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Season 7

5 Sep. 1976
To Honour and Obey
Paul's wedding day has arrived, but the bride's father isn't overjoyed with his prospective son-in-law. Merroney tells Brian about his two fathers and reveals that he's in a power struggle at the bank with April's brother Simon. Brian learns that no one can see Sir Neville, though Merroney believes one person can. Late for the wedding, Ted and Jenny are involved in an accident. Mary and David are called away from the wedding to the police station. Van der Merwe wants to meet Simon, and Merroney is desperate to get to Mary. Later, Mary clashes with Jennifer and her ...
12 Sep. 1976
Home and Away
Ted worries about Jennifer as he prepares to leave for a three week course. Mary makes a mysterious phone call but hangs up before speaking to her party. At the course, Ted is introduced to Bannerman. Mary confides in Jennifer that Carol wants to visit Brian, but Mary doesn't want her granddaughter exposed to Jane. April finds another escort at Hammond with Merroney away in Amsterdam. Bill and Gwen each want to be left alone to digest their loss. Jane pitches her idea to Van der Merwe. Carol inquires about Jane. Ann visits Ted and admits she wants to see Brian. Jane ...
19 Sep. 1976
Ann wants to know if Brian intends to build a home with Jane, and Carol thinks things should be out in the open. Gwen goes a bit mad in the middle of the night. Carol suggests where she and Ann can find Jane. David enlists Jane in his latest endeavor. Carol considers returning home to spare Jane being hurt. David and Jane visit Ted, who advises them about David's options. Simon issues a warning to April about a serious problem for Merroney at the bank. Ann confides her inadequacy to Mary. Jane wonders what Ann has to do with her, since Brian hasn't committed to a ...
26 Sep. 1976
The Female of the Species
Ted and Jenny have a dispassionate parting as she prepares to leave for a visit with Barbara and Johnny in Canada. With Merroney in Amsterdam, Brian and David gossip about potential infidelity in his marriage. David confides in Jane about his distrust of Van der Merwe. A deceptive Carol returns. Ted befriends April in Merroney's absence. Brian is caught in the battle between Carol and Ann. Ted admits to April that he and Jenny aren't growing together like the Rileys. April tells Paul about her dinner with Ted and reminds her husband not to neglect her. Jane talks ...
3 Oct. 1976
David presents his independent scheme to Simon Winter. Jennifer returns from Canada with news of Barbara and Johnny. Simon agrees to consider David's plan, but David withholds Jane's involvement. Gwen tells Bill about her big plans for their home and her future. Jane worries about being covert in her plans with David, though she insists that Brian isn't a consideration. Simon's casual comments arouse Merroney's suspicions. Jane warns David that Merroney may be on to them. Merroney makes a subtle suggestion to Simon and tells Jennifer about Ted's dinner with April. ...
10 Oct. 1976
Arrivals and Departures
Merroney refuses to divulge the details of a mysterious trip. An ill Mary needs Gwen's aid. Judy Vickery, Merroney's latest temporary secretary, annoys him and inadvertently spills one of his secrets. David and Brian squabble about which brother will stay at home to care for Mary, and it also becomes a dead loss for an irritated Jane. Paul's apparent indifference to a family emergency appalls April. In Merroney's absence, Ted invites April to lunch. Later, Miss Vickery gives Ted a very confusing message from Mrs. Merroney. Mary resents having David as her babysitter. ...
17 Oct. 1976
The Distaff Side
Brian finds his plans for entertaining Jane going awry when Ted brings Mrs. Merroney round for a visit. The brothers attempt to locate a missing April. Paul returns early, much to the chagrin of Miss Vickery. April wonders if Paul thought she were up to something lurid. Jennifer disapproves of Jane's increasing presence in the Hammond family, but Mrs. Merroney approves of April. Merroney calls a special board meeting. Unexpected circumstances delay David. Jane and Paul have opposite desires at the board meeting, and Paul announces a surprise resignation from one of ...
24 Oct. 1976
Cross Currents
Gwen fills Mary in on the "Mrs. Merroney saga." Jennifer and Ted squabble over her paranoia about Jane and her jealousy of April. Merroney contemplates a future for his mother with "checkbook diplomacy." April declares her husband emotionally illiterate. Ted refuses to indulge Jennifer's delusions. Jane receives friendly fair warning and realizes there will be no compromises. Merroney offers a solution for Jane's problem, but the olive branch comes at a price. Merroney and Miss Vickery speak out of season with one another. An isolated Jennifer turns to Mary for ...
31 Oct. 1976
Gwen and the brothers detect something bothering Mary. A rested Ted returns but without reaching any conclusions regarding his marital problems. Jane thinks Merroney has met his match in Miss Dawes, another temporary secretary. Mary confides in Gwen about "that dreadful Maxwell woman." Merroney finds the interview with Miss Dawes most unusual. Mary asks Ted to intercede in the love lives of his brothers. Later, he angrily confronts Jennifer who lashes out against the precious Hammond brothers. Mary and Jane dispense with politeness. Brian can't believe Mary's story. ...
7 Nov. 1976
Jane plans a party to celebrate putting one over on Merroney. Mary presses Ted for information about David. Merroney surprises April by bringing Van Kepe home for a brief stay. Jennifer receives notice. Merroney advises Van Kepe on how to lead the brothers Hammond. An irritable Jennifer makes insinuations about April, while Van Kepe finds his hostess fascinating. David needs reassurance from Jane about Brian. Merroney is called away to Amsterdam, creating an opportunity for Van Kepe. Ted learns what Jennifer has been hiding. One couple grows closer as another drifts ...
14 Nov. 1976
Jane continues to crucify herself over the disaster. A shaky Jennifer prepares for court. David uses Jane's moping to get closer to her. Underwriter Harvey McKay arrives to begin his investigation of the C41 accident. Mary demands a meeting with Jane. Jane is left holding the baby after a shocking revelation arises about one of the flight crew. Ted reassures Jenny that the court action is over. Van Kepe suggests to April that he and Paul are more alike than she imagines. April feels like one of Paul's Picassos. Jane gives Brian subtle encouragement, while Paul imparts...
21 Nov. 1976
The Golden Road
Brian attempts to change Jane's position on the golden road to Istanbul. April learns she has been deceived. Paul dangles a golden egg in front of David to get him on side in the Tehren scheme. Jane meets with the underwriters and declares that all bets are off, distracting Paul from his promise to April. David goes too far with Jane. April realizes where Merroney's priorities are. A delegation descends on Ted and Jennifer to state its case. Jane breaks good news and bad news to Brian, who makes a last minute appeal to David. The board votes on Merroney's scheme. Jane...
28 Nov. 1976
Out of the Blue
Mary's answer stuns David. Barbara arrives for a visit that surprises Jennifer. A concerned Brian and a dismissive Merroney clash over Hammond finances. April receives an invitation she doesn't intend to decline. A friendly tip from Inspector Fisher disturbs Ted. Gwen worries about Bill's trip to Amsterdam. Paul and April clash when his jealousy is aroused. Jane's mind boggles at Brian's revelation of family skeletons. Barbara and David catch up. Merroney needs a new source of capital. Mary offers her help to Barbara. Merroney's proposition could finally oust the ...
5 Dec. 1976
The Knock on the Door
The board are in an uproar over rights issues. Brian rejects Jane's budget. After meeting Barbara, Jane realizes that Mary's true feelings for Jennifer are masked. Lord Winter sides with Paul against April. Barbara questions Brian about his divorce and detects a change in Ted and Jennifer. April responds coldly to Paul's counterproposal. Mary requests a meeting with the brothers to discuss the rights issue. Bill begins his undercover work to expose smugglers and makes a contact. April advises Paul to stop involving her father in their personal battles. Mary admonishes...
12 Dec. 1976
The Ordeal
Mary joins Gwen, who holds vigil in hospital for a loved one. Lord Winter cautions April regarding her marriage. Jane reminds an amorous Brian that they got off of the merry go round once before. Barbara and David discuss marital relationships. Gwen learns more about the patient's condition. David confesses to Barbara his affair with Julie while married to Jill. Jennifer is tasked with organizing the staff Christmas party at Hammond Transport. Jane gives Brian an ultimatum about his choice of drink. Gwen fears what may come. Mary makes an observation regarding Johnny ...
19 Dec. 1976
The Christmas Party
In the last episode of the series, Barbara confesses her troubled marriage to Jennifer, but also senses something wrong between her mother and Ted. Dr. Wincott cautions the Rileys about the limits of rehabilitation. Brian wants to make Christmas plans with an ambivalent Jane. Barbara reaches a very important decision about her future. At the Hammond staff Christmas party, Ted and Jennifer wonder if they can survive. Brian encourages Merroney to follow April to Barbados, and he finally chooses between his wife and his career. David realizes that all he really wants is ...

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