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Dawnfrancis30 November 2003
This really was a great series. The classic story of Black Beauty is continued here with fine performances and great locations. And who could forget that theme tune! If you remember it the first time around,it will bring back memories.If not, watch it and enjoy for the first time, the adventures of a very famous horse.
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Oh the nostalgia!!!
cooperhmc5 November 2005
This series was made the year I was born - 1972 - and so it must have been the reruns I used to watch but I do recall that it was an unmissable show for me. This series is timeless because it reflects a time that, even when it was made, had already passed. Sure, some of the hairstyles give it away at times for being from the 70's but it's something you could show your kids now and it wouldn't be dated. I don't have any kids but I have just purchased the " Best of" DVD as I want, someday, for my kids to appreciate the innocence of growing up that this show reflects.

I agree with a previous user, it does show good triumphing over bad, promotes good morals and, at times will tug at the heart strings, but its the kind of wholesome entertainment that you want your kids to watch as it always promotes "doing the right thing".

I am not ashamed to say that, mentally, I joined Vicky, Kevin, Albert and then Jenny and Ned on ALL of their adventures and, even now that I am all grown up ( as are all the actors who played them) I am being transported back to those childhood days in a warm, fuzzy and nostalgic glow. Albert was always my favourite character and I would LOVE to know where Tony Maiden is today. To me, he was always the most endearing character - the one who added all the humour. My only criticism of the DVD release? It only contains 11 of the 54 episodes that were made over the 2 seasons. Please, let's have Box set releases for both seasons. I suspect a lot of parents of my generation would far rather their kids watched shows like this than the violence that kids are subjected to nowadays.
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A stellar show for the whole family!!!
jpumphrey18 April 2004
This stellar TV show from England is a classic!!! Great acting and directing!!! The show stars: William Lucas,Charlotte Mitchell(The Man In The White Suit),Roderick Shaw,Judi Bowker(Brother Sun,Sister Moon),Stacy Dorning and Michael Culver(The Empire Strikes Back). The directors include:Michael Crichton(The Lavender Hill Mob,A Fish Called Wanda),John Reardon,David Andrews,Gerry Poulson,Peter Duffell and Ray Austin.The awesome guest stars include:John Thaw(Inspector Morse),Peter Angelis(Sweeney!,Yellow Submarine),Jack Shepherd(Wycliffe,No Escape),John Junkin(A Hard Day's Night),Robert Coleby(Crocodile Hunter:Collision Course)and more!!! A great show for the entire family!!! If you like horses and adventure, this is the show for you!!! A top notch production!!! A+
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Journey back to Childhood
Michael Paessler5 March 2005
I've seen this series years ago on TV and now it's available on DVD again and it's like a journey back to childhood. I've been in love with the main actress, Judi Bowker, that time and it's like a revival to see this pictures again. The stories are residing in the England of the ending 19th century, the Victorian time. A medical doctor has opened his doctor's practice outside of London on the countryside. He brought along his daughter, his son and his housekeeper. In the first episode they met this black horse which later is named Black Beauty. This is the type of 'ideal world' stories you like to be watched by children. The good always wins in the end and the bad always loses. But sometimes aside of all the triviality it can tug on your heartstrings. If you get the chance take a look.
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Wonderful Children's Drama
sales sales5 January 2017
Despite what you might have read here or elsewhere, the show wasn't based on the book by Anna Sewell, it wasn't an adaptation, it was more a continuation, so if you're expecting a reincarnation of the book on the small screen then you're not gonna get it, so gallop along please - nothing to see here...

The show was made by LWT in the UK, who put rather a lot of money into the production, especially for what was a programme made for children. It was originally broadcast on a Sunday early evening and because of that it reached a wide audience than just kids.

It's popularity ensured it actually made the top twenty in the viewing figures many times during its two seasons.

There was something special about the way it was filmed and presented on screen and was much different from other kids TV produced at the same time. It had beautiful scenery with Gothic overtones and really good acting and each episode highly entertaining.
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Great series,a pleasure to watch.
JB-931 August 2000
A really enjoyable television series. Filmed in Rickmansworth in Herts among lovley coutryside. Great theme music and performances from all the stars.

Judi Bowker,who played Vicky,left after a while and was replaced by Stacy Dorning,who played Jenny.
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They should have called it "The Adventures of the Humans that Owned Black Beauty"
Dark Helmet30 January 2007
The book was told from the viewpoint of Black Beauty, and focused primarily on what happened to him and the other animals. If there's any story that demands talking animals, then it's this one. While they didn't have CGI back in the 1970s, they could have done something similar to Mr. Ed.

This show suffers from a major change in focus from the book. It's not about Black Beauty. It's about the humans in the story, plus some extra characters they threw in.

It's like making a show or movie based on the novel Traveller by Richard Adams and having it focus on General Lee.

The show was pretty, and the acting was good, but I can't give this show a good rating. A show supposedly based on the novel should actually be about Black Beauty, not about the parade of humans that passed through his life.
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