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15 Jan. 1972
The Wedsworth-Townsend Act
The new LACFD paramedics struggle to prove themselves to a doubtful Dr. Brackett as a pending state bill authorizing their field duties comes to a vote.
22 Jan. 1972
A lady who was injured in her car accident is worried about her dog, yet John makes an agreement with Dixie, to take care of the dog, which complicates his life. At the hospital, Doctors treat a girl who has breathing problems and a man who shows up drunk. Dixie tells both the orderly and security to find a young lady, who's a close friend. Once found, she also talks to the close friend, whose man is a diabetic. At a party, when a man is experiencing chest pains, his guests thinks he's kidding. The paramedics rescue an injured hunter.
29 Jan. 1972
After being the center of practical jokes, John conspires his revenge. Dixie is worried about a student nurse, whose performances are below Dr. Brackett's standards and cause him to voice his displeasure. A man breaks his back falling off a tower. A woman fakes an illness. Dr. Early's stethoscope becomes lodged in his ear. A man brought into the hospital from a movie set is the first indication of an outbreak of botulism. A boy is trapped in a condemned building.
12 Feb. 1972
Cook's Tour
John delivers a cyanotic baby to Rampart, and Dixie congratulates him on his behalf. The firemen give Roy a bad time about his cooking. A boy gets his hand stuck in a vase; John rescues a kid in handcuffs. A man repairing a washer gets an electric shock. The paramedics rescue a man trapped on a crane. While trying to find an ice pack to give to Dr. Early, for the boy's hand, Dixie cautions a klutzy student nurse, Sharon Walters, not to run around in the hospital.
19 Feb. 1972
Station 51 is assigned to fight up a wildfire. John and Roy protect an elderly woman with her sister, treat an injured firefighter, deliver a baby, catch a looter, and find a boy's lost dog. Dixie treats a boy with a broken arm.
26 Feb. 1972
Dealer's Wild
Always losing the game of cards, while creating his own card game, John is stuck doing the dishes at Station 51. Off-duty, Dr. Brackett spends some time at Dixie's to unwind. Roy talks down a boy in a plane after the pilot (his father) has a heart attack. The paramedics respond to an attempted suicide, an overturned truck and a teenage overdose victim. Drs. Brackett, Early and Morton takes care of a husband who's suffering from a severe hemorrhage.
4 Mar. 1972
Nurse's Wild
The manager of a store shoots an arm robber and has strong regrets. Dr. Brackett and Dixie deals with a tough man suffering from chest pains. Between Johnny and the nurse, sparks fly. Dr. Early treats an alcoholic. A dog delays the rescue of an unconscious woman. Dixie and Dr. Morton assumes an unconscious hippie is on drugs. The firemen rescue a man trapped at a chemical plant.
11 Mar. 1972
Publicity Hound
The promotion is given to another paramedic, instead of John, which makes him very jealous. John gets seasick, after he and Roy rescued a man in ship's rigging. A powerful tycoon threatens to take Dr. Brackett to court, because of the tycoon's son's diagnosis, therefore, with the help of Dr. Brackett and Dixie, Dr. Early successfully calm him down. Dixie takes care of an already taken lady whom John was going to see. The paramedics rescue a horse from a ditch and a child stuck in a well.
18 Mar. 1972
Weird Wednesday
John comments on how weird things were going to happen on his shift, and he is proven right as they have to rescue a parachutist stuck in a tree, an obese man collapses while jogging, an 80 year old woman sprains her ankle while dancing at her birthday party--so the guests go to the hospital to resume the parts--a man who cannot stop hiccuping, a boy who tries to freeze himself to preserve his body, a female golfer bitten by a rattlesnake, a prostitute bringing her john in after he suffers a heart attack, an old foreign sailor who wouldn't explain something was wrong,...
25 Mar. 1972
An elevator gets stuck between floors, and then the brake drum fails; inside, a woman has a heart attack. Despite Sharon Walters's admiration for Dr. Brackett, he sets her off, whenever he's around to see her please him, therefore, Dixie diagnoses her nursing student with Bracketitis. Later, a fireman buff develops a crush on John, who tries to get rid of her. A man is injured in his junkyard. An industrial accident takes place at a railroad yard. With the help of Dixie, and before Nurse Walters smiles in front of both Dixie and Dr. Brackett, they all take care of a ...
8 Apr. 1972
Johnny makes his best effort to find out the end of an Adam-12 episode, he missed while responding to a man trapped in an air-conditioning duct. Dixie also listens in on Johnny's situation, about his favorite television show, prior to taking that call with Roy. Two assaulted men continue their fight at Rampart. A man damages his cast by surfing. Dr. Brackett treats a woman with a neurological disorder. Dixie's tired of all the nonsense happening in the hospital or taking anybody's emergencies, someplace else. Radioactivity impedes the rescue of a lab worker.
15 Apr. 1972
At the hospital, John and Roy bring in a football player who was a hard tackler. The burglar suffers from a heart attack. John encourages Roy to apologize for calling him 'some kind of nut.' Dixie and Dr. Early treats a hypochondriac. A babysitter brings in a child who has swallowed some pills, Dixie talks to her about this. Roy and John rescue the occupants of a light plane that crashed in a tree.
16 Sep. 1972
Roy and John rescue a man whose engine has fallen on him during his car repair work.
23 Sep. 1972
A stray dog wanders into the station, and the firemen name him Boot, who promptly takes a dislike to John. Later Roy and John rescue a boy trapped in a hole. Examination of the boy leads the doctors to determine the boy has a history of child abuse. A young girl who knows the boy approaches Dixie and reveals that she knows the truth about her friend, and wants to give him a model airplane of hers. Brackett's efforts to save the boy from his abusive life fail in the legal system, which leads to tragic results. In other rescues, a boy's head is stuck in a basement ...
30 Sep. 1972
Show Biz
John is excited about a photo shoot involving female models. A country doctor helps aid a man trapped under a tractor when Rampart is out of radio range, then he, himself becomes a patient when he suffers a heart attack. Rescues include; a man drowning in a swimming pool, two stuntmen trapped in a waterfall at a movie studio. A woman is distraught about running over and killing a young girl, when her father shows up bullying Dixie's nurses demanding to see the woman, Dr. Early informs him the woman died of a brain hemorrhage.
7 Oct. 1972
A sick lady with a monkey provides the key to a mysterious, highly contagious, and deadly virus that strikes both Dr. Brackett and John Gage. Meanwhile, the firemen rescue a boy from a treehouse and a man from a scaffold.
14 Oct. 1972
Peace Pipe
A drunk driver rams into a car, trapping a little girl inside, and the doctors are concerned the girl may have brain damage, which leads Dixie before Dr. Brackett, into explaining her parents about that disability, as well as paralysis, if surgery is successful. Kelly pesters John about his Native American heritage. The fireman have to rescue a man on a scaffold while being pinned down by a sniper. Other rescues include a boy getting his hand stuck in a gumball machine, a woman whose extremely tight girdle is causing breathing problems, and a fire caused by a workman ...
21 Oct. 1972
Dixie injures her toe. John decides he can make a lot of money by riding in rodeos. The squad goes to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant when a soda bottle explodes in a girl's face; later, they return for a gas explosion. After falling from a tree, a young boy lapses into a coma. The firemen rescue several children and a nun from a bus crash.
4 Nov. 1972
Fuzz Lady
Johnny and Roy treat a mugger with a broken leg, given at the hands of a female sheriff whom Gage falls for. Dixie reports several items, including Gage's jacket, have been disappearing from Rampart. Dixie, Johnny and Roy, were all responsible for Dr. Morton's cocky attitude, as Dr. Brackett has a conversation with Dr. Morton, regarding this. The firemen rescue an elderly man from his burning house, assist a grandfather who was injured by a model rocket, and rescue a boat thief trapped on a crane. Boot the dog returns to Station 51, with the same negative attitude ...
11 Nov. 1972
John and Roy have a trainee ride along for field experience, but he's an ex-army medic with vociferously little patience for civilian paramedic protocols.
25 Nov. 1972
The paramedics have a female reporter accompanying them for the day who rubs some of the personnel of Station 51 the wrong way.
2 Dec. 1972
Dinner Date
Roy tries to set John up with his wife's cousin. An epileptic woman nearly hits a child when he rides out between two parked cars; the ensuing emotional trauma throws her into a mild seizure. A man shoots his son-in-law when he discovers his daughter was married and pregnant without his knowledge. Drug and alcohol addiction rears its' head in four cases: A woman suffering from gangrene in her hand, an alcoholic who collapsed at his home in a hepatic coma, a girl poisoned by taking pills laced with sodium hydroxide, and a man suffering from tetanus. Other rescues ...
9 Dec. 1972
Musical Mania
John takes up bagpipes after Chet jokes with him about playing the squad's horn. John and Roy treat a gardener suffering from tetanus, a driver of an ice cream truck trapped after a wreck, a girl who overdosed on barbiturates who later dies, a pilot of a glider who crashed, and free a man trapped under his house. Dixie and Dr. Early talk to a couple whose son is suffering from lead poisoning, later found to be also suffering from deprivation dwarfism, and the father refuses to treat his son with experimental growth hormones.
16 Dec. 1972
Roy and his wife have a fight, and John offers his assistance, which makes the situation worse. During the rescue of a man whose car is hanging over a bridge a new doctor, Dr. Varner's, erratic instructions and behavior concerns Dixie. Dr. Varner later catches a atrial myxoma that Drs. Early and Brackett miss, but then is found asleep in her car and Dixie finds the reason for her behavior, who begs Dr. Varner to talk to Dr. Brackett about this, when he chose not to. The firemen assist a man who fell off a roof trying to get his dog down (then they rescue the dog), and...

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