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Season 6

25 Jan. 1976
Red Sky at Night
Mary anxiously anticipates the return of Brian from Italy. Jennifer begins to exhibit odd behavior while awaiting the court case to commence. When Brian fails to return as scheduled, Bill wonders if he's not fully recovered. David warns Bill to keep his opinions himself. Jane confides to David that she gave in to Merroney's blackmail in order to salvage Don's contract. Clare notes Merroney's devotion to Brian, but Merroney insists he can be a useful ally. Mary wants Brian back on the board and takes her case to Sir Neville. Merroney sends David and Don to France where...
1 Feb. 1976
A Clean Break
Jennifer wants Dr. Ivan to reveal the identity of William's natural mother. Mary dines with Sir Neville, who tells her about future plans. Dr. Ivan finds the situation more complex when he inquires about Pat's husband. Ted and Alan learn about their connection to William. Jennifer takes William to Suffolk. Merroney tires of Ted's personal distractions. The board ignores Bill's attempt to underscore potential labor problems. Ted and Alan share a secret. Brian breaks the news to Jennifer. Ted begs Gwen to act as Jennifer's proxy when Alan and Pat come by, but warns her ...
8 Feb. 1976
Red Sky in the Morning
Ted questions Mary about her conversation with Sir Neville. Clare tells Merroney about David's latest fling, which could cause problems for Hammond Transport. Jennifer can't move past her loss. Brian advises Ted to shock Jennifer back to reality. Therese pumps David for information on Merroney. Brian speaks bluntly on behalf of the brothers. Ted consults with Dr. Ivan about Jennifer's mood. Clare considers warning David that he's under Sir Neville's scrutiny. Therese makes David a proposition. Bill worries over David's report on the French project. David awakens from ...
15 Feb. 1976
Oranges and Lemons
Following the search by customs, Jane assures Merroney that Don is scrupulous. Don informs Merroney about David being beguiled by black widow Therese. Bill thinks Jennifer should be in charge of soliciting new business. The brothers and Merroney wonder where a missing David has gone, unaware that he is much closer than they suspect. Merroney tests Jennifer upon her return to the firm. Clare wonders if Therese and her father have a personal hold over David. Ted warns Jennifer that Bill will go mad when she presents her ideas. Merroney concludes that Clare has lied to ...
22 Feb. 1976
When Will You Pay Me?
Merroney engages Bill in an errand of mercy to get Ted's blood boiling once again. Tempers flare at the emergency Sunday board meeting. Mary and Sir Neville receive Merroney's reassurance about David's activities in France. Jane correctly surmises Merroney's reason for closing ranks, but Sir Neville does, too. Don visits Bill and Gwen and says too much when giving Bill advice regarding his marriage. Ted reacts just as Merroney expected. Don's medical exam looms. Jenny confronts Jane. Bill shares his about Jenny with Merroney. Merroney defends Bill to Ted. Jane finds ...
29 Feb. 1976
Mary wants to stop Ted's trip. Jane learns the results of Don's medical exam. Jenny shoots off after the RAI catastrophe. Paul pursues Griffith Trevelyan, but someone beats him to the punch. The board considers Brian's reinstatement. Don returns the prodigal son. Jennifer's business acumen renders Merroney speechless and the board proud. David decides Don is nature's innocent and David the scarred innocent. Jane finds Brian very much like Don and warns him that she harbors maternal instincts. Don shows his vulnerability to Brian. Trevelyan comes between Jennifer and ...
7 Mar. 1976
The Mole
Trevelyan visits Matthews. Merroney and Jennifer believe they can still get Trevelyan, but Ted insists he doesn't trust him. Jane and Brian discuss Don. The board considers Trevelyan. David makes a request of Clare. Later, he confides in her about Sir Neville's warning. A skeptical Ted has a task for Brian, and it pays off. Brian has an offer for Jane. Jane knows more about Trevelyan than she has let on. Ted begs Merroney to listen, though Merroney has a counterespionage plan of his own. Ted grouses about sharp maneuvers. David teases his brother about Jane. Brian ...
14 Mar. 1976
The Chosen Victim
An upward drift in Hammond stock arouses Brian's interest. Jennifer laments her losses, and subsequently, she and Ted receive bad news from Barbara. Bill doesn't share Gwen's excitement in a new discovery. Jane advises Brian that Merroney is scheming again, while Merroney tips his hand to Sir Neville. David takes a bold step with Clare, but her reaction stuns him. Bill has a change of heart. Ted places a call to Canada, and his suggestion appears to placate Jennifer. Clare lays all of her cards on the table for David. Merroney presents the brothers with an offer they ...
21 Mar. 1976
Blood and Water
Finding himself in an untenable position, Brian decides to abstain from a vote in Merroney's offer. Clare resents Merroney's inquiry about where things stand with David. Jane moves closer to Brian, but they find themselves in different camps on the upcoming vote. Mary pays an impromptu visit to Jennifer, who hedges giving an answer to Mary's probing questions. Ted learns that the vote is currently split. An alarmed Mary turns to Sir Neville to get what she wants. Merroney and Sir Neville trade rumors. Later, Merroney tests the waters with Bill. Mary upsets David. ...
28 Mar. 1976
The Devil You Know
Merroney insults Jennifer, forcing her to defend an absent Ted. Merroney is unable to dissuade Clare from taking drastic action. Brian corners Merroney, who refuses to show his hand, but Brian cleverly deduces what's really happening behind the scenes. After Merroney pays a visit to Mary and makes an insinuation about Sir Neville, the two enter into a somewhat unholy alliance. Jane delights in the gossip about Merroney and Clare. Mary gets to the bottom of Bill's newfound loyalty. Merroney encourages Jane to think before she becomes a severely stripped asset. The bank...
4 Apr. 1976
Try, Try Again
Mary arouses the brothers' intrigue by playing coy about a secret appointment. Brian and Ted decide to pursue plans with Christian Van der Merwe, and Brian notes Ted's newfound thirst for control. After Mary deems Gwen a Hammond woman, she makes her a very generous offer. Ted's discussion with Van der Merwe doesn't go as planned. Bill warns Gwen that Mary's interest in her isn't an altruistic one. Merroney learns of Ted's unprepared visit and takes it upon himself to correct the situation by showing Van der Merwe what Hammond Transport can do for him. Ted realizes his...
11 Apr. 1976
The Bonus
The brothers are in a lather to locate Merroney, who has secretly left the country. Gwen's continued moping distresses Bill. David pumps Sir Neville for information about Merroney's latest scheme. April Winter arrives at Hammond Transport, and David learns where Merroney has gone. Van der Merwe shows Merroney his "bonus." Later, Merroney finds two unhappy people awaiting his return. Clare realizes that she has cheated herself. Jane and Brian reach an understanding. Merroney outlines for the board his recommendations, but the brothers have reservations. Clare has a ...
18 Apr. 1976
Clare says "yes" and "no" to Merroney. The brothers realize that Mary's birthday is imminent. Mary feels ignored after learning of the merger. Clare laments to David her loyalty to pain. Mary drops in to the Rileys unannounced, but not for the reason Bill thinks. Van der Merwe lectures Merroney to discourage Ika's interest. At her birthday celebration, Mary issues a stern and surprising warning to her family. Merroney decides to be brutal at Van der Merwe's. Ted attempts to reason with Mary. Clare needs a pair of arms for the night. Mary takes her case to the public ...

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