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Quite good considering it's out of print
spencewenn23 January 2007
This is a rare one. So rare that as far as I've researched, Troma doesn't even package it anymore. It's a shame too. This movie was actually OK in my opinion.

The story isn't too original, but the way in which it was told is clever. The acting seems to come natural for some characters although the movie is loaded with stereotypes. The humor isn't the funniest I've ever seen, but it has its moments ("She has an unnatural hankerin for menfolk!"). The ending has a good twist to it as well. The title song just fits perfectly. For a rare Troma obscurity, this is a masterpiece.

It's no surprise there was a sequel, eh? I give this a 6. It's not the best I've ever seen, but it's certainly not trying to go for something it's not.

Rent this.
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a suprising drive-in classic
silentgpaleo26 April 2000
I don't know where these actors and crew come from, but I recently saw PREACHERMAN, and I found it amusing. Not hilarious or anything, but it tickled me the way that a good drive-in movie should. The film doesn't take itself seriously, and the actors play it to the hilt, especially that Huxley guy as the Preacher, and the Ilena girl as the farmer's daughter. It has its sleazy moments, and redneck stereotypes unbound, but since the film doesn't take these subjects seriously, how can we? I recommend this with a six pack of beer and an open mind.

By the way, I saw the film on PARAGON video, before Troma took and repackaged it. How does Troma get ahold of such a good film?
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Great movie but missing something
thav-112 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I recently found a 20 year old video if this film and love it. On the back of the tape they rate it as R. After seeing it, I would rate it PG and probably could be shown on TV as is even in 1971 when made. Watching it carefully, it looks like it may be missing some scenes. Could it originally have had nudity and/or language? It being a real super low budget film and probably on 16mm, it simply could have a poor job of editing. I would like to see it complete if my copy isn't. Either way, it's a great redneck film that makes Dukes of Hazzard look like a city film! The music is great and really belongs here. It being a redneck film, a 16mm print w/ some wear, good bad acting, low budget and the right music makes it a great combination.

Sometimes a film being low budget, makes it 1000 times better than if it was a bid budget. If this was a $100 million film w/ Julia Roberts or someone, it would stink. The bunch of unknowns, some possibly actual country bumpkins could only play it out in this film.
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The best of both worlds
pro995 July 1999
This movie has it all,from a fake preacher who wouldn't stop preaching to a not so bright farmer's daughter(nicely played by voluptuous Ilene Kristen) not to mention a weirdo who loves to hang around the chicken barn.The continuous background singing gives a nice touch to the story. Overall not so bad movie especially if you are curious about the Angel LeRoy who visits our Mary Lou to save her soul or is he?
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Spectacular Masterpiece
Tony Schlongini21 December 2017
The preacherman is a genius. He has a way with women that is undeniably perfect. The dialog is on the level of Lum and Abner, yet very Shakespearean in sound. There are also some nice breasts in this film, that help with the sensual scenes in the film. Albert T. Viola was a comedy master, he made too few films, should have made more.
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