his mother begs for an antibiotic--turns out the boy has something even more serious than either thought. The firemen help a man who has a heart attack at the station, and the Coast Guard (CG 1442) medivac's the paramedics to rescue a man who fell off ...
27 Sep. 1975
Roy and John become candidates to represent Station 51 on the welfare committee. The firemen save first a man who got his arm stuck in a drainpipe, then his brother swallows a pull tab and aspirates. A woman seems more concerned with making a plane flight than her son, admitted with Reye's Syndrome, where Dixie and Dr. Morton encourages Dr. Brackett to ask the parents in making that decision for their son. A sculptress calls the Squad to get her model out of a plaster cast, then the firemen save a construction worker trapped on a crane.
4 Oct. 1975
John overtimes at Station 8 where an unavailable squad costs a heart attack victim his life. A boy falls from a tree. Chet is injured by an explosion. Doctors treat a tree surgeon. Roy is injured in a fireworks warehouse fire.
11 Oct. 1975
The Inspection
Capt. Stanley makes the station aware of an impending inspection by the Battalion Chief and the County Supervisor. A heart transplant patient is having pains and his wife thinks her husband no longer loves her. A parachutist gets stuck on a electric tower during a stunt being filmed by a radio disc jockey, Dr. Brackett and Dixie treat a veterinarian bitten by a boxer, while the firemen, in the field, help a traffic accident victim that goes into shock due to internal bleeding caused by a broken hip and pelvis, before being helped by Dixie, Drs. Brackett and Early, in ...
18 Oct. 1975
The Indirect Method
Gage and DeSoto have a hardnosed female paramedic trainee riding along on dispatches for the day.
25 Oct. 1975
Pressure 165
The paramedics are medi-vac'd to Catalina Island via Coast Guard helicopter to assist in a diving accident, where the patient is treated in a hyperbaric chamber, and coordinates with Dr. Early at Rampart, when the diver suffers a heart attack. After Chet gives John a hard time about his cooking skills, the Squad investigates a kitchen fire at a famous chef's home. A youth suffers a serious gunshot wound that may leave him paralyzed, who gets very hostile with Drs. Brackett and Early, that may end his days as a dancer. The firemen assist with victims of a structure ...
1 Nov. 1975
One of Those Days
It really is "one of those days" when Roy & John walk into a family brawl when the mother-in-law feigns a sick stomach to stay at her son's home, then assist a drunk in a hotel with a broken elevator. A young boy suffers a seizure in the ER; as Dixie and Dr. Early suspects meningitis, Dr. Brackett asks the mother about the boy's medical history, but she's more interested in petition drives than her son. The firemen reach a two-car accident but the victims disappeared, Roy & John treat a man who fell in the bathtub, but they find something more serious, and rescue a ...
15 Nov. 1975
The Lighter-Than-Air Man
En route to a rescue, Roy and John supposedly sideswipe an elderly crossing guard. A couple en route to a wedding hits a fire hydrant. A camper on fire drives up to the station house. A truck carrying insecticide overturns.
15 Nov. 1975
Simple Adjustment
Swamped with paperwork, the paramedics are continually distracted by emergencies: a girl trapped in an overturned car, a beautician who has taken too many diet pills, an elderly man, and workers stuck on a blazing ship.
29 Nov. 1975
Tee Vee
When the station tries to watch a film on the firemen, John and Roy blow up the TV, Dixie states to John and Roy, she fixes their station's TV. The firemen rescue a man from a burning manhole, Dr. Brackett gets an aquarium he didn't order, later he has a toxic reaction to a catfish bite. Dr. Morton treats a man with a bleeding peptic ulcer. The paramedics later help a man who glued his eyes shut and rescue a man trapped in his home from a mudslide caused by a gas explosion.
6 Dec. 1975
On Camera
A camera crew follows Squad 51 while a teenager is bitten by a snake, a would-be stuntman dangles from an I-beam, a boy falls off a cliff and a man is trapped under a burning fuel truck.
13 Dec. 1975
A young worker gets his arm caught in a record machine; Dr. Brackett and Dixie go on-site to aid the boy. A communication snafu between Squad 51 and Rampart revealed issues with transmissions between two squads and a discrepancy in how a patient was treated. Dixie and Dr. Morton treats a young violinist, who injured his arm and has a fear of needles. Two underage boys get a car trapped on the roof of a house. In the field, a woman attempts suicide by OD'g on sleeping pills but refuses aid until she passes out, in the hospital, Roy and John were both informed by Dixie ...
20 Dec. 1975
To Buy or Not to Buy
Roy thinks about buying a house, but delays too long. Dixie has been very hasty about it, where one of her nursing staff purchased Roy's house. Responding to a structure fire, the firemen find two children trapped on the second floor, one of whom is in a diabetic coma; Roy is injured during the rescue. Two female student drivers are involved in a minor collision, one is more concerned with Roy cutting her cashmere sweater than her health. Another traffic accident results in two injuries and a missing dog. A teenage epileptic is stranded on a concrete beam under a ...

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