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Still remember this movie thirty years later

Author: Calios from Atlanta, GA
15 May 2003

Saw this movie as a kid and it made a bigger impression on me then than Patton. Not sure if that's good or bad, but this was at an age before Chips and Dukes of Hazard as well as numerous other series and movies over-exposed the California hills near Los Angeles. On a simple and innocent level it's not a bad story and there's some great actors in it. Remember particularly the scene where the good guys position is overrun and they are able to hide in their foxholes as the North Korean go through. Not sure if that's realistic, but for an eight year old it was.

Would consider buying this movie if it was in DVD or VHS. It's not BlackHawk Down, but it was written for TV in the early 1970's, when people saw enough of what was going on in Vietnam.

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Excellent For its content

Author: lawtk from United States
18 October 2006

I remember seeing this movie just before I enlisted in 1972. The story is about leadership and the traditions of the military that make it great. Whether the technical aspects of the movie are correct, as with the weapons carried etc., is not important to the central theme.........the military is made up of strangers thrown together by circumstance who are required to do very simple things under the most extreme of conditions. Technology is merely a tool the essence of the job has not changed in hundreds, if not thousands of years.

This story follows a small group of American soldiers who are cut off from friendly lines during an attack by hostile forces while in Korea.

The viewer learns that the military, on the "boots on the ground" level, is made up of Non Commissioned Officers who have all the practical knowledge and junior officers who know the "book." Many times a junior leader finds himself assigned to a group that have worked together for a significant period of time under the NCO and the officer is the outsider with a set of rules that don't seem to comply with the teaching of the practical NCO leadership.

This is the essence of the story, when the "book" meets the "practical knowledge" magic is made. In the case of the story, the magic is the soldiers safe return to friendly lines after a harrowing move through enemy territory. The young LT with "book knowledge" is the designated leader, the "crusty" NCO distrustful at first applies his knowledge to the plan and magic. Then in what can only be classified as a shot across the bow of any who would scoff at what the military does............Ken Berry sums up in a short entry for the unit history the soldiers' ordeal that the viewer has seen for the last hour.

The sum and substance of the entry is "unit broke contact with the enemy, conducted a move at night through enemy lines, and rejoin friendly forces." Fiction yes, but anyone who has done some sort of time in the military will recognize the dynamic.

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Unusual casting for Ken Berry

Author: David Edward Martin from Greater Milwaukee
2 October 2002

The ABC Tuesday Movie of the Week strikes again. I loved that series as a teen. The demand for 30 original movies a year (double that when the WEDNESDAY Movie of the Week came online) meant a lot of actors got work in ways they might not have before. Ken Berry was best known for F TROOP and MAYBERRY RFD. Who knew he had the potential for a war movie too? Yes, the film is a bit lightweight but so what? The MotW format was not intended to give us epics (which it sometimes did, anyway). The cast does a decent job, the production is pretty good for something shot in the hills outside LA, and anything with Soon-Tek Oh in it-- I'm there!

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An entertaining, light-hearted war movie.

Author: Ken Rought from New Jersey, USA
7 July 2002

I first saw the Reluctant Heroes a couple of years after it was released. The story is about a unit of soldiers in Korea who are trapped behind enemy lines. Their Captain has been killed and the only officer left is a military historian who has no actual combat experience. He reluctantly takes charge and uses a number of interesting tricks learned from his studies to preserve the lives of the squad members and to accomplish their mission.

I would love to see this movie released on DVD or VHS.

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Having already seen "Wake Me When the War is Over", I was naturally reluctant to see "The Reluctant Heroes".

Author: MartinHafer from Bradenton, Florida
6 March 2017

In 1969, Ken Berry starred in a made for TV war comedy, "Wake Me When the War is Over". The film has well as stole its plot from "Situation Hopeless...But Not Serious". So, in light of this, I was not terribly excited about seeing "The Reluctant Heroes". However, I have recently been watching tons of "ABC Movie of the Week" films on YouTube and it WAS part of this against my better judgment I decided to give it a try. Was this a good idea? Read on...

I gotta say first that this film really surprised me...because it's NOT a comedy...even thought it starred Ken Berry! Instead, it's a reasonably interesting film about a company of soldiers who are stuck behind enemy lines during the Korean War AND their commander is a brand new and totally inexperienced lieutenant (Berry). Despite this, he manages to surprise everyone with his wise guidance and strategy!

So is it any good? Well, it's okay...a decent time-passer and considering everything, I am quite alright with that! The company of men have some of the usual clichés and caricatures...the only reason I didn't rate this one higher. Worth seeing to prove that Ken Berry was NOT necessarily an annoying lightweight!

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Lightweight warfare

Author: pertti.jarla from helsinki, finland
6 January 2001

This is a pretty cheap and unspectacular made-for-television war adventure. Some lame "intellectual talk", long hairs and false military equipment on the North Korean side. Ralph Meeker seems drugged or something. There is, however, something to keep this thing bearable from beginning to end, if you are into war films. The plot is pretty clear and tight and there are no dead moments (well, it´s only 73 minutes). It feels just like watching an episode of an entertaining early 70´s war series. That´s not necessarily a bad way to spend some time. Don´t expect too much, though.

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