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economic roots
Lee Eisenberg5 August 2007
OK, so "Quando le donne persero la coda" (called "When Women Lost Their Tales" in English) has got to be one of the silliest movies that I've ever seen. But believe it or not, there is a mildly serious slant to the movie: an outsider comes in and basically introduces capitalism to the main cavemen. Go figure! But of course, the movie's main point is to show off Senta Berger and her physical aspects. You gotta admit, there would be lots to admire in a prehistoric setting where there's a really hot woman and men spending all day being complete dimwits. And one thing's for certain: I've never seen a gay caveman before! Anyway, I recommend this movie just for the totally goofy factor. Who would have ever guessed that it came from the same country that gave us "La strada"?
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So, that's how it began...
BillAZ715 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I bought this DVD for two bucks at Walgreens. It was worth both bucks.

While not hilarious, it was entertaining the entire time. Senta Berger's "two" alone were worth the two bucks. While I'm not sure what war these supposed two tribes were preparing for, the parallels to modern life where a riot.

The five dimwits, with the hot woman they "owned" lived a pretty good life inside a dinosaur. No work, no worries. A great con man wanders into their home, and cheats them out of a pig for a "cent." The first currency. The concept of currency, earning a living, having a landlord, etc., is there undoing.

The closing lines are great, about going from sleeping, eating, and getting laid, to now working all day, and too tired when we get home. "But, we're rich. Then why are we miserable."
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I remember
jnselko16 February 2005
I remember seeing this and "When Women had Tails" at a drive-in (Gee, I guess that dates me). The two features were advertised as "See Senta's two Big Ones" (I kid you not). Anyway, the acting was execrable, the humor was entirely non-existent, the special effects weren't... All it needed was a laugh track.

However, with apologies to the PC patrol, it does have to be said that there were indeed two things about this movie which did indeed stand out, and they both belonged to Senta. And remember, this was before the days of surgical enhancement. She could easily have been a Meyer-femme, but she was much prettier than most of his "stars". Unfortunately, Senta's awesome pair of credentials alone are not enough to recommend this movie.
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Dreadful Italian caveman comedy
Leofwine_draca21 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
WHEN WOMEN LOST THEIR TAILS is an Italian caveman comedy and a follow-up to WHEN WOMEN HAD TAILS. These films seem to have been made as a response to the British caveman films being made during the era which included ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. and WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE WORLD. They're extremely dumb, lowbrow comedies that exist in poor quality, badly-dubbed prints that hardly do them any favours.

Don't expect any dinosaurs; a briefly-seen chimp is the most they can feature here. The story is a battle of sexes which throws in a bizarre sub-plot about the dangers of capitalism, most unexpected in a prehistoric tale! The pneumatic Senta Berger spends her time being pursued by Italian film regulars such as Mario Adorf and Frank Wolff, and in that costume, who can blame them?
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