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6 Apr. 1975
Life Goes On
Six months on from the crucial vote at the Hammond board meeting, Brian is under a great deal of stress from two court cases and his duties at the firm. Merroney wants to branch out, and Sir Neville has a feeling that he sees a future opportunity. The brothers learn that Martin Farrell has been transferred, leaving the question of a new chairman looming. Bill senses that Merroney would jump at a chance for the chair. Merroney wonders if Brian's new role is permanent. Ann hangs up on Brian, who turns to drink. The board debates the possibility of Merroney. Jennifer ...
13 Apr. 1975
The Self Made Cross
David recounts a tragedy for Brian. Brian suggests that David has placed himself on a self made cross. David forces himself to run a very unpleasant errand, but he can't go through with it. Brian visits the doctor to procure stronger sleeping pills. Mary and David commiserate. Brian remembers Ann. Jennifer takes note of Brian's drinking. David and Brian's problems make Ted thankful for what he has now with Jennifer. Brian rushes through a board nomination for chairman despite Ted's objections. David meets Merroney's assistant Clare. Brian learns that his symptoms ...
20 Apr. 1975
Tiger by the Tail
Merroney begins to arrange Ted and Jennifer's schedules. Brian consults with a psychiatrist but is resistant to treatment. Clare sees to it that Jennifer and Ted have adjoining suites and a long weekend following their business trip to Geneva. Jennifer insists to Ted that Merroney is attempting to maneuver something. Merroney installs Clare as Brian's secretary while his regular one is out. Ted is annoyed and Brian oblivious to Merroney's scheme to redesign the office space and traffic flow at the firm while also selling frontage. Brian and Clare work after hours on ...
27 Apr. 1975
Mary pities Brian, who orders her to leave him alone. Clare takes Merroney's dictation outlining the possibility of Brian's resignation. Ted attempts to work in leisure activities for himself and Jennifer on their trip to Geneva. Merroney's orders push Brian over the edge in a private club, prompting Merroney to share his own psychiatric history. Merroney encourages Brian to accept hospitalization and treatment. Mary phones Ted to inform him of Merroney's plan for Brian to resign. David is summoned by Merroney to an emergency board meeting. Dr. Gloster wants Brian to ...
4 May 1975
Special Licence
Ted and Jennifer visit the registrar's office, and news of their impending nuptials spreads throughout the firm. Brian refuses to see Mary and his brothers. Merroney pays a visit to the nursing home and encourages Brian to place his Hammond shares in a bank trust. The brothers fear Merroney will buy Brian's shares and take control of the company. After Ted and Jennifer inform her of their plans, Mary offers to host the reception at her house, but she asks them to delay their marriage until she can arrange things. David attempts to persuade Clare to help him get ...
11 May 1975
Flight of Fancy
Paul zeroes in on an air cargo company Flair Freight, which is going bust, but the brothers are not enthusiastic. When her chest pains resume, Mary contacts Dr. Ivan. Jennifer searches for a new home for her and Ted, one that has enough room for a child. Dr. Ivan suggests Mary go in hospital for tests. Ted steadfastly refuses becoming involved in air cargo. Merroney, David, and Bill Riley go to Dover, where they meet hard-drinking pilot Don Stacy, but find a greater challenge with indomitable director Jane Maxwell. Jane and Merroney reach an impasse. Merroney takes ...
18 May 1975
A Very Short Honeymoon
Jennifer shares with Ted her excitement over a new house and the possibility of having a child together. Mary cautions Ted that childbearing could be dangerous at Jennifer's age. Bill becomes more involved with Jane and Don as yet another strike looms. Merroney encourages Claire to get closer to David, and she learns why he isn't driving lately. Mary hopes news of Ann's latest public exploits doesn't reach the hospital where Brian is convalescing. Ted and David react sharply when Merroney reveals who controls Brian's shares while he is away from the firm. Claire has a...
25 May 1975
Big Deal
Mary attempts to set things right with Jennifer, but Jennifer insists she no longer wants to play Mary's games. Ted warns Mary that if forced to choose between them, his place will be with his wife. Jane learns how to play her new role as a director and admits to Don that she thinks Merroney is up to something. David and Clare share a grisly dinner together. Ted noses around Jane and Don's airfield and makes a discovery. Merroney believes he has Jane on side for the board meeting. Jennifer finds contacting Brian more difficult than she anticipated. Don wonders if ...
1 Jun. 1975
Package Deal
David invites Clare on a secret adventure, but she is reticent. Merroney goes back to the airfield to negotiate his scheme. Bill and Gwen drive Mary to see Brian at the nursing home. Don wonders about Clare being with David since she's supposed to be Merroney's bit. At the nursing home, Mary is told that Brian remains unwilling to see her, and Gwen intercedes. Clare challenges David to overcome his fears. David insists that Ted pay more attention to Mary. Ted and Jennifer visit the doctor to determine if children could be in their future. Clare's role in David's ...
8 Jun. 1975
End of a Dream
Merroney hints at blackmail should Clare get any ideas about sharing information about their land scheme with David. Jennifer and Ted plan a small party in their new home, but he insists that Mary not be invited. Negotiations begin for the new employee evaluation plan. David invites Mary for an outing with Clare, who accidentally tells Mary about Ted and Jennifer's party. David's new friendship with Clare raises Mary's suspicions. Merroney warns Clare that he won't stand in a queue for her attention. Later, at the party, Merroney and Clare's exchange is loaded with ...
15 Jun. 1975
The Judas Sheep
Jennifer and Ted visit an agency to see about a child, but the meeting doesn't go as planned. Gwen tells Mary about Jennifer and Ted's plans. Bill runs into serious conflict with Don and Jane over the new evaluation scheme. With Merroney away, David asks Clare if she is in love with Paul. Mary questions Dr. Ivan about private adoption. Bill gives Jack some information previously withheld. Mary arrives unexpectedly just as Jennifer and Ted are being interviewed for the foster program. Bill realizes he should have kept his mouth shut when Jack uses the information ...
22 Jun. 1975
Jennifer's Baby
The arrival of Jennifer and Ted's baby coincides with the return of Merroney from Beirut. Merroney tasks Clare with entertaining Shiek Abu, involved in their land scheme. Clare's duties invoke David's jealousy. Mary and Jennifer experience an unusual civility toward one another, though a slip of the tongue reveals more than Mary intended. Don becomes a pawn in the new job evaluation plan, but from both sides of the fight. Clare welcomes David's help in escaping from Sheik Abu's attention. David begins to glean Merroney's plan and tips off Ted. An enraged Ted confronts...
29 Jun. 1975
The brothers receive a surprise visit from a familiar face. Clare wonders why Merroney wants to get her out of the way. Someone leaks a story to the press. Mary decides to buy more shares in Hammond Transport and has her own plans to deal with Merroney. Bill reacts to a shocking proposition from Merroney, who fears what will happen at the next shareholders meeting. Chaos erupts in the boardroom after Merroney orchestrates Ted's downfall. Clare takes a letter about Don, while Merroney reveals his tactical maneuver of drawing the enemy's fire. Jane realizes that ...

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