Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) Poster

Plot Keywords

factory chocolate
candy ticket
chocolate factory children
television grandparent
recluse prize
eccentric out of control elevator
six word title husband wife relationship
lifting male in air spoiled child
child protagonist slow motion scene
lifting someone into the air pleading
urban setting mother daughter relationship
father son relationship family relationships
punctuation in title ampersand in title
waiver form surrealism
competing businesses scanimate
sudden change in size wealth
used car salesman test of character
schoolteacher recipe
rags to riches luck
laundress industrial espionage
imagination imaginary creature
geese forgery
dwarf confectioner
cane boat
grandfather grandson relationship child's point of view
used car dealer tv reporter
steamboat rivalry
redemption newsstand
manufacturer impersonation
fbi agent fainting
disfigurement dance
candy bar inflated body
wish fulfillment mother son relationship
inheritance father daughter relationship
coming of age candymaker
miniaturization television addiction
cult film white house
wallpaper tunnel
tour guide tinker
tv news teacher
spy split screen
single mother school
river restaurant
ransom psychotherapy
paperboy paddlewheel boat
overweight child montana
midget laundry
inventor invalid
industrialist honesty
greed goose
gluttony gift
germany flying
elevator crowded small room
couch potato contract
computer class differences
chewing gum candy store
birthday belch
auction arizona
poetic justice trapdoor
poverty tv addicted child
contest spoiled brat
based on novel character name in title

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