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6 Jan. 1973
The paramedics find that their dispatches are getting more dangerous than necessary with them having numerous near-collisions with careless civilian drivers during runs.
13 Jan. 1973
School Days
John and Roy are breaking in a new trainee who lacks self-confidence in tight situations, including assisting an elderly man who was injured by a falling bookcase, an ambulance broadsided by a car, a boy injured in a chemistry lab accident at his home, a sleeping man with a "snake" on his chest, and a man injured and trapped in a junkyard. A man says to Dixie that the boy's mother was separating, she asks them to find his mother. Dixie talks to the mother, whose own son is suffering from brain hemorrhage. Doctors treat a baseball player beaned in a game while not ...
3 Feb. 1973
The Professor
A professor working with the Secret Service is experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia and Dr. Brackett resents the interference of the government agents in the professor's care, where the professor's wife talks to Dixie, whose husband was brought over to the hospital, for a physical examination. Roy has an admirer calling him everywhere, despite Johnny saying to both Dixie and Dr. Early, his partner has no "charisma", and needles him relentlessly about it. Between the phone calls, the firemen assist a plane crash victim, deliver a premature baby, and help prevent a ...
10 Feb. 1973
Roy complains of a "tickle" in his throat, which John suspects is tonsillitis. A famous actor, and former flame of Dixie's, is admitted to Rampart with chest pain (later suspected to be related to excessive MSG consumption), while his producer clamors for him to be released to finish filming his TV show. While Dr. Early deals with a hypochondriac. Boot the Dog has surgery to remove a tick. The firemen assist two kids stuck on top of a gas tank, several girls injured in a rough lacrosse game, and a fire at Olive View Hospital (damaged in the 1971 San Fernando ...
17 Feb. 1973
A white lie causes a gas explosion, leading Johnny to desire only the honest truth. At Rampart, Doctors Early and Morton are trying to save a boy, who's choking to death. In a hysterical scene, Dixie and Johnny calm the boy's mother. In the field, Johnny and Roy rescue a teenage boy injured in a dive off a roof, and a baby and his blind grandfather trapped in a burning house. At the hospital, Dixie and Dr. Early treat a man who believes he is going to have a heart attack.
24 Feb. 1973
A woman attends a seance for her recently deceased sister and suffers a seizure, after which she constantly calls the Squad because she's convinced the bad things happening after that were a result of her sister. Dr. Brackett and Dixie treat a young man who took unprescribed tranquilizers, while the firemen rescue a man pinned under a load of cartons and a driver trapped underwater in his car.
3 Mar. 1973
Boot the Dog isn't eating and the firemen are concerned, even consulting with Rampart's staff, about their mascot, the cause turned out to be Chet yelling at Boot, who receives the temperature from Drs. Brackett and Morton, from Dixie. The Squad treats a woman who got her hair caught in a mixer, her hand stuck in a bowl, and catches her stove on fire while making dinner, a woman trapped in her car under a gas truck, and an explosion at a Rampart Hospital lab endangers the workers and important records stored there. The doctors treat an unconscious man suffering from ...
10 Mar. 1973
Roy and John are accused of stealing money from a victim. A premature delivery and a blinded man result from a car crash. A perilous rescue involves a plane that might explode.
7 Apr. 1973
John is worried about a pending IRS audit. The paramedics attempt to help a man hit on the head but refuses their assistance and demands to see a doctor, who turns out to be a professional medical con man. When the patient disappears, Dr. Brackett admittingly tells Dixie, he didn't move him. In a rescue that would have a very different outcome 40 years later, John & Roy get a baby out of a hot and locked car, then encounter an angry mother upset at their interference. A pregnant hippie woman is having trouble breathing and is brought into Rampart, where Dr. Brackett ...
22 Sep. 1973
John's policeman friend is injured and later dies from a car accident; the delay in treatment due to another Squad tying up the bio phone frequency with a heart case leads Roy to speculate if the delay may make a difference later. The doctors treat a child who turns out to be drunk. Thanks to Dr. Brackett and Dixie, Johnny and Roy assist in treating opposing members of a bike gang after a bloody rumble, and it spills over into the ER. When Johnny's policeman friend is injured in a car crash, the paramedics can't reach the hospital because another squad is using the ...
29 Sep. 1973
The Old Engine
While Station 51 and Rampart Hospital break in their new equipment, Roy and John purchase a vintage fire engine from a junkyard.
6 Oct. 1973
Alley Cat
John discovers he's going to be a father... to kittens... when a pregnant stray cat appears on his bed, and Boot the Dog is not happy about the cat being there. The paramedics rescue a family involved in a plane crash; the father dies, the mother and young daughter are injured, and a grizzled junk dealer who got his foot stuck in a bear trap. A stage actress is suffering from tachycardia after getting a bad review of her performance, where Dr. Brackett takes care of her, while Dixie talks to the husband. The firemen assist a child sickened by a gas leak at a school ...
13 Oct. 1973
An English Visitor
A paramedic from England rides with Roy & John to observe the paramedic program at work, and is present during a fire caused by a molotov cocktail thrown at a policeman, helping a wild-west performer with an injured finger, a traffic accident involving a car loaded with marijuana, and a man trapped in a construction site; during the rescue John nearly falls off a scaffold and the visitor saves his life. A rock singer, who is brought into the ER in a diabetic coma complicated by pneumonia, and her manager is more concerned with the money lost than her well being, ...
20 Oct. 1973
Johnny injures his shoulder during a rescue of a pregnant woman in labor. When the baby's born with a cleft palate, she's determined to give him up for adoption, until Dixie and Dr. Brackett speak with her. Dr. Morton reads Johnny the riot act about his physical condition, which starts the paramedic on a fitness regimen. Dr. Early treats the son of a drug-addicted mother who suffered an electric shock putting a screwdriver into a TV. The paramedics treat a stabbing victim and the man he shot; then the police have to talk the son out of shooting the man who shot his ...
27 Oct. 1973
Returning from a fishing trip, Roy, John, and Chet help the victims of a car accident. On duty, after rescuing some joyriders whose car went over a cliff, John is bitten by a rattlesnake.
3 Nov. 1973
As Roy contemplates leaving the paramedics to accept a promotion to Engineer, Squad 51 is occupied with the usual work such a major fog caused multi-car pile-up.
10 Nov. 1973
John is suffering from insomnia due to the lack of night runs, but during their day runs the firemen respond to an accident aboard a boat where a butane tank exploded en route to the marina. Dixie, Drs. Brackett & Early treat a boy who suffered a skull fracture when his father swerved to avoid a dog in the road, then a home-grown marijuana smoker who is dying from an unknown ailment until his friend reveals his plants was grown with parathion). Later the firemen rescue a worker pinned under a semi truck at the loading dock and a man and boy who fell into a gravel pit.
17 Nov. 1973
Inheritance Tax
A child is trapped in a car under downed power lines. A stockbroker with heart problems is reluctant to be treated. An elderly woman that Roy and John treated the previous year dies and remembers them in her will. Dr. Early administers first aid to two young boys. A teenager loses a hamburger eating contest. The paramedics treat a burn victim at an explosive structure fire.
24 Nov. 1973
Johnny and Roy are guests on a local talk show about their job and Dixie saw Johnny on the television interview, who admits to her he suffers an attack of stage fright and Roy has to "fill in the blanks." The paramedics check on a woman who screams for therapeutic reasons at a construction site, then rescues a boy who attempts suicide by jumping off a ledge. After being brought in, Drs. Brackett and Early suspect his mother has been abusing him, while Dixie offers the boy milk, and protecting him, at the same time. Back in the field, the paramedics assist a teenager ...
1 Dec. 1973
The Promise
The paramedics find a mechanic in a catatonic state injured in a vehicle fire at a garage, and the Rampart doctors are unable to determine the cause of his condition. While Dixie reaches a college graduate from San Francisco, Roy & John lecture a frequent caller on the dangers of constantly calling them because she's lonely, then respond to a woman who mixed ammonia with bleach and inhaled poisonous chloramine vapor. Paula Slayton returns to give John a Yorkie pup, keeping a promise made to him for caring for her dog while she was hospitalized; Boot and the pup engage...
8 Dec. 1973
Body Language
John's current girlfriend misinterprets a discussion for a wedding proposal. The firemen assist a pilot of a crop-duster spraying parathion that crashed and punctured his lung, and poisons a bystander with the pesticide. An injured boy using a walker wants to use crutches instead, Dixie provides him with crutches. A man gets treated for an ear infection caused by mothballs, and Drs. Brackett, Early, and Morton unanimously agree the man doesn't need a hospital stay. The paramedics treat a couple who OD'd on daffodil bulbs mixed with alcohol, a weekend cowboy who fell ...
15 Dec. 1973
John gives Chet his guitar. At an explosive structure fire, a girl's horse is trapped in a burning barn. Dr. Brackett and Nurse McCall lecture a man who keeps forgetting his insulin shots. A girl calls the hospital, threatening suicide; firemen stand by while hospital workers attempt to trace the call. A hostage in a bank robbery has heart problems; the paramedics must treat him at gunpoint.
22 Dec. 1973
Computer Error
John gets a credit card bill for $842 (should have been $8.42) after taking a girl on a date, and the station (and Dixie) hear all about it. The firemen rescue a young couple from a traffic accident; the boy has a spinal cord injury and the girl may be pregnant and Dr. Early is reluctant to take x-rays until her condition is determined. Later the paramedics help a woman that fell into an old well, a magician trapped in a safe, and a man trapped in an junkyard fire that turns explosive when stored ammunition starts going off.

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