Von Richthofen and Brown (1971) Poster


Canadian Reporter: Lieutenant Brown, the readers of the Toronto Star want to know about Canada's newest Ace.

Roy Brown: What is there to know? I'm just a technician; I change things.

Canadian Reporter: Change things?

Roy Brown: Put a plane in front of me, with a man in it, I change them into a wreck and a corpse.

Canadian Reporter: Well... well how do you like France?

Roy Brown: It's a nice country, isn't it? Lots of my friends will be staying after the war.

Canadian Reporter: Ah... how do you like the French girls, Lieutenant?

Roy Brown: With both their arms and legs, I think.

Canadian Reporter: [coughs] ... the German planes, are they dangerous?

Roy Brown: The Germans, they're dangerous. The planes, they're dangerous too. They kill as many Germans as we do, the same way ours do us.

Canadian Reporter: But now that we outnumber the Germans, we're... we're winning, aren't we?

Roy Brown: How in Christ's name do I know? I go out in the morning and try to stay alive till I run out of petrol. One day I come back and they tell me I'm an Ace.

Canadian Reporter: But you've... you've shot down eight German planes!

Roy Brown: Is it eight? God Almighty I thought it was a hundred. I keep shooting him down but he's always up there in the morning. How the hell do I know who's winning the war? One of these mornings...

Canadian Reporter: One of these mornings, it'll all be over.

Roy Brown: How can it be over? There's still some of us alive. They wouldn't end it with any of us alive, now would they?

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Reporter: You started the war as a cavalry officer, yeah?

Baron Manfred von Richthofen: Yeah.

Reporter: So, now, how does it feel to fly? To fight in the sky?

Baron Manfred von Richthofen: My ancestors were Teutonic knights; I've merely exchanged my horse for an airplane.

Reporter: [laughing] I see, so the flying is just a means to an end?

Baron Manfred von Richthofen: The flying is wonderful! But it's the hunt that I find most satisfying: the stalking, the chase, and finally the kill. The climax.

Reporter: Oh, so you enjoy it sir?

Baron Manfred von Richthofen: What should I say? War is the father of nations. It makes them slaves or it makes them free. Victory brings with it a climax, a sense of fulfillment.

Reporter: But the danger! Every day, every minute! While you are in the air...

Baron Manfred von Richthofen: I never think of it. It's like the weather: always there. But when you hunt, you think about your hunting, don't you?

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Roy Brown: [Walking away from another pilot after an argument on the firing range, when the other officer turns his machine gun to Brown but does not use it] What's the matter? You can't shoot a man in the back if he's not in a plane?

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