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6 Jan. 1973
Let's Get Away from It Almost
Bob & Emily decide to go on a weekend trip and pick a nearby ski resort. Instead of a relaxing time together, the only other guests share their bathroom and want to share time with them.
13 Jan. 1973
The Crash of 29 Years Old
Carol turns 29 and feels unfulfilled. She quits her job to explore other options. Carol joins one of Bob's group sessions and as the group explorer's Carol's feelings, Bob is asked how he feels. The group treats him as just another member.
20 Jan. 1973
The Man with the Golden Wrist
Emily gets Bob a really expensive watch for his birthday. When he finds out how much it costs, he is shocked that she would spend that much money on one small gift.
27 Jan. 1973
The Two Loves of Dr. Hartley
One of Bob's patients has fallen in love with him which makes Emily incredibly jealous.
3 Feb. 1973
Not with My Sister You Don't
Howard's sister Debbie, visits, and he wants to remove all signs of his dating habits. He thinks she is young and impressionable. Debbie arrives and Emily sets her up on a date. Howard turns over protective.
10 Feb. 1973
A Home Is Not Necessarily a House
Emily & Bob look at a house for sale and sign a contract. After they worry about what the change will mean for them if their contract is accepted. Luckily for them, the contract is not accepted and they are happy.
17 Feb. 1973
Emily, I'm Home - Emily?
Emily is offered a job with the school, and Bob tells her she should take the job if she wants it. She takes the job and Bob has a hard time adjusting to the differences.
24 Feb. 1973
You Can't Win 'Em All
Bob helps a Cubs pitcher get out of a slump when playing baseball. The pitcher does well in the next game and credits it to Bob. Hearing this, another player, the catcher, goes to Bob for help.
3 Mar. 1973
Bum Voyage
Bob's therapy group had a great session and Bob is reluctant to take a vacation during this time. Bob & Emily have a 63-day cruise scheduled and he thinks it is too long to be away. His patients encourage him to go.
10 Mar. 1973
Who's Been Sleeping on My Couch?
Bob finds out that Jerry has been sleeping on his couch overnight. Jerry is hurt over a broken romance and does not want to go home to his apartment.
15 Sep. 1973
Last TV Show
Bob's therapy group pressures him to hold a session on Public TV. This show sure won't be rerun during pledge week. By turning down the station's offer, Dr. Bob Hartley was trying to protect the members' privacy, but the patients worry that he's ashamed of them. Everyone agrees to be as open as usual. Opposite Gunsmoke plus the Bears on Monday Night Football with Dandy Don and Cosell, few Chicagoans will be glued to Psychology in Action anyway.
22 Sep. 1973
Jerry convinces Bob into going to Peoria to watch a football game that is blacked out in Chicago. At the motel, Bob feels guilty, especially when two women want to spend time with he and Jerry.
29 Sep. 1973
Bob & Emily have vacation plans to visit Mexico. Bob seems hesitant, but he says he is excited to go. At work, a patient thanks Bob for the session and whacks him on the back - throwing his back out of whack and in pain.
6 Oct. 1973
Somebody Down Here Likes Me
A minister goes to Bob professionally. While the minister loves what he is doing, people treat him differently outside the church when they know he is a minister. After some therapy, the minister announces to the parishioners his new plans.
13 Oct. 1973
Emily in for Carol
Carol goes on vacation and the doctors in Bob's building need a temporary receptionist. Emily fills in and everyone enjoys her - except Bob.
20 Oct. 1973
Have You Met Miss Dietz?
Emily's recently divorced friend moves into the apartment complex as Bob & Emily. Marilyn meets Howard and they go out for hot chocolate. Emily takes Marilyn to Bob's work where she meets Jerry. Jerry and Howard compete for her affection.
27 Oct. 1973
Old Man Rivers
Carol goes to the hospital for minor surgery and she falls for her doctor who is twice her age.
3 Nov. 1973
Mister Emily Hartley
Emily becomes certified to give IQ tests and has Bob take one. The results of his test show Emily's IQ is a lot higher than his. They attend a banquet for geniuses and Bob feels out of place because everyone acts superior.
10 Nov. 1973
Mutiny on the Hartley
When Bob finds out how much the plumber charges him for a repair, he realizes he is undercharging his therapy group. He raises the price, but the members think it is too much. They hold meetings without Bob until they realize they need him.
17 Nov. 1973
I'm Okay, You're Okay, So What's Wrong?
When Emily suffers a malaise in the marriage, she and Bob turn to a marriage counselor for help.
24 Nov. 1973
Fit, Fat and Forty One
Birthday-boy Bob's physical finds him eight pounds plumper than he should be at 41, so Bob determines to diet and exercise away those excess pounds.
1 Dec. 1973
Blues for Mr. Borden
Howard's son Howie is visiting. Howard tells Bob that he and his ex-wife are getting along really well lately and he thinks she wants to get together again. Howard is upset to find out she is getting married and wants Howard's approval.
8 Dec. 1973
My Wife Belongs to Daddy
Emily's parents pay an unexpected visit to Bob & Emily. They are the opposite in personality from Bob - exuberant, joking, and over the top. Bob feels left out of the comradely with Emily and her parents.
15 Dec. 1973
T.S. Elliot
While in session with Bob, Elliot says he needs a date for a banquet/ He asks Carol and they go. They both have a good time - Elliot asks her to marry him.
22 Dec. 1973
I'm Dreaming of a Slight Christmas
Bob has to go to work for one appointment on Christmas Eve and then go home for a small Christmas celebration with Emily. Events conspire against him as his patient has a break down, the weather turns hazardous, and he has to walk home.

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