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Season 4

1 Sep. 1974
Mary's life hangs in the balance. Ted and Jennifer share their guilt for Mary's condition. Brian and Ann return from Ann's convalescence. Ted breaks the news to David and Brian that Mary might die. The firm receives word that Julie won't continue working for Nicholas' agency, while Ann discovers that Pamela has gone, too. David and Ted gossip about their brother's marriage. The brothers visit Mary in hospital. Ted avoids Mary's questions about why he came back early from his holiday. Bill Riley's wife Gwen pays a visit to Mary. Ted regrettably tells Jennifer about the...
8 Sep. 1974
Secret Meetings
Brian arranged a secret meeting with banker Martin Farrell and David. Ann lied to Brian and went to Nicholas' flat, where her reunion with him outlasted a four hour parking meter. Jennifer apologized to Ted for overreacting to his visit with Mary. Mary and Gwen Riley developed a bond during Gwen's hospital visit. Brian and David offered Martin a seat on the Hammond bard of directors. Martin considered the offer, but he asked for unanimous support. Ann told Nicholas that he must choose between what he wants and what she has to offer. The board considered going public, ...
15 Sep. 1974
The brothers continue to woo merchant banker Martin Farrell to the board of directors, but Farrell wants to investigate the company further. Ann meets with Nicholas again. Brian finally takes notice of Ann's absence and phones Nicholas, interrupting a rare moment of domesticity between two lovers. Mary arranges to receive temporary care from Gwen Riley, whom she views more of a friend than hired help. On a trip to Dover with Martin Farrell, Jennifer is touchy from memories of her holiday with Ted. Brian has a word with Nicholas about the future. Mary inadvertently ...
22 Sep. 1974
Happy Anniversary
The brothers' objection to Bill Riley appears grounded when Bill makes suggestions that should be raised by the union. Brian deliberately makes Bill feel like an outsider during a preliminary meeting. Ann questions Mary about whether or not she would have wanted to know about Robert's secret affair with Jennifer Kingsley. Mary mistakenly infers from Ann's questions that Brian is being unfaithful. Jill returns for her wedding anniversary with David. Mary and Gwen urge Bill to accept a seat on the board. Bill warns Gwen that he won't owe anyone, and he knows that ...
29 Sep. 1974
David apologizes for his reaction to Jill's gift and changes his mind. David's concession prompts Jill to reach a decision about her modeling career. Gwen settles in as Mary's companion. Brian begins to unravel under the strain of his crumbling marriage. Ann visits Mary and delivers disturbingly personal information. Ted and Brian accompany Martin to met with hotshot merchant banker Paul Merroney about Hammond going public. Only one of the brothers looks his part at lunch with Merroney. Ted realizes that Mary has been upset by something related to Brian, and decides ...
6 Oct. 1974
Brian charges off after the fight with Ann and nearly has an accident. Jill suggests that if David wants to kill himself with race cars, he should get a sponsor. Ann phones for Nicholas, but a mysterious woman answers. Brian goes to Jennifer, who has plans with Martin Farrell, then he seeks shelter with David and Jill. Ann meets Nicholas' second wife Virginia. Martin has a lonely anniversary with Jennifer. Jill and David offer Brian their old flat as they're moving out tomorrow. Ted calls David on the carpet. Martin tells the board that they all been invited to Sir ...
13 Oct. 1974
Hit and Miss
Ann invites herself over to Brian's new bachelor pad. Brian is hardly solicitous when Ann urges him to have a chat with Nicholas. David admits feeling comfortable in the penthouse, and Jill decides to have a celebration party. Ted becomes a bear at a board meeting, with David receiving the brunt of his brother's aggression. Brian and Ann argue about the kids. Later, Jennifer attempts to draw parallels between herself and how Brian perceives Nicholas. Mary has ideas about Jennifer and Martin Farrell. Bill refuses to attend Jill's party, reminding the brothers that some...
20 Oct. 1974
Public Concern
Mary's warning about private dissatisfaction with lorries appears true when Arthur Naylor's petition threatens to throw a monkey wrench in Hammond's plans to go public. Jill worries about David's keen interest in racing cars. Ted admits to Jennifer that he doesn't like her interest in Martin Farrell, but for once, she wants consideration of her feelings. Bill Riley and the brothers meet with Naylor to determine what he really wants. Mary and Brian visit Carol to break the news of her parents' divorce. Angry drivers at Hammond Transport create more trouble for the ...
27 Oct. 1974
The Race
The board is divided about sponsorship of David's race. Nicholas urges Ann to do what he thinks will make her happy. When she doesn't listen, he pleads Ann's case to Brian. Martin questions Brian about Jennifer's relationship with Ted, and admits that he would marry Jennifer if she were over Ted. Ann turns to Jill for support. Jill feels ill as the tense race begins. Preparing to leave for New York, Nicholas stuns Ann with his feelings about their relationship. Jill feels faint again after the race. Jennifer confides to Brian that she will soon be forced to choose ...
3 Nov. 1974
Jennifer puts off Martin for Ted. After Gwen shows interest in a new home, Mary assures her that Bill's job is safe as long as Ted remains chairman of Hammond. Ted and Jennifer spend their Saturday morning with the laborers, who have new union issues now that the firm is going public. Jill and David debate the fault in Brian and Ann's marriage, and it leads to a recounting of David's own infidelity. Hammond Transport faces another strike action. A restless but free Brian finds it difficult to relax on a Saturday afternoon. Ted and Brian take Mary on a Saturday ...
10 Nov. 1974
The Guilt Beneath the Gingerbread
Brian finds himself alone to answer police questioning, and he doesn't have much of a defense. Gwen and Bill are at loggerheads over accepting a Hammond loan for the new house. Jennifer feels guilt for being in Mary's house while she is away. Ted and Jennifer beg a guilty Brian to follow the advice of his solicitor. The board reviews the union proposal for the pension scheme, and with Bill and David at one another's throat, Ted insists that all board members must present a united front. Brian learns that he is being charged, but he and the solicitor disagree about how...
17 Nov. 1974
A Bad Mistake
Ann fears losing everything. Ted speaks his mind and prejudices potential shareholders against financial backing of the firm. Merroney scrambles to set things right. Jill urges Ann not to make a rash decision where her marriage is concerned. Bill's opinion of Ted's actions surprises Gwen who suspects her husband has changed more than she realized. Brian wants to talk with Ann about custody of the children. Initially she orders him out of the house, but ultimately she encourages him to wait before proceeding with divorce. Ted's comments find their way into the press. ...
1 Dec. 1974
The Fall Guy
After a threat of exposing the children to public scandal, Ann gives her statement. Mary reaches a conclusion about Brian's bitterness. Ted probes Jennifer for information regarding her relationship with Martin. With the market unsteady, the brothers caution Mary, Gwen, and Jill against buying up too many shares in Hammond Transport. Merroney fears that he has a very expensive baby on his hands, and he wants Martin to deal with it. David tells Jill that the firm is vulnerable to a takeover now. Ted bristles at Martin's suggestion of a way to save Hammond. Later, Ted ...
8 Dec. 1974
The Crucial Vote
Ann lures Brian with the children. Mary is appalled to learn of the latest developments at the firm and offers Jennifer her gratitude for standing by Ted. Jennifer urges Ted to hold the board together if he keeps the chair. Gwen thinks that Bill won't vote against Ted, but Bill says he has to weigh the arguments. Jill sides with Mary and feels confident that David will do the right thing. Brian's reaction to her overtures of a reconciliation stuns Ann. As the sole impartial member, David is forced to chair the board meeting. Martin outlines the reasons for his motion ...

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