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5 Jan. 1974
John and Roy are disappointed when they are the only squad not called to a major brushfire. Dixie gets her hand caught in a vending machine. A lawyer collapses in the courtroom with an apparent heart attack. Roy and John finally make it to the brushfire and become trapped while rescuing another firefighter.
12 Jan. 1974
Messin' Around
Chet (aka "The Phantom Bomber") nails Johnny with a number of practical jokes, for which Johnny later gets his revenge. A child is stuck in a tree house (with the tree burning underneath) and is rescued by Johnny; the girl's widowed mother takes an interest in him, all the while, Dixie takes care of her, who also has slight burns. An elderly man and frequent visitor to Rampart, "Old Bill," visits the girl. Dixie, Drs. Brackett and Early think "Old Bill" is a hypochondriac until Roy and John find him unconscious in his home with septic shock. Johnny and Roy help a ...
19 Jan. 1974
Dissatisfied with a young intern's arrogant attitude towards paramedics and accident victims, Dr. Brackett orders him to ride with Squad 51 for a day.
26 Jan. 1974
How Green Was My Thumb?
Roy and John save a man who had his partial dental plate stuck in his trachea and stopped his breathing, this leads Dixie, Drs. Early and Morton, to discover the problem. Roy takes care of a young woman's plants while she is hospitalized while John tries to woo a young nurse. A young girl who had a fall injury (Kim Richards) suffers a dog bite, and when her religious parents prevent Dr. Brackett from treating it, Dixie calls in the hospital chaplain. The station rescue two men (one trapped in a vat of wine) in a winery fire, The station responds to a fire in a winery,...
2 Feb. 1974
The Hard Hours
Dr. Early becomes a patient as He is diagnosed with a heart condition and undergoes a bypass, after fixing Station 51's truck. Dixie becomes more concerned about Early's operation, after Roy and John exchange words with her. A professional football player is hit hard by his son and suffers a broken ankle, much to his embarrassment. The firemen rescue a boy trapped in his homemade rocket, a woman whose toe is stuck in a bathtub faucet, and worker electrocuted when the basket he's working in slips onto live wires. Dr. Early's operation was a success, and the boys gave ...
9 Feb. 1974
Floor Brigade
John and Roy think about going into the floor cleaning business on the side. A hermit is trapped in his cave home. Dr. Morton treats a famous singer. John is injured on a high rescue, and the station battles a chemical warehouse fire.
16 Feb. 1974
Roy's house is being fumigated and John offers to host his partner, a decision both soon regret. John also calls Dixie at the hospital, for a calibrator, which looks good. The paramedics rescue a woman trapped inside a burning car; later the ambulance transporting the woman and Roy is involved in a traffic accident caused by a drunk driver, and John doubles back to assist. Dixie, Drs. Early and Morton treat Roy and John with their separate bodily abrasions. A poker player suffering a heart attack refuses to be transported until John plays out his hand, and the firemen...
23 Mar. 1974
The firemen enter a contest to invent new firefighting tools. The paramedics handle victims of possible radiation poisoning. A comatose man is suffering from a mysterious ailment. John gives Dr. Early the booze to give to Dixie. A woman's overweight son is wedged in her living room ceiling. The firemen respond to a leak at a chemical plant.
14 Sep. 1974
The Screenwriter
A screenwriter spends a day observing Squad 51 at work, including a motorcycle accident, a worker suffering from exposure to chemicals, the delivery of a baby, and a structure fire at a toy factory.
21 Sep. 1974
I'll Fix It
A man is trapped under their house when it begins collapsing into itself due to the house being built on a natural oil well. Dixie asks Johnny to fix the bike for the fire victim. Chet and Johnny try (and fail) to repair a bike for a fire victim, prior to Dixie's visitation at Station 51. A bookworm teenager who wants to be a doctor is admitted with abdominal pain and speaks to Drs. Brackett and Morton using medical terminology. The firemen rescue a child stuck in a pipe, remove a ring from a young man's finger that belongs to a woman with a jealous husband, later Roy...
28 Sep. 1974
Roy and John have to break into an armored car involved in an accident to rescue a trapped passenger. The victim driving the car that hit it has a skull fracture that needs consent from his wife, whom Dixie discusses to, but it turns out he has two wives. One of the Rampart nurses starts spreading rumors about Dr. Morton's financial situation, and Dixie confronts a young, experienced nurse, about spreading gossip. A child is brought in with cyanide poisoning from eating peach pits. Roy tries to get John to enter the Fireman's Olympics track events. The firemen rescue ...
5 Oct. 1974
Nagging Suspicion
John is trying to get Roy to give up his "system" for picking winning horses out of the newspaper. The firemen rescue a woman who fell into the lion's cage at the zoo and was bitten, help an exotic dancer who became ill from mono at a strip club, whom Dr. Brackett and Dixie takes care of, then, the paramedics assist an adult who fell off a skateboard into a cactus patch on his rump (then John does the exact same thing), and save a wounded policeman from a sniper.
12 Oct. 1974
Communication Gaffe
Roy and Joanne appear on a TV quiz show. The firemen then respond to a liquor store shooting involving a policeman; another officer objects to the paramedics (before Dixie) treating the suspect. Dr. Brackett treats an abused child brought into Rampart, later the paramedics assist a man who inhaled too much nitrous oxide, treat a boy in anaphylactic shock from a bee sting, and aid the victims of a collision between a station wagon and a pickup truck carrying kerosene, causing a brush fire.
19 Oct. 1974
The firemen assist a woman thrown from her motorcycle onto a cactus patch. John & Roy (along with the Rampart doctors) plan a surprise birthday party for Dixie; when she breaks her ankle while shopping the party plans and the ER begin to fall apart. Dixie then tells an incompetent nurse, she has to work the entire shift, for the rest of week; when she's been ordered to get some foot therapy. Rescues include two men trapped on the side of a building with a 1/2 ton sign hanging near them, a man trapped in his new sauna after passing out, and the doctors find he's ...
2 Nov. 1974
Daisy's Pick Blind Date
Johnny competes for a date with a new nurse. The paramedics rescue an engineer frozen to refrigeration equipment, a man whose hands are glued to his model ship, a comatose child, and an injured man trapped in a theater fire.
9 Nov. 1974
Quicker Than the Eye
A pregnant woman is accidentally shot through the abdomen and her husband is incoherent and unable to advise how far along she is, when Dr. Brackett seriously asks him. The firemen decide to get even with Chet for his recent antics. The paramedics assist a construction worker caught under a boat at a filming location, but refuses any IVs or needles, and a man in a motorbike accident can only move his left thumb, and he uses that to help the paramedics find his son, who's in a trailer a half-mile away in a diabetic coma, before Dixie, Dr. Early, Johnny and Roy, all ...
16 Nov. 1974
Foreign Trade
John wants to trade his vehicle for Roy's convertible. The paramedics help a fraternity pledge choking on raw liver as a hazing stunt. Dixie declares war on the new hospital administrator for reducing staff due to budget cuts, then is offered a promotion to Nursing Supervisor, who later turns down the job. Dr. Early's young patient cures his hiccups with soda pop. The firemen assist a basketball player when he is stuck in his luxury car, and a hot rod Chevrolet El Camino crashes through a drawbridge gate and teeters on the edge of the structure.
23 Nov. 1974
Camera Bug
John takes up photography and constantly pesters Roy for candid shots. The firemen assist a teenager suffering from smoke inhalation during a fire at a school he doesn't attend; he then becomes violent and attacks Dr. Brackett until Dr. Morton and the boy's mother calm him down, a woman bitten by a scorpion, a fellow fireman who mistakes a heart attack for stomach problems brought on by his chili, and a truck driver hauling dynamite is pinned in his vehicle when it catches fire. Dixie and Dr. Brackett assist in the delivery of a baby at a restaurant during their lunch...
30 Nov. 1974
The Firehouse Four
The station (sans Roy) enters the fireman's barber shop quartet contest. A man keeps having to be rescued while trying various ways to exercise. A woman overdoses on sleeping pills.
7 Dec. 1974
John talks about settling down after another date goes wrong. Station 51 is responding to a traffic accident; en route another accident occurs and Squad 51 has to handle it before responding to the other accident; one dead, two injured, and the injured man asks about his wife, who was badly burned. The woman hit in the first accident takes a shine to John. A man is suffering from watching too many medical TV shows instead of stomach cancer. A belly dancer overdoses on diet pills, then flirts with Dr. Early until Dixie catches her and offers a career change. The ...
21 Dec. 1974
With their vintage fire engine fully restored between dispatches for a parade, John and Roy eventually find themselves using more it than they anticipated.
28 Dec. 1974
The Bash
A man is trapped on a film set with a bear. When Roy and John rescue him, they are invited to a 'thing' that the man is giving later that week. John talks Roy into getting overdressed for the event. Dr. Brackett treats a man suffering from trichinosis. A bomb blast injures two men. The paramedics resuscitate a musician at the party.

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