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Season 1

20 Mar. 1972
Detour to Nowhere
An insurance investigator tries to find an armored car carrying gold bullion that disappeared in the middle of a deserted Texas highway.
13 Sep. 1972
Let's Hear It for a Living Legend
When a football player vanishes from the field in full view of network cameras and a live audience, it's up to Banacek to figure out how his kidnappers spirited him away without a trace.
27 Sep. 1972
Project Phoenix
The multi-million dollar Phoenix, prototype for a revolutionary new car, disappears from a non-stop train en route to Boston - flat-car included. Banacek is called in to find the missing vehicle before a huge insurance claim must be paid.
11 Oct. 1972
No Sign of the Cross
A miraculous mystery: a priceless gold crucifix seemingly transforms into worthless iron while en route from a retired gangster in Mexico to a church in LA.
1 Nov. 1972
A Million the Hard Way
Banacek must figure out who stole a million dollars from a supposedly tamper-proof display case.
15 Nov. 1972
To Steal a King
A king's ransom in precious coins vanishes from a hotel suite vault while the owners sleep only a few feet away. Banacek arrives to figure out how the impossible-to-open vault was so easily breached without a sign left behind.
10 Jan. 1973
Ten Thousand Dollars a Page
When a priceless book vanishes from a sealed display case in a room that no thief could possibly escape, it's up to Banacek to show how someone beat the supposedly foolproof alarms to make off with the artifact.
24 Jan. 1973
The Greatest Collection of Them All
Banacek figures out how $23 million worth of paintings vanished from a moving truck transporting them from New York to Boston.
7 Feb. 1973
The Two Million Clams of Cap'n Jack
Just before Cap'n Jack's seafood restaurant franchise is set to go public, millions of dollars in stock certificates are stolen from a non-stop elevator, leaving Banacek to find them before someone walks through walls with a fortune.

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