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Season 3

14 Sep. 1974
Big Brother Is Watching
Bob's sister Ellen is looking for a new apartment. Since she & Howard plan to marry one day, Howard suggests Ellen move in with him. Bob does not approve.
21 Sep. 1974
The Battle of the Groups
Bob's reluctant to let his sister house-sit while the Hartleys are away at a group retreat, because fly-boy Howard's in the next apartment waiting to pounce. Bob wishes he'd never proposed the retreat, because his new therapy group is jealous that he only invited his other group to go, plus Emily made Bob feel guilty for leaving her out of the fun in the wilds of Wisconsin, so she's coming along too. Everybody is spooked at the vision of Eliott Carlin again streaking through the woods naked.
28 Sep. 1974
The Great Rimpau Medical Arts Co-Op Experiment
Dr Newman removed a wart from Bob's neck and charged him. Bob tells Jerry he should have done it for free since Bob had helped him with his marriage. Jerry agrees and sets up a plan where all the doctors treat each other for free.
5 Oct. 1974
The Separation Story
With Emily busy studying for her masters and Bob busy with therapy groups, things are hectic at home. Emily moves to a hotel so she can study without interruption and be closer to the school. Friends think Bob & Emily have separated.
12 Oct. 1974
Sorry, Wrong Mother
Howard's son Howie comes to visit. Ellen meets him for the first time and wants to make a good impression. She fails at her attempts and Howie is uncooperative. Bob talks to Howie to find out why he does not like Ellen.
19 Oct. 1974
The Gray Flannel Shrink
Bob and Carol review his accounts and which ones still owe for services. Jerry suggests a collection agency, but Bob does not want to do that. Bob gets a job offer to be a company psychologist where he does not have to deal with billing.
26 Oct. 1974
Dr. Ryan's Express
With Carol out of town, the doctors need a temporary receptionist. Jerry finds a receptionist that is not has trouble remembering what she is doing and cannot even remember Bob's name. Emily has problems with new drapes that are too short.
2 Nov. 1974
Brutally Yours, Bob Hartley
Bob's brutal honesty campaign makes Emily a pariah at her school because Bob offends two of Emily's fellow teachers, when Emily attempts to widen the Hartleys' social circle, by inviting the colleagues over for dinner. Psychologist Bob is overreacting to being caught not practicing what he preaches, by his therapy group patients Elliot & Michelle, after he counsels the spatting members to be more honest with each other.
9 Nov. 1974
Ship of Shrinks
Bob writes a chapter for a book, and is excited the day it is to be published. When Bob gets his copy of the book, he is disappointed to find they only used two of his twenty pages in the book.
16 Nov. 1974
Life Is a Hamburger
Carol announces her engagement to her boyfriend Don, an uncertain creative and unpublished poet. Her friends are not that enthused about the news. Ellen is writing a restaurant review for the newspaper.
23 Nov. 1974
An American Family
Emily's parents and Bob's parents arrive to celebrate Thanksgiving with Bob & Emily. All sets of families have their own idea of traditions and meal fixings. Bob's mother and Emily's father insult each other the day before Thanksgiving.
30 Nov. 1974
We Love You... Good-Bye
Bob has a therapy group for all women to improve their self confidence. The women tell Bob to bring Emily to the next meeting to get her point of view. Bob is sorry he brings her when he is kicked out of the meeting for being like other men
7 Dec. 1974
Jerry Robinson Crusoe
Jerry decided to move to Tahiti, and Bob can't believe Jerry will go through with it.
14 Dec. 1974
Serve for Daylight
Dr Tupperman is organizing the doctor's tennis tournament and all the doctors in the building will be there. Bob is hopeful for winning, but then Emily plans to join for the doubles match.
21 Dec. 1974
Home Is Where the Hurt Is
Carol goes on and on about her unhappy childhood, and ruins Bob and Emily's Christmas party
4 Jan. 1975
Tobin's Back in Town
Howard gets jealous when Ellen's ex comes to town with the intention of winning her back.
11 Jan. 1975
Think Smartly--Vote Hartley
Bob decides to run for the school board.
18 Jan. 1975
The Way We Weren't
Howard has a party and an old girlfriend attends. Howard worries about what Ellen thinks. Meanwhile, an old girlfriend of Bob's is in town and Bob does not want to talk to Emily about the girlfriend. Howard tells Emily about the girlfriend.
25 Jan. 1975
A Pound of Flesh
Jerry feels a bit depressed and decides to buy a motorcycle. He wants to borrow money from Bob. Bob turns him down and says it is to save their friendship. Jerry is upset that Bob won't loan him the money.
1 Feb. 1975
My Business Is Shrinking
Bob suffers a loss of confidence when several patients cancel appointments. He regains his groove by attending group therapy in a friend's office.
8 Feb. 1975
The New Look
Bob avoids Emily as she completely redecorates the apartment and he hates the result. When she gives away Bob's favorite chair it is just too much. A compromise is reached.
15 Feb. 1975
Bob Hits the Ceiling
Emily asks Bob to help her friend Diane with marital problems. Howard asks Bob to help his ex-wife with her marital problems. Bob is reluctant because he has a rule about treating friends, but he does agree. Of course, complications arise.
22 Feb. 1975
Emily Hits the Ceiling
The school season is over and Emily helps organize a summer camp for two weeks in July. Bob has a full schedule at work that time, so he is unable to help. His plans change so he can help, but the summer camp plan falls through after all.
8 Mar. 1975
The Ceiling Hits Bob
Bob's sagging office ceiling collapses and he must relocate all his patient sessions. Meanwhile, Carol gets a job offer hoping to make Bob and Jerry to give her a raise and Howard gets a job transfer to New York and informs Ellen that they are to get married and move.

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