Play Misty for Me (1971) Poster

Plot Keywords

disc jockey maid
briefs obsessed fan
jazz music key
reference to montovani reel to reel tape
bartender etiquette
shave incest
table manners solitaire
crutches flashback
candle spanish moss
amputation turtle
tourniquet spiral staircase
repression african american
chirascuro harpsichord
psycho girlfriend ocean
comeuppance dead woman
falling off a balcony hitting a woman
montage painter
painting hostage
sunset outdoor sex
murderer stabbed to death
slit wrists crying woman
woman crying insane woman
insanity underwear
white briefs male underwear
directorial debut crazy woman
fur coat sideburns
pacific coast highway gay stereotype
gay character gay man
job interview fatal attraction
jazz borderline personality disorder
imperative in title breaking down a door
walking on broken glass depressed woman
womanizer wink
wine wind in hair
walk on the beach trombone
tied up taxi
suntan sunrise over ocean
suicide attempt stuffed animal
steak stabbed with scissors
stabbed in the chest st. bernard
slashed wrist slash picture
skinny dipping sex outside
secret meeting screwdriver
scissors sausalito california
refrigerator full of beer radio station
public nudity possessiveness
police sergeant poetry
playing dumb pig poster
pay phone painted portrait
outdoor concert ocean front house
nightmare monterey jazz festival
monterey california marijuana joint
making a scene long match stick
lighting a cigarette lie
jazz band jaguar car
ice tray housekeeper
trashed house hot temper
gurney groupie
grocery grab knife blade
glasses on head gay friend
gag flashlight
falling to death falling through a window
falling off a cliff reference to edgar allan poe
duplicate key cutting hair
corkscrew convertible
coastal highway cinnamon
chicken delight casual sex
car carmel california
bridge brass clarinet
blood beer
attacked with a knife artist
anger ambulance
revenge psychopath
psycho thriller obsession
murder maniac
love jealousy
fanatic restaurant
california directed by star
female psychopath cult film
cult director stabbing
radio disc jockey knife
free fall stalker
radio stalking
title spoken by character

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